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We bring up boys: what to pay attention to?

Parents wait for arrival of the sonny to this world with special awe and always want to give to the child all the best - beginning from boundless love and tenderness and finishing with healthy food, the correct development and, of course, education. After the birth of the kid there is a set of questions: whether it is worth doing distinctions in education between boys and girls as from the boy to bring up the sympathetic and at the same time self-sufficient man and just how to be with the kid what it is worth paying attention at education to?

At each age there are problems and difficult situations. It appears, already in infancy differences between boys and girls begin to be shown - boys grow quicker, become stronger and, first of all, develop physically. But nevertheless they need tenderness and love much more. If mother is gentle with the son, will communicate with him, to teach it to talk and learn this the world, new to it, the boy will have no problems with communication further, and besides it will grow at more self-assured.

Also for parents of kids about one year there will be topical issue of early development - whether it is necessary or not. It appears, it is necessary as all strengths of boys in the childhood, first of all, are thrown on development of physical abilities. And if you want that the son grew not only strong, but also clever, develop the child by means of the training games, informative walks, tell him everything that you see, and the main thing - explain why so occurs, but not differently.

In process of growth of the son mother should concede the main place in the boy`s life to the father. At the age of five - six years of the boy begin to be actively interested in man`s affairs, and it is very important that the father supported the son at this moment, but did not push away. If the father does not pay attention to the growing-up little boy, then the child will begin to think out various ways to draw attention, and believe, most often it is wild tricks which will definitely not please you.

One of psychologists even defined five precepts of paternity:

1) begin as soon as possible - it is possible to begin to take part in life of the kid still since then when he is in mother`s womb;

2) find time - to children much more important presence of the real father who is interested in their life, but not “the kind daddy“ who replaces the care with expensive purchases;

3) do not constrain emotions - boys need that fathers played with them, talked, and also sincerely praised and showed emotions in relation to them; and for boys it is even more useful, than for girls;

4) there is more fun, rejoice to the children - find something like that that would be pleasant to both you and them, and, above all - you love the child and you share with all of them that you know;

5) do not forget about discipline - for boys very important that the father established borders of admissible; if you do not want problems at teenage age, the discipline has to be established since the childhood.

And of course, dear parents, you remember that boys are very active by nature, and you need to make out hobby of the son in time and to transform it to a hobby. The hobby and a hobby for the boy is an integral part of development.