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Whether it is worth tormenting itself with diets?

Each woman pays to the appearance special attention. The majority of us periodically become on scales to be convinced that weight still normal. If we too are fond of sweets or fried potatoes, then sometimes not a sin and to keep to a diet. Moderate starvation, certainly, is useful for an organism. However excessive hobby for diets is capable not only to do much harm to health, but also to deprive of composure.

Many diets promise to make a miracle, having returned us a slim figure slightly days. Clear business, all want to be harmonous and tightened, but whether it is worth tormenting itself with extreme diets? Too fast loss of weight will not necessarily do good to an organism. What dangers trap the women who decided to throw off quickly extra kilos?

Effect of compensation

After several days of a diet, having yearned on normal food, many women lean on food with the doubled force and eat for four. The organism wants to compensate malnutrition. It leads to the fact that body weight grows again. Nothing remains, except how again to go on a diet. And after a diet to gorge on with all the heart again. As if it is amusing did not look from outside, but for many lovers of diets it is a real crash. They cannot master feeling of hunger after the termination of a diet in any way. And the more rigid there was a diet, the bigger appetite overcomes them subsequently.

the Drooped breasts

Unfortunately, it is impossible to force the body to grow thin only in certain places. Often also sites which we would like to keep in their original state - magnificent and roundish suffer. In a situation when the woman quickly loses weight, it often faces a problem of the drooped breasts and skin. Especially often it happens if losses of weight are considerable. In this case the body often gets a little become swollen forms.

the Lack of vitamins

Exists a set of the diets suggesting to the followers to eat only one type of products. It leads to the fact that the organism receives less the substances necessary for it which are contained in other foodstuff. Similar diets will hardly damage if to follow them 1 - 2 day. However if to apply them during the long period of time, they can become really pernicious for health.

Sense of shame

Many ladies who are often using diets for weight loss have sense of shame if they suddenly can eat a little bit more than usual. For these women the food stops being pleasure. It is perceived rather only as the reason of excess weight and the discontent connected with it. These lovers of diets need to remember that you should not take everything so seriously. Sometimes it is possible to dare to relax and regale on something tasty.

Bad mood

Very many women feel

not really well, losing a habitual portion of meat in sauce or cakes to tea. Often they spoil mood already from one thought that similar tortures should be taken out the whole 7/14/28 days. The long diet forcing the person constantly is capable to hunger not just to upset and deprive of pleasure of life, but also to lead to a depression. For this reason you should not resort to the radical methods allowing to eat during the day only a leaflet of a plantain or a spidery pad.

In spite of the fact that beauty ideal in modern society are slender and sports people, the person possessing more volume figure has less chances to be pleasant to people around, to meet the love and to live long and happily. Many men openly say that they like stout women with rounded shapes more. Therefore you should not grow thin only to be pleasant to an opposite sex.

Eventually, of people which enjoys life in all its manifestations will surely draw to itself attention and sympathies of people around . Even if at the same time it does not possess an ideal figure.