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How it is correct to store costume jewelry of handwork from beads, beads and stones and to look after her?

That jewelry from beads, beads and stones long kept the attractive appearance and pleased you, follow simple recommendations. Observing them you will be able to prolong considerably life to handwork jewelry which you for certain long and thoroughly chose.

1. It is not desirable to deform such jewelry - to put, bend, rumple in order that they went in in a small case, a package, were located in a casket.

Ideally stock up with individual boxes for each piece of your original costume jewelry. As a last resort bags of the average size will approach. It is possible to get a special rack for handwork jewelry.

It is important to remember that on light metal parts of ornament can darken therefore there is a sense to cover a rack with a cover - it will protect jewelry both from dust, and from light. It is possible to put it in a case if the place allows.

The essence is in avoiding confusion in beads, to ensure easy access and the choice of ornament and to keep an original form of a product.

2. You watch temperature and humidity of the room where you will store the favourite costume jewelry of handwork. You should not store such jewelry:

- on a frost

- - under direct exposure to sunlight

- about an electric heater and other heating devices

it is necessary to Store author`s costume jewelry in dampness

carefully irrespective of quality and high cost of materials of which it is made. Even very expensive and qualitative metal accessories (suspension brackets, locks, hooks, chains etc.) can darken.

The ideal place for storage of costume jewelry from beads, beads and stones - the cool dark place. The usual case and a spacious big casket or the box of a dresser specially allotted under jewelry will approach for example.

3. If you got the thing decorated with beads, beads, paillettes, stones, pastes, etc., then do not erase them in the washing machine at all. They cannot also be ironed the iron and to hand over in a dry-cleaner.

4. If the product is weaved on a scaffold and has the individual form, but this form is not fixed (there is no rigid framework from metal, a substrate from fabric or skin, etc.) it is even impossible to put, displace such product very accurately. In the put state the scaffold will take the new form, “will remember“ it and, having developed further ornament or other handiwork from beads and beads, you with chagrin will find out that it will be already impossible to carry it.

5. If decoration of handwork from beads, beads and stones were soiled, wash out them warm water, it is desirable without soap and the more so without laundry detergent and other detergents. You dry them in the straightened look on a cotton napkin, a towel, etc., previously having got wet with a piece of cotton fabric.

If ornament has the individual form, the pig for drying that this form remained will be required.

Jewelry and other products from beads can be cleaned a soft toothbrush. It is good to clean metal details tooth-powder or special means (on sale there is a special soft napkin with special impregnation).

ATTENTION! The means intended for cleaning of jewelry and also alcohol categorically are not suitable for care of jewelry from beads and beads.