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How to operate on-stage performance group?

the Dark side of creativity

On my supervision, creativity are generally destiny of lazy and weak-willed people. Sounds rather paradoxically, but I will try to explain what is covered behind this supervision. In my opinion, creativity is that work which demands the smallest quantity of expenses of energy: people just do favorite thing and in this process wean from performance of not creative, but not less important work. Why many creative people have no punctuality and discipline, and at the same time there is a disorder at least at a workplace much. Yes just because there is not enough energy and will power to gather.

At a civilization dawn the hedonism was the main religion of creative bohemia. Today the huge number of talented people is in an underground: artists, musicians, writers, actors. Show heights - business are reached only by units, and these are not idlers at all.

I, for example, have a musical talent, I remorselessly can tell that I very well play a piano, I compose music and once external graduated from music school. Nevertheless I am not a musician because at that time I did not have enough will power to develop this talent. As if it was not pleasant to us, but life such is that existence of will or extent of its presence, and at all not IQ and level of talent, most often allow to achieve success. Creativity and production needs to be combined. The self-discipline demands considerable power expenses, work on itself, and I am sure that is many will agree with me, often the most difficult.

the Key to success

Creativity in itself fairly is associated with self-expression of the author. In many religions the talent instillation to the earth (by the way, this aphorism came to our use from the Gospel) is considered a sin. Creative wanderings lead often nowhere, examples when very talented and clever people did not achieve success by thirty and forty years are known to me. Such people endure the deepest psychological crises from - for the unrealized potential, but nevertheless any do not draw conclusions, or just cannot get it together.

The talented person in itself cannot achieve success, without making any efforts. The most successful creative people are those which find forces to self-disciplining. If to take, for example, advertizing, then such people, as a rule, are able and like to work, become true professionals, do successful career, earn money for themselves and the companies, deriving at the same time pleasure not only from creation process.

One of the main tasks of the head - ability to explain to the subordinate and to constantly show these common truths on own example. Sometimes such mentoring appears the most essential motivation of collective.

On service of business

Responsibility and discipline in such collective - very indistinct qualities. To operate creative people - all the same what to operate chaos, however at the correct approach and it it is possible to order. There are several ways of effective management of such employees.

The first and the most widespread - creation of the most comfortable situation for work: friendly collective, rather flexible working hours plus almost boundless loyalty of the management. A way this rather disputable as similar conditions can also it is excessive to relax employees.

The second method - all the known carrots and sticks. And as creators in relation to a whip very vulnerable, there is a risk of routine of shots. It is a problem of many advertizing agencies and a web - studios, persons of no character are not late there, and frame of creative team is gradually filtered in a big stream of routine. Thus, in the course of natural selection in the company there are most firm people - those who choose work and professional growth, so, work on large innovative projects, win at professional competitions, gain the deserved respect and recognition of clients and professional community.

The separate attention is deserved by so-called star employees at whom after several successful noisy projects the syndrome won in a lottery begins. I experienced star fever in the beginning of the career, refused “uninteresting“ projects, refused to make changes in design as considered that there are no such people who have the right to correct my work. As a result I was the most important victim of my sick ego.

Star employees are extremely unstable, it is impossible to rely on them not only that they are whimsical, such employees can become the real threat for business as it is risk much more, than is plus in such cooperation. For example, you charge a responsible task to such worker and wait from it by his star opportunities, and it has a depression, the inspiration left it, he is capricious and risks to break terms. In this case the head has an opportunity to get to slavery because at this stage he will not be able to dismiss a star or to entrust a task, he will be forced to be reconciled with similar whims which will begin to decompose at best discipline in collective sooner or later, in the worst - to spoil the relations with the customer. I will always prefer just good designer to a star even if his professional level is lower.

Creativity very difficult gives in to a regulation and estimates therefore an optimum way - to rely on objectivity and a practicality, some of these criteria are usually enshrined in internal documentation - a brief and the specification. The good programmer language skills and ability distinguishes them competently to use, the designer as well as the musician, first of all the fulfilled equipment distinguishes.