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How not to spoil to itself rest? Sides of reasonable travel over the country of

Summer! The fine time of long-awaited holidays filled with fantastic dreams and light hopes. Many, going to travel, hope to bring baggage of unforgettable impressions, having kept memories of this holiday for the rest of life. About bad there is no wish to think. Really, why to adjust itself on a negative wave, to awake in itself the pessimist, to spoil in advance yet not begun rest? Of course, you should not do it. But nevertheless …

Unfortunately, sometimes, coming back from the resort, instead of the car of pleasure and the container of forces we bring feelings and memoirs not so pleasant, connected with loss of considerable part of property and the essential harm done to our health. Whether it is possible to avoid these situations?

To rest in resorts of “the rotting capitalism“ or “this article of the relation has no the countries which are eternally developing“. “Why, why, as so where look …“ in it is also not considered. Article is related to rest in resorts of our immense Homeland, at all does not mean that at us it is bad. At us it is good. At us it is even very good! If, collecting suitcases not to forget to pack brains into a cranium, at us - it is wonderful, fine, remarkable!

So, in article on the basis of long-term supervision of the local and the real facts advice which will help at desire in advance to define a safe measure of the slackness and, perhaps, to avoid some unpleasant or even dangerous situations will be given.


to Begin alcohol with

pertinently with a joke. Gathering for corporate fishing, participants discuss what amount of alcohol will be taken with themselves. As a result decide to take on two to a bottle of vodka and not to go out of the bus. Morals: it is better to get drunk houses as speak, within four walls. Danger to your health and property will be limited in this case to amount of the drunk alcohol.

If all - you decided to relax by all means in the resort, far away from eyes of curious neighbors, acquaintances, colleagues, importunate relatives, and this state of mind for you is connected with the use of “a green serpent“, then:

And. Having put suitcases in the cozy room before running behind alcohol in the nearest shop, learn the exact address of the settlement where you found a shelter, it is desirable still the street and house number. Write down it on a leaf and enclose in a pocket. Send SMS with it to someone from relatives or acquaintances whose phone is stored not only in memory of phone, but also in your own memory. Otherwise you risk, having relaxed and having been fond of alcohol, to appear in the unknown place with a hackneyed physiognomy, without money, documents, phone and memory for the next events. At the same time next day, in a week you, quite perhaps, will not manage to remember a habitat of your suitcases.

B. Buy alcohol known to you in solid shops. Especially attractively the wines by the glass which are on sale directly on streets look. Alcohol of different flowers, tastes and smells at best can represent the low-quality alcohol tinted by “Yupi“ there are also worst options. Some of the sold drinks have quite good quality, but you should choose, experimenting on the health. If all of you - decided to buy wine from the street dealer, try to ask for it the relevant documents.

Century the Known southern hospitality is, as a rule, more sincere, friendly, disinterested. But under fascinating toasts, having drunk a significant amount of a magnificent domestic wine, you can appear in Shurik`s situation from the well-known movie “The Caucasian captive». Even the best and qualitative alcohol, but unusual to your organism, in large numbers can cause unexpected reactions.

Alcohol since the oldest times was favourite means of criminals. Representatives of this category during holidays are flown down on resorts from all points of the country. The relaxed vacationers for them represent an easy mark. Do not take alcohol with strangers (acquaintances are not among an hour ago or a little more acquired “friends“) and in doubtful places.

2. The nature

do not try to win against the nature, it is stronger! Rushing to the abyss of waves of raging seas, storming hillsides and tops without the corresponding knowledge, skills and experience, neglecting the mountain rivers, rivulets, streamlets, especially during bad weather, strenuously holding up the body under burning sunshine, you remember that seldom who manages to leave successfully similar competitions. In certain cases rashness, bragging and unreasonable heroism can cost life.

During a storm even the skilled swimmer can not always come up, the strong wave can strike in a stone or a breakwater, to ship for long time under water. At rise on a steep hillside stones under your legs together with the soil can be showered, and you with known only to you heights and all known acceleration will promptly rush down, hitting the head, hands, legs and a body against firm surfaces. The smallest, almost dried up mountain streamlet in rainy weather even if rain expected to fall far in mountains, turns into the rough uncontrollable stream which is sweeping away everything on the way. The sun with its tender heat and magic energy does not forgive to greed. In this case, especially later 12 - 00, it is capable to strike blows, to cause burns and dermatitis, to force you to suffer from an overheat. Therefore before …, well think whether it is worth risking.

3. Food

be not too lazy to choose reliable grocery store and an institution of public catering in the first days. Be careful to eat in doubtful places. It is better to suffer and bring itself some discomfort, contrary to your idea of ideal rest, than the rest of days of honest labor holiday to be engaged in restoration of the health.

Do not take with yourself on the beach perishable goods. Unfortunately, not all know that cake cheeses, cheese, sausage, pies with some stuffings concern to those. Even hour of storage under beams of the hot sun can make them hazardous to health.

The special attention is deserved by beach trade. Having relaxed under a tender solar heat on coastal pebbles, listening to the lulling whisper of waves, there is no strong wish to rise, to go somewhere to satisfy the hunger. The desire of comfort dictates to fill the interior right there, “without departing from cash desk“. The benefit a great number of dealers with handbags, baskets, trays, boxes offer various viands. Before trying these delicacies, be not too lazy to track a route: from where they were brought in general where are going to bear, and estimate how many hours they can already pine on a summer heat. Estimate even more precisely if you are going to feed children.

Especially appetizingly pieces of the cut fruit and berry, utykanny convenient wooden sticks look. It is worth thinking and observing how many flies managed to sit on these pieces. By the way, wooden sticks are no other than toothpicks therefore it is worth excluding an opportunity that up to this point them somebody did not pick in teeth.

Faugh! In a disgusting way! Fools - not we, we - not fools! And who buys all this from them? Judging from the fact that beach trade prospers, and places in infectious diseases hospital during the summer period are quoted on an equal basis with those in prestigious sanatoria, there is a lot of it.

4. Acquaintances

Existence of a huge number of free time, the romantic of the resort with all its delights disposes

to various communications, rough contacts, searches of the half, only for the rest of life, or to the short ardent meetings which are brightening up sad routine of daily occurrence. All this very well and has to be. Most of people feel need for pleasant communication.


Men , nobody doubts your courage, charm, fine external data and a superior intelligence. But nevertheless all these remarkable qualities can not always be a reason for acquaintance. There are also others, sometimes criminal, the purposes. It is a little restraint and discretion will not be damaged, or perhaps will even rescue from unpleasant situations.

The young beauty sending fierce looks to your party, giving charming smiles will easily force you to believe in the exclusiveness. However while you decide to reciprocate, from - under lands her gentleman wishing to sort out with you the relations will grow up. Suddenly, as if mushrooms after a rain, near it will appear his companions who lended a hand. It is natural that your any arguments in the protection to be considered and will not be listened.

Similar performances are arranged with the different purposes, but in most cases have the final, sad for you. Equally as if the stranger who captivated you suggests to retire with her to the unknown direction before … consider various options of an epilog.

B does not have the woman

, equal to you on beauty in all this world, yours charm and appeal have not equal! Having appeared in the resort, you right there overshadowed all other women. All men at your legs.

And still if the man the first minute of acquaintance invited you in the evening in restaurant, having designated as obligatory continuation of a dinner “rest in numbers“, reflect. His concepts about pleasant pastime can not coincide with yours at all. Even if you have the title “Ms. Galaktika“ and unambiguously let it know that you agree only to a dinner without continuation, does not mean at all that he refused the initial plans. In most cases to it is where to spend money and whom to feed, and you received engagement only with one purpose.

Think well whether everything possible options of continuation can suit you, whether you should jump out on the run from the car or to make jumps with N - go the floor, and in general whether you will be able to return. Perhaps, several short meetings in crowded places not only will not prevent in the afternoon the birth of new feelings, but also will protect from some troubles.

By the way, bathing suits! Various models, coloring and degrees of openness. Within a beach strip if distinguish you from the others, then only with beauty of your body. In other, the places which are not intended for them, can cause to you unhealthy interest and provoke undesirable situations.

All! Rough and early contacts not always have under themselves noble intentions of both parties. Your sincerity, openness, friendliness can be used against you. It is a little restraint and will never prevent discretion.

5. A result

Collecting by

suitcases, do not forget to put in them a few virtues: modesty, restraint, accuracy, moderation. Without perceiving them as the excessive burden limiting freedom of your ego you will perfectly spend holidays, having received desirable amount of pleasant impressions.

Happy rest!