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Sublime lyrics, or severe humdrum of life?

All the conscious life I admired the people having the natural gift and abilities to state the thoughts the poetic diction. Read ancient authors much, unfortunately, from - for ignorances of languages, only in translations which cannot reflect all nuances of this or that poetic work in full degree, I admire works of the epoch-making Russian poet A. Pushkin, are not alien to me and “chopped short flights of stairs“ of V. Mayakovsky`s poetry and conformable it, but very specific on subject and a manner of a statement of thoughts, verses of our contemporary V. Vysotsky.

Once to me verses which bribed the modern, fresh and live lyrics, nowadays this quite unusual occurrence therefore I became interested in the author were incidentally snared. Verses were written by Tatyana Yakovenko. After our acquaintance which Tatyana kindly answered I learned that she not only the famous Ukrainian poet - the lyric poet and the author of several poetic collections published in many countries but also Candidate of Philology, the associate professor of the Ukrainian literature of the Vinnytsia State university, the deputy and the active public figure.

In this regard, our discussions with Tatyana concerning literature and poetry, often developed into discussion socially - political events in the former Soviet Union and in the world in general. Naturally, there was always a historical question: “Who is guilty also what to do“. Once I stated the following, though very disputable, the assumption that all troubles of Russia are defined its geographical by situation.

, It seems, our labor also is the cheapest on all Earth, at least pay on orders less, than it is necessary to the same Korean, however the Singaporean or the Thai for successful work only pair of slippers, it is necessary to us at least couple of valenoks and a sheepskin fur coat for winter, boots for summer, to build enormous thermal power plants that 8 months in a year to heat housing and production. So not the bad Russian person is guilty of the troubles, and his residence determines extremely low level of his life. There is no capital on such expenses. The Russian America now practically became deserted, pump oil in the rotational way, practically finished development of gold reserves, now there live there only thrill-seekers, and at us on Chukotka, in several kilometers from the sold Alaska, try to breed cows, the truth turns out then that is cheaper quicker give milk by plane from Australia, besides, it can be delivered to the consumer, considering features of local roads and transport.

Tatyana`s answer, laconic, but substantial on sense, did not keep waiting long, she wrote: “You are absolutely right about climate. How many means leave on one clothes winter and summer. But on the other hand - Norway and Iceland too the northern countries and somehow there with economy are easier. It is visible, the state way which was more acceptable for the simple person“. I offered the vision of this question, having a little expanded subject of the discussed subject.

Good afternoon, Tanya. I would not tell that in Iceland everything is good with economy, it “prospers“ only thanks to the European community, quite recently there “delayed“ the next crisis by powerful “injections“. Norway, of course, rather “advanced“ country, however lives now only thanks to oil and the same EU, making the feasible contribution in the form of the well-known herring; stocks of that and another are catastrophically reduced so it is quite predicted that hope for further “prosperity“ rather mythical. On the other hand you are absolutely right, the location of the country is important, but far defining in economy. Rather figurative example can be tracked in such countries as Greece and Spain. What is not enough for them there? And the economy is far from perfect, continuous crises.

These problems do not lie on a surface as it can seem at first sight. In my opinion, questions of successful functioning of separate state associations on the earth need to be considered from the point of view of Malthus`s theory, by definition of socialist ideologists - the bourgeois theory. Really, while the population of Earth did not exceed 3 billion people, all somehow “is shaky, shakily“, but moved ahead. Of course, similar development was not pleasant to much, “all would like everything, but everything was not enough for all“ that led to wars, repartitions of lands and property etc. Now there came the limit not that “all and all“, and at times “not to fat - to be would live“. And to live, considering very and very limited duration of concrete human life, all want well and now as hope for the benefits of afterlife which prevailed at most of the population of the earth until it was shaken if not to tell, completely destroyed new, modern achievements of science and technology, “sank into oblivion“.

Therefore now on the first place the idea of so-called “globalization of world economy“ quite naturally moved forward. What does it mean? The USSR was quite self-sufficient state. The planned economy could provide in a short space of time more or less physiological maintenance of its numerous population. Due to redistribution of the income, the advanced branches of a national economy successfully subsidized branches sharply necessary, agriculture, for example, but deeply unprofitable in our climatic conditions. When these contradictions reached antagonisms, that is at our heads of all links, it is simple “there was not enough mind“, constantly “to settle“ all this when planning, in the conditions of an environment of the countries of the West with well debugged market economy, but with apparent defect in natural resources, in a complex with development of corruption and frankly selling relations in higher levels, an attempt to translate a planned economy in market, in hope that “everything will settle the market“ was made.

It everything is valid “settled“, all economically unreasonable (from the point of view of market economy) branches of a national economy were in a short space of time, by means of the same “market levers“, are abolished and there was a question of inexpediency of maintenance of a considerable people at large which was engaged in these productions. For example, prime cost of gasoline in Russia is deeply unprofitable now, “our gasoline“ because workers need valenoks and, at least, fat to live and work at such harmful factory, it is noncompetitive with the gasoline made in the countries with more temperate climate. I do not speak about cultivation of pigs behind the Polar circle any more.

Quite reasonably I assume that already during present and following generations the population of Russia to be reduced to optimum (from the point of view of market economy) sizes (for Russia it is 30 million people, it was quite so predicted by theorists of “globalization of world economy“ Z. Brzezinski and M. Thatcher). Why this, I am not afraid of this word, the tragedy, became reality? Our “near“ ideologists of the period of “stagnation“ could not explain to the people that the worker, the peasant, the doctor and the engineer in the West lives many times better than our people working in the same directions of a national economy only because globalization processes already captured all other countries and the same worker in the West receives much more, than puts in the work how bourgeois ideologists about its unique abilities and “transcendental“ labor productivity “shouted“; its solid, and in many cases and the “increase“ defining its income to a salary, is caused by the fact that “works for him“ and part of the population of Africa, South America, Hugo - East Asia which, alas, the income of which in these conditions is limited to a possibility of consumption of a cup of rice pass. We, in the conditions of relative isolation from the West, “eat that we make“.

Without realizing this enough simple truth, most of the population during an era of reorganization and then and the period of initial formation of capitalism in the country, assumed that the market will allow the Soviet doctor and the engineer “to be made even“ to western to some extent. There can be subconsciously everyone and doubted that on the business qualities it can quite compete with them, however everyone considered that the market adequately “will settle everything“, assuming that he - that will quite deservedly take “place in the sun“.

Realities of the present do not allow “to everything, all and now“ therefore the vast majority of workers and the intellectuals just in the former Soviet Union were “superfluous“. Oranges and Morocco are much cheaper than if to make them at us in greenhouses. Therefore our workers and experts of this quite conditional direction, even despite their outstanding remarkable mental capacities and the previous merits, are forced “to train for a new profession in house managers“, though this activity, in connection with catastrophic decrease in the population, unpromising too. For example, it is necessary for the high income of doctors that the population served by them was rather provided that at us it is difficult to present even at successfully functioning market economy of the 19th century, remember poverty and lawlessness of territorial doctors though many of them possessed unique professional abilities.

And in other branches, except, maybe, only in a mining industry both it similar and that, the part of profit should “share“ with workers of the leading countries of the West; they have a democracy, any president will not sustain pressure of the people if its (people) the standard of living, from - for some problems of “the remains of the Soviet Union“, suddenly begins to decrease. Only the aggressive policy of the leading world powers is explained by it, they will not allow “some Libya“ to pursue the independent policy in the field of use of natural resources.

Of course, in process of formation in the former Soviet Union of democratic society, our leading politicians, want it it or not, will listen to will of our people, but not to pursue treacherous, ugodnichesky policy as we observe it now, however I am afraid only that these people will remain at us much less by this time that actually and was an ultimate goal of politicians of the West when developing appropriate programs of globalization.

So the problem as you noticed, is slightly wider, than just “to write off“ everything for climate, though it is important, resources the planet Zemlyai stoshchatsya and it is a pity that the aggravation of these processes “dropped out“ for the our period to life. In this regard, it would be possible will talk also about the theory of Darwin which keynote is the postulate that “survives the most adapted“. Being the convinced Marxist, I very doubtfully treat distribution of this theory on “gomo sapiens“, after all Darwin drew the conclusions proceeding from the evolution which is tracked by it biological (but not reasonable) the organisms capable already in this quality to exert a certain impact and on environment, and not just to adapt to it and a historical interval existence of the person as biological organism, it is too insignificant and incommensurable to periods of “extinction of mammoths“, for example.

I am not a supporter of tool measurements and comparisons of volumes of skulls of pygmies and Aryans therefore absolutely I sweep aside modern explanations that “some“ races (the people, the nation) already “evolved“ and, thanks to the already more developed mind, hold the corresponding position in the world. In this case prichinno - investigative communication is not traced obviously, there are poor Jews, as well as fabulously rich Russians, though of that and others it is not enough, as they say “every family has its black sheep“. Are the cornerstone of this division all - classical contradictions between productive forces and relations of production, between work and the capital. And features of the nations and people... Goering, in my opinion, told once: “Who here the Jew, I will judge“. Though, without penetrating into a question essence (and I “sinned“ with it earlier), it was very convenient to use Darwinism here, it seems, everything “fits in“, but for this purpose it is necessary to abstract from temporary intervals of development and to absolutely sweep aside presence at the person of ability to think and influence conditions of the development, naturally, ancient pterodactyls did not have that.

Here so, in general, about climate and its influence on life though the skilled critic will find a set of discrepancies and frank “mistakes“ in my “homebrew“ treatise, nevertheless, I think so, at least, other intelligible answer to the most pressing problems of the present, I, unfortunately, could not find yet. Yours faithfully, Valery.