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What to put in a handbag to the bride in the wedding day?

Ah, this air, weightless, gracefully embroidered or, on the contrary, the tiny handbags of the bride which are magnificently decorated fresh with flowers and Swarovski`s crystals! It seems, you do not notice them, especially if on newly married a magnificent dress and a stylish bouquet in a hand. Nevertheless, the superfashionable, tiny, ideally suited to a wedding dress handbag - nearly the most necessary accessory!

Still quite recently in fashion wedding “sacks“ - white, were the soloist at a tape or a gold twisted lace. Now they are succeeded by compact clutches, in full accordance with a trend of Spring - Summer 2011 which proclaims domination of retro style. At the same time designers even more often prefer not so much ideally white, but also dairy - beige, silvery shades. The bright decision - the bride`s handbag in tone to a wedding bouquet: lilac, lilac, it is gentle - green …

So, appearance of the bride is thought over to trifles, the bouquet is magnificent, the handbag is delightful and … There is not the simplest question: and what to put in it? In - the first, absolutely necessary on a celebration, and in - the second - so tiny to be located in a wedding clutch!

The national rating of means - the assistants to the bride keeping her beauty in the most important day looks as follows.

Napkins . In principle, any are good - paper, damp, matting, say, those which you love and to which you give preference in daily hot and intense days. The napkin will clean sweat, will brush away a tear, will remove treacherous gloss in T - to a zone, slightly will correct a make-up and will even be able to wipe lips (cheek) of darling soiled by lipstick or gloss from numerous kisses of relatives and relatives.

At a wedding photograph much, shoot video to imprint the most concerning moments when the bride needs to look faultlessly! The matting powder will help with this . It can be not obligatory branded means, but also simple compact powder, it is desirable with a brush in a set which is more transparent will put means on a face, will modify a greasy luster.

Very controversial issue - lip lipstick or gloss , aromas, thermal water, mascara … By quantity of kisses wedding day can exceed all your life experience combined, and here it is impossible to go too far in lipstick. On the other hand, you got used to completeness of an image, and then these means are obliged to appear in your wedding clutch. It is the most probable that both lipstick, and gloss equally can be necessary for you. The first - for qualitative and bright photos, the second - for a gentle and trembling image of the favourite and desired woman. In the choice of color (and taste!) consult to the groom, he as - in any way the person who is very interested.

Availability of mascara, planimetric means, Q-tips - is the most actual for emotional natures, and also all those who this day are under the power of feelings and emotions (and simply - cries with happiness). Of course, it is better to choose waterproof means. For magnificent volume you can use the hulks with effect of false eyelashes extending with flickering effect and even color in tone of your wedding accessories. However in 5 - 6 hours of festive events and walks on the city your eyelashes can stick together easily therefore put also special raschesochka which will fluff up eyelashes at the right time in a clutch.

Thermal water in microspray - one more hit of wedding equipment of the bride. Usually it is spray with mineral water (any famous cosmetic brand), the thing is extremely convenient. It is applied even on a make-up, and in the hottest summer day will help face skin to look freshen and young, neither the peresushivaniye, nor emergence of inflammations will allow. As soon as you felt fatigue - try to sprinkle the person (or perhaps and a face of the groom) this magic water. The effect is tremendous!

At last, especially attentively we will approach the choice of aroma . Summer wedding aroma will be, as a rule, easy and transparent, romantic and gentle. Winter - fruit, vanilla, excitingly passionate, warm.

Here and all simple nevestin belongings! And that the wedding handbag at the same time was not heavy, surely address samplers of favourite brands or get promonabor in minipackings. This pleasant duty, by the way, it is possible to charge also to the bridesmaid.