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Whether there are universal morals?

Exist model of universal moral behavior of the person. This model - behavior of the person on the desert island. What features of behavior and human life all alone?

1. He will work to provide itself(himself) with food, housing and clothes.

2. It will be able to do nobody the harm because there is nobody nearby.

3. It will be protected from the evil from criminals because a number of criminals is not present.

4. It will be absolutely free because nobody will be able to impose it the will.

Such behavior will be sufficient normally to exist, and such behavior model has to be a basis of behavior of each person in society that people normally coexisted. And public laws have to be written, proceeding from this behavior model.

The morals have direct link with such concepts as “good“ and “evil“ and to understand relationship of the good and evil, it is necessary to give them definitions.

First couple of definitions of concepts “good“ and “evil“.

he is kind - it is any action or inaction as a result of which it is profited more, than harm.

Is evil - it is any action or inaction as a result of which more harm, than advantage turns out.

From this couple of definitions is visible that the good and evil is in fact same, only result different. And about the person, kind he or angry, it is necessary to judge not by his actions or inaction, and by results of its activity: “You recognize them by fruits them“ (the Mat., 7:16).

Second couple of definitions of concepts “good“ and “evil“.

he is kind - it is performance of the law “do not do the evil“.

Is evil - it is violation of the law “do not do the evil“.

All bible precepts and rules of moral behavior are reduced to this generalizing law “do not do the evil to anybody, nothing, never, anywhere and under no circumstances“. In Christ`s doctrine this law is defined a little in a different way, but the same essence. Look: “… as you want that you were treated by people, act this way and you are with them; because in it the law …“. Or: “love your neighbor as“; that is treat people as to yourself equal; be equal among equal.

the Law “do not do the evil“ is a border between the good and evil which the person should not cross. If crossed, then the criminal can or has to be subjected to judicial punishment.

If any citizen, building the behavior, has to be guided by the second couple of definitions (to execute the law “do not do the evil“), then judicial authority has to be guided by both couples of definitions. It means that the judgment has to be extremely fair. And justice of the judgment can be reached in case the measure of punishment corresponds to a measure of fault of the criminal. The measure of fault of the criminal follows from many factors: percent of participation in a crime, intentions, psychological dependence on authorities, provocations, intention or its absence, negligence, low qualification of the expert, temptation, illness, age and others.

The fair judgment is such decision which goes for the good to society. If justice demands to sentence the criminal to death and by that to neutralize the evil for society, then such sentence has to be carried out. The cruelty of the judgment directed to extermination of cruel criminals is a security measure of society from the evil. It will give to society feeling of safety and will lead society to decrease in aggression among the population. Feeling of safety leads to decrease in aggression among the population.

I already said that public laws have to be written, proceeding from universal moral behavior model. What the government that people peacefully and safely coexisted in society needs to make?

1. It is necessary that the power cared for existence of workplaces. People have to have an opportunity to work and get for this a job a salary. Working for the personal wellbeing, people thereby will provide wellbeing public. The tax system has to be such to reduce a gap between a standard of living of the rich and a standard of living of the poor.

2. It is necessary to bring up younger generation law-abiding persons. The essence of such education is reduced to one thesis: the kind person not the one who does good, and the one who does not do the evil to anybody, nothing, never, anywhere and under no circumstances.

3. It is necessary to give to children only materialistic education. The belief in afterlife depreciates life real that perverts consciousness of children. This perverted consciousness leads to suicides and to neglect the health. This perverted consciousness can lead also to murder, killing, believing in afterlife thinks that it does good, sending soul of the killed to paradise beyond the grave.

4. Social guarantees are necessary for people who for one reason or another lost health, housing, work.

5. It is necessary to reform judicial system so that judicial authority pronounced only fair sentences (including sentences to the death penalty) providing security of the most part of the population - law-abiding citizens.

6. It is necessary to balance the rights and duties between the man and the woman. Now the woman has more rights less duties that is the reason of frequent stains and the reason of early mortality among men. From - for imperfections of the legislation of the woman parasitize at the expense of men more often.

Generally, the government needs to improve the legislation and judicial system so that each law-abiding citizen had social and legal security (“gingerbread“), and each criminal had fair, corresponding to a measure of his fault, punishment (“whip“). The method of a carrot and stick is the eternal method directed to education of the law-abiding citizen and to maintenance of discipline of citizens in public life.

The wild wildlife is perfect for one reason - in it natural selection works: strong and healthy survives, and weak and sick is destroyed. Human society will be perfect when in it artificial selection works: law-abiding is protected by social and legal guarantees, and the criminal is punished according to a measure of his fault. Artificial selection it is mentioned also in Christ`s doctrine: “Any tree which is not bearing a good fruit is cut down and thrown into fire“. The most perfect and fair social system is dictatorship of the Law. Dictatorship of the Law is true democracy.

Human society will be perfect when all its legislation and judicial system are based on universal morals. These universal morals give to the person at most freedoms, and give to the person the accurate knowledge of border of this freedom which cross has to be unprofitable and unsafe.