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Whether there is an alternative to giving in Moscow area? Ten reasons to spend summer in Druskininkai

At some Moscow families become a good tradition annually to remove for a month, and even for all summer of the apartment and to leave on the pleasant, weakened rest to the Lithuanian resort town of Druskininkai. Our parents remember it as an island of the western civilization in days of the Soviet stagnation. Also note high quality of sanatorium treatment, and also excellent and polite service.

And in recent years Russians and Belarusians leave the whole families here, and even the big companies several families. Here absolutely other rhythm of life, unique opportunities to quickly restore health and energy thanks to a chemical composition of local mineral waters, to the well-known peat dirt and the soft microclimate of Druskininkai created by the magnificent pine woods, relative humidity of air about 70% and prevailing western and Hugo - the western winds.

The resort is in an environment of lakes, on the bank of Neman. There are no problems with acclimatization, and in any weather there will be a set of interesting and useful occupations for each family member. It is very similar to country life, but with a mass of additional benefits even in comparison with expensive housing estates on comfortable Rublyovka.

What attracts the tempted fresh-air fiends and good service here?

In - the first, those who did not get own giving yet in Moscow area because in Druskininkai more available cost of rent on good and qualitative apartments and apartments in private houses, than on dachas in elite and even not elite districts of Moscow region go here.

In - the second, Druskininkai is one of 10 best European balneological and climatic resorts on which it is possible to complete a medical, rehabilitation or preventive course in one of sanatoria or the well-known city mud baths.

In - the third, there is refined Spa here - the hotels which are not conceding quality and a variety of procedures by the French and Swiss Spa - to hotels. And the cost of Spa - programs in them is much lower, than in Moscow.

In - the fourth, all this is the city with all advantages and reliability of city infrastructure, and also safety of the European resort. The majority of objects is reconstructed and under construction here at the expense of means of the European Union which highly appreciates and seeks to develop the resort capacity of Druskininkai.

In - the fifth, it is the city with rich cultural life where there are museums, showrooms, regularly there take place concerts. And in the summer in days of the international theater festival Druskininkai turns into the huge theatrical platform.

In - the sixth, it is paradise for children of all age. Kids of chest age with pleasure sleep in one of the city parks reminding a civilized and well-groomed pinery while their mothers have a good time with girlfriends behind a cup of a cappuccino or the most tasty dessert here on an open verandah of one of small restaurants. For children is more senior in Druskininkai there will always be a set of various entertainments from playgrounds, bicycle walks, an excellent aquapark and the most fascinating rope town of ONE Adventure Park to new sporting venues which will open this summer (an all-weather alpine skiing complex and golf - club).

In - the seventh, Druskininkai is a place where both mothers, and grandmothers can have a good time, without complaining of too lonely and monotonous country life, and being engaged in the beauty and health.

In - the eighth, for fathers and grandfathers in Druskininkai there will be too more interesting occupations, than need to solve an infinite set of country household and economic problems.

In - the ninth, it is possible to communicate, at last, much to friends here, meeting behind a light and useful breakfast from unsurpassed Lithuanian dairy products and the strong smoking coffee, a tasty lunch or quite available dinner at very nice and inexpensive restaurants and cafe, on fishing, riding the walking motor ship across Neman, together playing sports or sunbathing on the beach in the center of Druskininkai.

In - the tenth, it is possible to forget about the car, traffic jams here and to enjoy slow walks around lakes, along Neman, on avenues of parks, a full breast inhaling the tremendous pine air clearing our gas-polluted lungs, skin and sating blood with useful negative ions and pine phytoncides. And if you live in the center of the resort, then practically in Druskininkai you can reach any place interesting to you without effort in 5 - 10 minutes.

And this list of advantages still not full.

Not superfluous will be to note also that here are always glad to guests from Russia and nobody forgot Russian. What I was once again convinced of, having spent May holidays in Druskininkai, but not at our dacha situated near Moscow. Washing 11 - the summer daughter who very much likes to be in Lithuania and meets exclusively benevolent relation of locals there, cannot understand in any way why our Moscow acquaintances so often ask me a question of how in Lithuania treat Russians.

Probably therefore, having visited there once, Russians with such pleasure come back to this heavenly spot again and again - to rest with children, to treatment, to Spa - the program. At all seasons of the year. By the way, from Kaunas and Vilnius the budgetary Irish company Ryanair flies to many European cities. It does trips to the European cities and to many resorts with the Schengen visa in your passports not so burdensome for the budget of the Russian family and brings a pleasant variety summer holiday in Druskininkai.

In Lithuania it is worth taking care only of the “city“ giving already now. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the town - that very small!