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Body language: how to look self-assured?

can tell our body sometimes about us more, than we would like it. Language of a body is capable to give to our interlocutor what we think of and what we are afraid of. In many firms the people employing employees possess basic knowledge of language of a body. These people perfectly understand about what this or that pose of the applicant to a position signals.

Often we feel awkwardly and is held down in situations, responsible for us. Whether it is possible to change this state and to show to the interlocutor self-confidence? There are certain gestures and a manner of behavior which are capable to convince most of people of your self-confidence and to dispose them to you. So, what it is necessary to do to make pleasant impression on one and all? Smile to

If the person smiles, so it is not simply happy and happy, but also is self-assured. His smile signals that he is not afraid of world around and feels completely comfortably. Such people steadily cause sympathy of people around.

Straighten shoulders

the Self-assured person usually does not stoop and does not shuffle the feet. It is worth straightening a back and to straighten shoulders to radiate force and to make on surrounding positive impression. It is better to walk widely, but not to trip, timidly looking around. you Look

in the face

to the Confident person could not be hidden. He does not look in a floor, does not hide an eye and quietly maintains a look of the interlocutor. It is very important to look in the face during talk since it convinces your opponent of what you is sincere and are confident in the words.

Pull out hands from pockets

you Should not hide hands in pockets or behind the back. It can convince your interlocutor that all of you - hide something. It is the best of all to allow hands to be in the quiet and weakened situation. If you sit, it is possible to put, for example, them on knees or on a table.

you Watch appearance

the Slovenly person with the tousled hair and a smell of dirty armpits, perhaps, will cause sympathy of people around, but hardly their sympathy. And to you it will hardly add self-confidence. It is worth finding time for the appearance not only before responsible actions, but also in any other day.

Radiate tranquility

Many people who should carry on difficult conversation, begin to stir legs, to pull knees or to gesticulate too actively. It, certainly, distracts from sensation of fear and concern which burns you from within. However similar gestures make unpleasant impression on the interlocutor. In - the first, they obviously show that you are nervous. And in - the second, infect surrounding with the same nervousness. It is better to calm down and radiate tranquility nevertheless.

do not cross a hand

This gesture it is interpreted by most of people unambiguously as protection gesture. You show to people around that you do not want to communicate or the topic of conversation is unpleasant to you. It is unlikely it will add to you sympathy of colleagues or acquaintances. This pose is one of the most unsuccessful on interview.

you do not flicker

Many of us during conversation constantly play with something, cross fingers, squeeze a hand in a fist or constantly touch a face and run a hand over hair. It obviously signals about our uncertainty in itself. It is the best of all to try to sit quietly and not to do too many unnecessary movements.

It is impossible to be pleasant to all, however in certain situations we need to make pleasant impression on people around. No matter, where we are - on interview or on appointment, self-confidence and a positive spirit will always help to incline a bowl of scales in our advantage.