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Cocktail “Is cosmopolitan“. How he is trained?

of the Heroine of popular series with pleasure sip beautiful bright drink from wide glasses - cocktail “Is cosmopolitan“. Popularity of cocktail stepped not only frontiers, but also rough oceans long ago. “Is for certain cosmopolitan“ it was pleasant also to much of those who read this article now. Whether it is possible to prepare “Cosmo“ independently? There is nothing more simply!

Traditional “Is cosmopolitan“ moves in the classical shot glass for cocktails reminding the umbrella turned inside out by strong wind. On all canons of barmen art the shot glass before giving needs to be cooled for what it is filled up to the top with ice.

Cocktail prepares by sheyk method. In a metal flask of a shaker for cooling a little ice is filled up. Process of cooling needs time, it can be used with advantage for preparation of ingredients of cocktail.

Preparation is that ingredients are measured in necessary quantity and consistently merge in a mixing glass. Do not confuse a mixing glass and a metal flask which for the present did not cool down and waits for the hour filled with ice.

The main ingredients at “Kosmopoliten“ four. The first of them - ordinary vodka, it is required to 40 ml. Twice less vodka is required are fresh squeezed out (for example, by means of a skvizer) lemon juice. Approximately such amount of juice turns out from a lemon half, or from one small.

The following ingredient - orange liqueur. The most known orange liqueur - “Cointreau“. It is possible to use also less expensive brands, for example “Tripl - sec.“. For the classical recipe important that liqueur was orange, it it is necessary to measure 15 ml.

And finally - cranberry drink. “From a song of words you will not throw out“, without cranberry drink “Is cosmopolitan“ other turns into something, it is necessary to forget about the classical recipe. A fruit drink 30 ml will be required.

While measured ingredients, the metal flask already cooled down and became covered with condensate. It is a high time, without pouring out ice, to pour out in it contents of a mixing glass and to make vigorous sheyk.

Long it is not necessary to shake a shaker. It is possible to stop as soon as all metal surface of a flask mists over. Open a shaker, having removed a mixing glass. Exempt a shot glass - “umbrella“ from ice and fill it with cocktail, using a streyner and a strainer.

For those who are unfamiliar with bar stock, I will explain that the streyner is something like a small colander with which cover a flask that from it large pieces of ice did not get to a shot glass. The trifle is filtered by a strainer. Streyner and strainer will provide lack of small pieces of ice, purity and transparency of cocktail in a shot glass.

The skvizer was mentioned above. Too bar tool, and too anything outstanding. Kitchen analog of a skvizer - the manual lever juice extractor, well-known to young mothers.

A shaker, the skvizer, a streyner - are behind unusual words the practical devices necessary for the bartender to facilitate daily work. Usually not to meet these tools among the equipment of home cuisine. It does not matter, it is quite possible to do without them.

If everything is made correctly, the cocktail mixed according to the recipe completely is located in a standard shot glass. Decorate it with a lime segment - and it is possible to give to a table.

Your health!