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About what it is preached in Christ`s doctrine?

Exist two views of the Bible: traditional and my.

The look is traditional: The bible - it collection of books is religious - historical character.

Such look does not unite people, and on the contrary, ideologically divides them. Such view of the Bible generated a set of Christian faiths, and still are born all new and new. Ideological disagreements lead to mutual misunderstanding among Christians that promotes incitement of the conflicts and hostility.

the Traditional look is a look of people who blindly and unsubstantially believe in doctrines, for example, in such: “god exists“, “god is love“, “god - the creator“, “Christ has risen“, etc. The blind and unsubstantiated belief in doctrines generates in people religionism which is shown through intolerance to foreign opinion and to foreign culture, through extremism and terrorism.

My view of the Bible cardinally differs from traditional.

the Bible is not religious work because bible God is designated as the Word (“The word was God“), and the Word is not supernatural, but natural essence. Still bible God is designated as truth (“I esm a way and truth and life“), and the truth is not religious category, but philosophical. Therefore, bible God has no relation therefore also the Bible is not religious work to religion.

the Bible is not also the historical document because in it it is told that it - a prophecy (see 2 - e Pat., 1:19 - 21; Quality Department., 22:18 - 19), and the prophecy is a prediction of the future, but not the narration about the past.

So, if the Bible - not religious work and not the historical document, then what is this ancient, wise and most widespread book?

My look is as follows: The bible is …

… a philosophical parable - uniform work in which in an allegoric form (by means of parables, hints and it is religious - foggy terms) the facts of life are expressed; and these facts of life are enclosed by authors of the Bible in lips of the mythical wise man - the materialist Jesus Christ. The bible is created by wise men - materialists and intended for wise men - truth to distinguish the materialists capable from fiction and the myth; for the wise men, capable, thanks to the developed intuition, to see truth which is hidden behind the screen weaved from myths, hints and allegories.

… similarity of the living person: “the word became flesh“, “Washing flesh truly there is a food“. As the living person has consciousness and speaks on behalf of the consciousness, and the Bible has Christ`s consciousness (wisdom = the Holy Spirit = the Father) and speaks on behalf of this consciousness. The bible speaks on behalf of wisdom mythical Christ`s lips therefore Christ`s doctrine is a wisdom fruit (The word - a fruit of the Holy Spirit = the Father).

… an appliance of preservation of perfect consciousness (wisdom = the Holy Spirit) and his transfers from authors of the Bible to her readers and researchers. The consciousness Christ (wisdom) is called by God (the Holy Spirit = the Father) and expressed through the doctrine Christ (Word) - the scientific materialistic idea veiled under religious revelation. In Christ`s doctrine all religious (foggy) terms and concepts are allegories, and they can be explained by means of scientific (clear) terms and concepts.

In Christ`s doctrine it is preached:

1. Dictatorship of the Law (it is allegoric: “A God`s Kingdom“) - such social system which all society rule of law - the power of the Law over people admits. Situation is the cornerstone of Christ`s doctrine: “paradise for righteous persons“ is possible only on condition of creation of “hell for sinners“, or, in other words: the surovy judicial punishment for criminals of the Law, the is better and happier life for law-abiding citizens. This basic position will be coordinated with the law of unity and conflict of opposites which is a kernel of dialectic materialism. I call this law of dialectics absolute (incontestable) truth. “Christ preaches dictatorship of the Law“ - this phrase is bible truth. All doctrine of Christ is logically connected with a basic position and with the law of dialectics and therefore is scientific materialistic idea.

2. Severe judicial punishments for malicious violators of the Law (it is allegoric: “fiery Gehenna“; “hell“; “fire“).

3. Immortal wisdom (it is allegoric: “eternal life“ for wisdom). Authors of the Bible had wisdom and enclosed it in the Bible, having called her the Holy Spirit, God, the Father, the Lord. Authors died long ago, but their wisdom still lives in the Bible, and this wisdom speaks mythical Christ`s lips, addressing directly readers and the Bible Student movement. That reader and the researcher who entirely understands Christ`s doctrine finds immortal consciousness of Christ - immortal wisdom.

4. Destruction of bible truth (it is allegoric: “a crucifixion and Christ`s death“) human ignorance - inability of people to understand the bible truth enclosed in Christ`s lips. (“… you look for to kill Me because the word My does not hold in you“, - Ioann., 8:37).

5. “Arrival“ of the wise man equal on Spirit to bible Christ who the first found immortal consciousness of Christ (immortal wisdom) and who the first learned bible truth (revived truth with the wisdom) and explained it to other people: “… opened them mind to an urazumeniye of the Writing“, - Onions., 24:45. (it is allegoric: “the second coming of the Son Chelovechesky“ = “Christ`s revival“).

6. Knowledge of bible truth all other people, finding of immortal wisdom by them - Christ`s consciousnesses (it is allegoric: “resurrection from the dead“). “Dead“ in Christ`s doctrine are meant as living people who have in themselves no immortal wisdom - Christ`s consciousness.

7. Recovery of human consciousness - “treatment“ of people from ignorance: inabilities to think logically and ignorances of absolute truth (it is allegoric: “healing by Christ sick and ailing“). True knowledge and “iron“ logic only the wise man knowing incontestable (absolute) truth (it only) and relying on it in the words and acts can have. Socrates, the wisest person of the time, had faultless logical thinking, but did not own knowledge of absolute truth, and this circumstance led it to the well-known statement: “I know only that I know nothing, and you also do not know it“. It logically brought this thought out of understanding that the person cannot own true knowledge if he does not own knowledge of absolute (incontestable) truth. Only owning knowledge of absolute truth, it is possible to bring logically out of it and all other true knowledge. Without owning knowledge of absolute truth, the person cannot have only true knowledge, and can have mix of true and false knowledge (delusions). And delusions are a sign of ignorance (ignorance) and unhealthy consciousness (“evil spirit“ - a Satan). Therefore the wise man is an expert on absolute truth and the owner of faultless logical thinking. Knowledge of absolute truth and faultless logical thinking - a sign of healthy consciousness (“pure Spirit“ - God). The Holy Spirit, either Christ`s consciousness, or wisdom is healthy consciousness (“pure Spirit“ - God).

8. The end old and the beginning of a new era (it is allegoric: “doomsday“). The mankind lives during an era of fight of materialism and idealism now. This era will end and there will come a new era - an era of the won materialistic “pure“ consciousness - Christ`s consciousness, or wisdom.

9. A victory of true knowledge over delusions, or ignorance (it is allegoric: “God`s victory over a Satan“). Victory of “pure Spirit“ (wisdom) over “evil spirit“. (“The wisdom descending from above in - the first, is true …“, - Iak., 3:17).

10. Clarification of consciousness of people from blind belief in doctrines, from religious ignorance and delusions (it is allegoric: “release from an original sin“) and finding of pure and immortal consciousness of Christ: “As in Adam all die, so in Christ all will recover“ (1 - e Box., 15:22).

11. In Christ`s doctrine all laws of morals and the rule of moral behavior which each person needs to execute in the conditions of dictatorship of the Law are formulated. Performance of laws, or law-abiding (it is allegoric: “righteousness“) is necessary conditions for “rescue“ of the person from severe judicial punishment. All laws of morals and the rule of moral behavior are consolidated to one: do not do the evil to anybody, never, anywhere and under no circumstances. To justify the evil (it is allegoric: “to forgive a sin“) it is possible under a condition: if this evil is directed to neutralization of other evil. Judicial punishment is the evil directed to neutralization of other evil and therefore judicial punishment too (it is allegoric: “fiery Gehenna“) is the main (but not only) need without which existence of society is simply impossible. It is natural that judicial punishment has to be fair: “Respect for justice - pleasure for the righteous person and fear for doing the evil“ (the Ave., 21:15); “You do not judge by an exterior, but you judge court just“ (Ioann., 7:24). The God`s court is the fair trial based on the moral law “do not do the evil to anybody, never, anywhere and under no circumstances“. The God`s court is when judges are the people having in themselves Christ`s consciousness - wisdom (it is allegoric: “Holy Spirit“).

Generally, all doctrine of Christ and all Bible in general can be explained rationally, from a materialistic position if to look at it as I look.

The letter of the Bible differs from Spirit of the Bible the same as “darkness“ - from “light“: “… the letter kills, and the Spirit zhivotvorit“ (2 - e Box., 3:6). Christians trust in the Bible letter, and it is necessary to believe in bible Spirit - in Christ`s consciousness - in consciousness of the wise man - the moralist - the materialist - the dialectician - in wisdom (allegorically: in “Holy Spirit“). Finding by the person of the Holy Spirit (wisdom) behaves to finding of belief in most.

My view of the Bible allows to answer the main question of philosophy “that initially: matter or consciousness?“ Answer such: initially consciousness … materialist. Christ calls God own consciousness, and Christ`s consciousness, judging by his doctrine, is consciousness of the materialist. As Christ`s consciousness (God) is in the material Bible, it proves that the consciousness cannot be out of matter. Thus, the final answer to the main question of philosophy will be: matter is primary.

And rational (scientifically - materialistic) the explanation of the doctrine of Christ will give disclosure of bible secret:

1. To destruction in people of religious prejudices, religious consciousness, religionism and obscurantism. To destruction of all religions.

2. To a victory of materialism, scientific knowledge, judiciousness, reason, wisdom.

3. To establishment in the society of justice, the world, a consent and an order.

Dictatorship of the Law (“the God`s Kingdom“) will be established when Christ`s consciousness (wisdom = God) becomes public consciousness that is when the most part of society agrees with Christ`s doctrine, having understood that in it dictatorship of the Law is preached.

My view of the Bible - result of the psychological analysis of the doctrine of Christ therefore it is easy to check it - enough to glance in the Gospel and to compare Christ`s doctrine to my conclusions.

P. S. In more detail my opinion is stated in the monograph “The Word of the Believing Atheist or What Christ Speaks About“.