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Engagement. As far as it is actual today?

the Long-awaited moment in destiny of each girl - when darling does it the offer of a hand and heart. And if the girl accepts this offer, from this minute it is considered that young people are affianced.

Two personalities declared to the world the intention to begin a new stage in the life.

All people have traditions and beautiful ceremonies when two persons connect each other by the mutual obligations necessary to start serious preparations for the device of the family center.

Give on the example of young couple where for both it is first marriage (and ideally only, for the rest of life), we will consider some power processes which at the same time happen.

“Engagement by all means has to be the last, most extreme limit out of which any family relations should not stretch“ (Abd - Ru - Tires). communications of the groom and the bride with families in which they grew up mean Here.

In our society in most cases parents begin to interfere with this moment vigorously, including themselves has the right to influence process of creation of a new family actively. Also repeat from generation to generation the same mistakes.

The first big mistake which is made by parents, - attempt, so to speak, “to become related“. Actually it even more confuses threads of destinies. A number of karmic knots which of the embodiment in the embodiment, as a rule, drag on more and more is created, acquiring mutual claims and offenses.

Other big mistake of parents is that, interfering with couple relations, they think that they help, and really only block an opportunity to be born to new energiya, the new relations.

How to do to parents right thing at present?

1. to Listen to young people that the nobility what help is necessary for them from parents. When in families there were many children, parents gave during creation of the family center only the most necessary. Of course, the concept “the most necessary“ directly depends on prosperity of parents. Be wise and present only the most necessary.

2. to Participate in preparations for a wedding only where will ask, and no more. Preparation for a wedding - the first examination of young couple on independence, on ability to distribute duties, on responsibility for the made decision. And it will be the first marks which they will give each other. Do not deprive of them pleasure from these first impressions.

3. not to be afraid that at young people something will not turn out. When parents begin to worry too for something, they as a cap cover already both young people (both the groom, and the bride), blocking it all Ways. Deprive of them power feed from all directions. Over time it can become even an etiology or essential loss of energy.

Any child is granted to parents by God. Parents bring up it, care for it and the child pays off parents with Pleasure which they receive from communication with it. But when fruit ripened, it separates from the tree and - the task that from its seed sprouted a tree is farther at it.

“But after the child reached a maturity, parents have to reconcile to the fact that it is the adult, and he will go in the Way, not a pokhozhimna their way“ (Abd - Ru - Tires).

At each stage of life each personality passes the lessons. Makes mistakes and gets the experience, that which is necessary for it for further development.

Two persons want to get married, that is to base own family further to go together. Reorganization of power and its control for the partner begins.

And if someone thinks that a civil marriage - alternative of engagement, he is deeply mistaken.

The civil marriage is a rejection of responsibility for the actions, at least, on the one hand. This connivance of the lust. It is in advance planned possible refusal of allegedly made decision. It is not a responsible attitude to the life and to life of darling.

The man has to send an impulse - to make the proposal. The woman can accept it or not. But if the woman accepted this impulse of Creation of the man, further she has to begin to carry out the mission - to care for the family center, for spirituality of all family.

If the correct first actions, then further hardly did not take place that will develop. What to care to the woman for if what was created by the man is impractical, has no form.

At physical proximity laws of an exchange of a karma enter, and, as they say, “is farther in the wood - more firewood“.

From the moment of engagement before registration of marriage or wedding there is a soft control of energiya of future family. Die off old both emotional, and physical communications with parents, with friends and acquaintances.

Each process has to begin, ripen and turn into other quality.

Engagement is the first phase of origin of a new family. And it has to be that the relations smoothly ripened, were filled with energy of love of new quality and were ready to transition to other state - love and mutual respect of spouses.