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Demography in Russia. How to change a situation?

I Visited recently one event which was held by the center of social services for youth (a subject - preparation for family life), and paid attention that psychological tests - drawings indicated aspiration of girls - senior pupils to marry, get posterity, and in speeches there was very much about study, career. And the truth, will go to institutes, then - for work, many of them will find time and part of the family budget for one child - no more.

The youth very pragmatically belongs to the birth of children. First of all, it guys fear. They can be understood - there is a big difference, there is a family of two people on earnings of two people, or a family of three people - on earnings of one. But also girls in our unstable time do not aspire to motherhood for the sake of motherhood …

the Main material obstacles for young families too, the biggest fears lie in the material sphere for this reason birth rate by financial support of families seeks to raise many states. At the same time result of such support not always positive.

For example, in Ukraine families get financial support for several years after the child`s birth. The sum of the help depends on that how many or what child was born, however for many unemployed, alcoholics and other dropouts it seems quite impressive and for them the child-bearing turned into some kind of business. Certainly, financial support and quite normal families which postponed the child`s birth for a two-three of years stimulates, but it is necessary to recognize that than the smaller income in a family, especially a tidbit “nurseries“ and therefore - a high probability of the birth of children in dysfunctional families seem.

It is possible to change a situation, having spent money not for financial support to parents, and for compensation to the enterprises which let out goods for children. It is necessary to dress and put on the child nearly an every season, and there is this pleasure almost as much, as well as clothes and footwear for adults! Why not to reduce the cost of children`s goods?

Other fear is training cost. Since school, it is necessary to think of tutors, or of payment of training at good school, I am silent about institute! And there was a system of free education, the best in the world! Which trained experts of those profiles which are necessary to economy. It is really so fatally difficult to revive good traditions?

The third fear - housing. So to say - expensive. It is too expensive to buy housing to many families. Rent - a real exit, so why to the state not to build own houses for rent by young families? The rent sum - preferential for families with one child of preschool age or families where there are two children. The cost of rent of such apartment significantly increases in other cases.

It is possible to stimulate birth rate with a carrot and stick. And two ways it would be most effective at once.

Besides, it is necessary to think of social advertizing - and not only billboards, commercials, but also the stereotypes of beautiful life imposed to youth. These stereotypes learn youth what to work is an office and a cup of coffee, it is beautiful to live is to have a good time at night. And it is necessary to learn how to build happy families where children and grandsons are a pleasure. And the demographic situation will change!