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Why Russia not Norway?

In Norway, as well as in Greece, are everything. And oil is the cornerstone of all this. We have oil too. On it similarity of Norway and Russia comes to an end...

In Norway oil belongs to the people. As they made it, I definitely do not know. But saw with own eyes that is under construction in the country of Vikings on oil money. What roads, bridges, tunnels. Norwegians quite sincerely believe that oil soon (years through fifty) will reach a limit. And on what there will live their grandsons and great-grandsons?

And therefore build, build, build. Because after oil there will be one continuous tourism with its fiords, fishing and air, pure to impropriety. And the magnificent water flowing directly from - under the crane.

Itself personally saw the village from several lodges to which drove a tunnel in several kilometers, having spent for it many million dollars.

On a natural question of the Russian tourist:

- Why, it was easier to move?

Norwegians unperturbably answer:

- It is our history. In this village lived at Eric Ryzhem! How we can destroy it?

In Norway there are already a lot of years as socialism is constructed. Here all live exactly and richly. Richly to our measures. There are no oligarchs or, or they dexterously mask. Here not to accept to be proud of wealth.

In Norway continuous matriarchy. It painfully wounds descendants of Vikings because them women order now vanity. Therefore many Norwegians go to Russia for wives. It is considered that the Russian wife obedient, beautiful and well prepares. Our women consider the Norwegian men by the good vehicle of hit to Europe. After several years, as a rule, marriage breaks up also the Russian girl from Uryupinsk already full citizen of the country of Vikings by then.

In Norway there are fiords. These are such sea gulfs. Same, as at us on the Kola Peninsula. Only Norwegians show the fiords to tourists for big money, and we do not.

In Norway there are still the oldest in the world wooden churches. To them for 800 years. In Russia, unfortunately, wooden temples are much younger. In total - our history was much more rough, than history of the country of Vikings.

In Norway build beautiful wooden houses of a gun carriage. They stand in mountains and on fiords as a reminder on old kind times. Earlier such houses built for the poor. From here both gun carriage (dvukhkantovy bar), and earth roofs. Now only wealthy Norwegians are able to afford such houses. And if on fiords each descendant of Vikings has the yacht or the boat, then a lodge (hyutta) in mountains at all not all can allow so far.

In Norway there are schools of carpenters at which everyone from Europe and America perfects skill in the Norwegian cabin. The wooden house - it is so fashionable and prestigious.

In Norway there is practically everything. Except a good timber. There the fir-tree grows in the basic. And houses are under construction of a pine. Therefore Russia is so interesting to Norway.

And maybe, the Norwegian houses will get accustomed at us sooner or later. At least, school of carpenters, such as in Lillehammer, already is. In the working settlement of Sokolskoye that in the Nizhny Novgorod Region.

And our women it is better. If only all did not move to Norway. And that as without them here