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the Pavilion reminding huge church as if it came to an end here malls came to the end, and the person stood under a dome as if having appeared in a bema. The Soviet empire - an image of the religious state without God, but without God as? And here, curve and perverted, cults on arose and were multiplied - Soviet, and the person who was in this space pavilion many times for the first time noticed that structurally it is simulated from church.

of the Door - massive, heavy - conducted to various internal rooms, but the person did not know where to it, it stood, and typed the SMS, expecting One of doors drove off also the friend who jumped out of it waved a hand - a pier, here, here.


the Ladder, dusty and dark, went between fragments of scenery - so it seemed, on - a last resort; old, plywood models broke up from one touch, fire extinguishers looked out of red nests, and smelled unpleasantly - the dead joiner`s glue which stood with a substance dream. Several people - others in militia uniforms - on the small platform behind plastic little tables drank coffee and smoked.

- you want some Coffee? there is no

- Yes.

the New door - and the new people going backwards - forward, the bags climbing ladders

which were exchanging words, diving still somewhere, dragging - Vanity, generally.

- And how you wanted? These are filmings.

Everything moved down somewhere sideways, directed up, and it seemed, the excess movement contradicts any sense of life, an essence of a human otjedinyonnost and depth; the special device clicked, lamps flashed, the chamber worked, and actresses swore, representing something, and again people in militia uniforms, with automatic machines, entered, left, sat down to tables, drank coffee The delivery boy of pizza in a motley jacket was stuck absurdly, without knowing where to attach the goods

climbed an abrupt ladder to the square room where the sofa hardly gleamed skin, and the equipment - computers and so forth - was not switched on.

the Ceiling was tightened by something brilliant, similar to unsteady silver of a foil.

One more door - and behind it long - a long corridor, kolenchato bent to the right.

- Well? You will go?

- I do not know. - Consider

- dangerously.

- You did not decide? there is no

- Yes.

It went. Something softly sprung under legs, and low sounds floated around as if gentle spots of sunlight. Having curtailed

, almost at once he groped a door and opened it, and the sun was same, and May greens quite already resembled on mature, summer - generally the same life, but thirty years ago.

to me ten here, he thought, bending around massive, without dilapidation signs the pavilion, knowing as well as where to go - to see the living father, young mother to see itself: the child - who so wanted to tell how correctly, reasonably, it is expedient to construct the, so unfortunate life