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Where to go to holiday? To the Crimea!

Ya was born in this blessed place! And though left the Crimea long ago, but I can tell about this corner, probably, everything - I bypassed, went round and even an obplyl the peninsula not once.

So - if you at nice early age or that most likely, the parent of the young child, then first of all will suit you the Crimean climate. Rather sparing air temperature - to 35 degrees, it is moderate - damp subtropical air and though not really warm - a maximum to 27 degrees - but such remarkable sea!

Ancient Yevpatoria will stand the first in a children`s rating which not for nothing is called a children`s health resort - the city stands on the gulf, water well gets warm, since June it is possible to bathe even babies, besides protected almost everywhere very small. In the city a large number of camps and health resorts - to it promotes also the therapeutic mineralized mud from local estuaries thanks to which many diseases are treated, and also conduct courses of cosmetic procedures.

Much earlier the Sea of Azov gets warm - fans of wild rest can go to various settlements around Kerch. In the same place there are sanatoria and boarding houses, but in the majority they bear to the Soviet past, not always in the best option rather a strong resemblance.

And active Luda much more more will be suitable for young persons to of YuBK (of course Yalta, is quieter Alushta, Alupka), and also - Feodosiya where there were frequent beach parties, and, of course, the cape Kazantyp .

Once on this cape only the Soviet motorists with tents and a stock of canned food came around. In the evenings drove away mosquitoes yes caught crabs. Now this peculiar happening place, is carried out an annual rave there - a festival: music and situation - super. Three weeks of club music under the open sky.

In Sevastopol you will not call beach rest various, but it is a lot of excursion places - including the Panorama and the Diorama devoted to defense of Sevastopol of 1854-1855 and storm Sapun - mountains on May 7, 1944. And, of course, the ancient city of Chersonese which is in the territory of modern Sevastopol. Near Sevastopol there is a set of lovely settlements with beaches.

The cape Fiolent , and also known of Foros with the purest water is very beautiful and good for rest .

The well-known “literary“ settlement of Koktebel (Maksimilian Voloshin, Alexey Tolstoy, Marina Tsvetaeva liked to have a rest here) very much changed with building, but all the same romantic spirit of former times is guessed and proceeds in the jazz festivals and festivals of the Argentina tango held there.

But, except the sea, the Crimea is unique also the reserved woods. For inhabitants of a midland they will seem rare, but air in them extremely curative. Walking, it is possible to meet endemics - the species of plants which are found only there from popular - several types of crocuses and the well-known Crimean pine. And what huge cepes can be found in the wood!

If there is opportunity, try to pass on a bottom of the Grand Crimean Canyon . Beauty is indescribable! From meeting on the way of four big falls - takes the breath away!

So to you to choose - where, as well as it is how actively best of all to carry out rest in the Crimea. The main thing - there is very beautiful!