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How to relieve pains at the time of delivery?

What means best of all will approach to relieve pain at the time of delivery? The answer to this question depends on what you prefer, and how there takes place childbirth.

Shipping of pain is always individual, as well as features of process of a child-bearing. Some women have rather some sedatives or in general any it is not required. Others believe that these means are necessary as they give the chance to control themselves during fights and childbirth.

Now the woman has a wide choice of sedatives at fights at the time of delivery than when that was. These means keep within two categories:

Soothing drugs (analgetics);

Natural sedatives (relaxation and massage).

Tranquilizers and barbiturates

These drugs do not relieve pain. They are applied to remove a disturbing state at the woman in labor and to allow it to have a rest. They can be drunk or entered in the form of an injection into muscles or through an intravenous catheter.

Negative effects

Tranquilizers and barbiturates cause a somnolence. Under their action you can forget some details of your state at fights. They can suppress activity of the child at the time of the birth.

Analgetics and sleeping medicines

Sleeping medicines can be accepted by

at any time at fights, but it is better right at the beginning, at expansion of a uterus on 7 centimeters. These medicines are entered in the form of an injection into muscles of a hip or a buttock, and also through a catheter.

Depending on a dosage, these drugs alleviate pain and help to relax. Usually they do not reduce patrimonial activity.

Possible negative effects

These drugs cause drowsiness. High doses can cause oppression of breath in mother and the child and other side effects.

Local anesthesia

Local anesthesia is applied by

shortly before childbirth. These medicines are entered in the form of an injection directly into tissue of an open vagina before the section is made for its expansion or the gap is sewn up. These drugs cause a vagina sleep that is used especially for carrying out any short procedure. They temporarily eliminate pain on a small site, but do not influence pain from fights therefore there is no sense to apply them with such purpose.

Possible negative effects

At the correct application local anesthesia cannot negatively influence you and the newborn. Very seldom there is a pressure drop and a faint of mother. From this family cause an allergy in some people of substance.

the Epiduralny complex

Epiduralny means are a kind of anesthesia, are applied during active fights and at Cesarean section. They temporarily block pain in a lower body, weaken fabrics and soften perception of pain. The Epiduralny method does not suppress consciousness and a ready state. After expansion of a neck of a uterus to 10 cm the ratio of medicines can be changed that the woman in labor made an effort in a condition of wakefulness.

Possible negative effects