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Slavgorod - where it?

Can argue that the majority of you do not even imagine that there is in Russia such small and imperceptible city of Slavgorod.

This city is in the most southern part of Altai Krai. Practically on border with Kazakhstan. From it Slavgorod is separated by 100 kilometers infinite and, apparently, the lifeless steppe.

By the way, I do not understand at all why these lands are not used in any way. But - the most part of lands near Slavgorod is set with nothing at all. And it is very fertile places. Almost all territory of Altai Krai are fertile soils. Such soils, except Altai Krai, are in Baltic. But we something distracted.

History of formation of Slavgorod

Pioneer settlements on the place of future city appeared long before the city. Approximately in the XVII-XVIII centuries Old Believers who were dissatisfied with new system of religion lodged here. Besides on them most real “hunting“ was conducted. They were considered slightly - whether not as Protestants. Old Believers arrived to Siberia from the European part of Russia. Them was much, the part of them lodged on the place of future city of Slavgorod.

Old Believers near the lake Billhooks lodged. Earlier it was pure and big, and now it was littered by the industrial enterprises. Old Believers looked for so-called to “belovodya“ - the place where nobody will touch them, the place where rest and love will reign.

Slavgorod (already almost like the city) was formed in 1910 by Pyotr Arkadyevich Stolypin, the official of Moscow. He arrived to the place of future Slavgorod and told: “There will be a nice city“. Now you understood why Slavgorod so is called.

But now Slavgorod is located a little away from that place where it was wanted to be constructed. The matter is that locals, peasants, were dissatisfied with a city building and did not allow to build the city on the planned place. And that village where there lived dissatisfied inhabitants, is called the Slavgorod village now, and this year it was a part of the city of Slavgorod.


In Slavgorod function JSC Slavgorod Plant of Radio Equipment, LLC KPO Slavgorod Plant (plant forge - the press equipment) and JSC Slavgorod Dairy Combine. Before the industrial enterprises in the city was much, but many of them ceased to work absolutely, and some were converted - for example, the garment factory is converted into the municipal market. And here the Slavgorod meat-processing plant does not work in general. But with great strides trade develops: last year the mall “Maria - Ra“ and about ten more small outlets was constructed.

Construction of new houses in the city is almost not conducted, made only repair of old housing, many houses are recognized as emergency.

the Social sphere

is developed by

In Slavgorod the social sphere. Healthcare institutions - TsRB, policlinics, clinics. The education system is presented by teacher training college, agrarian technical school, technical school of informatics and computer facilities, branches of ALTGU, ALTGTU. 5 schools, 1 lyceum, 4 kindergartens, the center detsko - youthful works and station of young naturalists work in the city.

There is a Children`s school of arts, the Town house of culture, museum of local lore, library and an amusement park. There are also sport constructions: the swimming pool “Dolphin“, sport center “Crystal“, Voyenno - patriotic club “Desantnik“.

Own mass media presented by Slavgorodskiye Vesti, Sosedi and Vecherny Slavgorod newspapers, Step and Trust TV channels radio “Trust“ and “Russkoye radio“.

In Slavgorod there is an orthodox church, Catholic church, the mosque is under construction. There is Slava`s memorial - a monument to heroes of the Great Patriotic War and a monument to the soldiers who died in Chechnya and Afghanistan.

On it I will finish the story about our nice city - Slavgorod.