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Cocktail “Is cosmopolitan“. About what the legend says?

are Authentically unknown who and when for the first time mixed alcoholic drinks. But the result of simple, at first sight, occupation was pleasant to people. Today cocktails - part of the world gastronomic culture. For a huge number of people mixing of cocktails not only a profession, but also art and even sport in which it is possible to become the champion.

There are many legends and myths about popular cocktails. The history is and at the well-known cocktail “Is cosmopolitan“, the series “Sex and the City“ which are so esteemed by heroines.

In a nu - the York Rock Feller center the best-known secular party gathers for parties. Once the great bartender Dale de Groff, widely famous in the profession, mixing cocktails for guests, incidentally mixed ingredients. Usually such mistakes from which any bartender is not insured pass completely.

But that evening among guests there was Madonna to whom the random error of Dale was to the taste quite. The reporter of society column addressed Madonna to ask several questions. The singer held a glass with cocktail in hand, naturally, conversation and on it came. So victorious procession of “Cosmo“ began worldwide.

Legends - an integral part of barmen art. The name cocktail - already a legend. Nobody knows for certain from where there was a word, in different sources it is possible to meet where 2 - 3 and where and 5 versions of its birth. What version correct? And what, actually, difference?

Daily bartenders on all planet invent and improve recipes of cocktails, but only the scanty part finds them wide popularity. What cocktail can become a star?

In - the first - beautiful! Choosing drink, people, first of all, draw a conclusion about its advantages on the basis of appearance. But it is not enough one appearance. Nobody will buy cocktail repeatedly if drink has no memorable and pleasant taste.

The mass of beautiful cocktails are tasty. But also it it is not enough not just to win popularity in the certain bar, but to become well-known and esteemed drink among a huge circle of people.

to increase sales, it is necessary to force to exorcise potential buyers about goods. And legends for this purpose approach as well as possible. It is no secret that sometimes they are thought out specially in the advertizing purposes. About the same Kosmopolitena - what is only not told …

Olympus Top for cocktail - when it from fashionable turns into classical. There is it not happy-go-lucky, and according to the developed formal procedure.

If popularity of cocktail stepped over borders of one certain state and it became known in the majority of the developed countries, then at congress of the International association of bartenders its standard compounding is approved; it is included in the collection of classical cocktails that cocktail was cooked equally everywhere.

Of course, and after entering into the collection bartenders continue to change and improve the recipe. Perhaps, at someone it turns out better and more tasty, than in classical option. But whether there will be it that classical cocktail about which tells the whole world?

How to prepare real “Is cosmopolitan“ - we will talk in the following article.