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You think that you overeat it? The food guzzles with you.

Only for it it can already begin to be hated.

Remember how there passed your childhood. - Eat squashes. Good fellow. Still spoon. Good girl. And now for mother, the father, the grandmother, the grandfather, a cat, a small fish etc., you will not burst yet. And what there the grandmother brought? Pies, whole basket, candies, pryanichka. What you thin, give - a tale it is esteemed about Kolobok, can at you as at animals appetite will be played. There now, got hungry, the good fellow, let`s eat still. -

Here so, in the childhood, careful mummies, grandmothers and all other rodstvennichka, bother with the cares about still sense of not created personality, stretching its ventricle and accustoming to plentiful food. And what then? The known business - as accustomed, taught the nobility. Try - wean if the most expensive, the malice without bearing, imparted that requirement for the rest of life. to

“Mother, buy a chocolate!“ Otherwise - a roar, shout, whims. And mother instead of switching attention of the child to something inedible, at best will offer an apple or a bananchik.

If you constantly are engaged with something, of course, except preparation and the use of food, and also circulation on shops and the markets in its purchase or production, then you can not worry about a diet. Even if you lead an inactive life. For example, being at the computer if you do something not voluntarily, then it will want to eat and if are so keen on something interesting that in general you forget about a current of time, then you will forget about food even less so.

The gluttony is the bad habit connected with absence of culture not only food, but also culture per se, in a broader sense. The nervous system of the person is so arranged that tries to warn and protect from a stress, is frequent by means of derivation of attention from a problem, having switched consciousness to something else. But one of the most available and easy ways, especially presently, it to eat something, and it is better tasty. Appetite will not keep itself waiting long, at the sight of favourite delicacies or dishes. To tell itself - no, happens quite difficult. For those who already got used to such way of calm, in general to become impossible.

The festive feast, is one of the most widespread ways to overeat. It is difficult to refuse to the hostess who so tries to treat guests, and obligatory the suspicion will arise one and all dishes, differently that some is prepared not tasty. And the zakusyvaniye, after the said toasts and the accepted alcohol, fills so a belly to inactive guests what to rise happens even difficult from - for a table. On the one hand the emphasized generosity, with another - a tribute and is more often undisguised desire everything to try more at home not to have dinner and to have supper. The organism begins to fight furiously against the accepted excess for what short pauses with dances or smoke breaks become.

Go to rest in the day off to the country or - chuck in the dacha with provisions a luggage carrier or backpacks so that can seem that for a week. Time spent at the TV happens equal on duration not only having a snack, to clicking of sunflower seeds, sucking of candies, a hryastanye of gingerbreads, sushka, crackers, nutlets, popcorn, but also a sound breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Still ancient Greeks, Romans, Jews and other people ate once a day, but it was connected also with their welfare. Gradually all passed at first on two times, and then to three meals a day. And in the modern world began to welcome even more frequent more and more, but it is recommended in smaller quantities.

The more people eat, the more spend in vain energy for digestion of food which most part, does not manage to be processed by microflora and gastric juice at all.

Diets, diets and once again the diets, continuous diets advertized by the mass of people to whom allegedly they helped. And in parallel - advertizing of the products not so necessary for the use only littering an organism and tempting unhealthy appetite. In addition transfer, with participation of culinary specialists whom who only did not become. Famous actors, musicians, stylists and all who feel like it.

You at first will be fed much, and then as much offered diets, and nutritionists are speculators, doctors and other assistants and Sovietologists, only and wait for it.

And councils how not to grow stout even more or to grow thin though slightly - slightly, well, simply infinite set, I myself will not trouble transfer at least one - two.

is not necessary all this and to anybody. Just calm down, get it together, you are people, but not tanks for waste, not bags with shit and not other capacities, and also do not pass - zavodik for a food pererabatyvaniye. You will think how to grow thin, means go in cycles in thought, as if what not to eat, so again you will be pursued by thoughts of food.

In the world so much fine, distracting from food, however you wonder why to think out and think out all new and new dishes, seasonings, sauces, the spices tempting a bigger appetite. One mayonnaise hundreds of versions.

Ya it is sure that many, having read article instead of comprehending written, will run to the refrigerator since any mention of food, causes in them a plentiful slyunovydeleniye, as at Pavlov`s dogs.

Grow fat, you shine, sweat, cause laughter, censure, grins, let you be teased, offended, called, hated, despise also the main thing, deceived, time you do not want to refuse such various, tasty and plentiful grub. Work, be spent, smear saliva a sleeve, be blissfully happy, sitting on toilet bowls for two hours per day or give enemas, accept pills and powders, drink herbs - poisons, use methods of charlatans and deceivers. NOT ON - MO - ZhET! So far you do not switch the attention on anything which only is not connected with food. - KA - KIH DI - ET, - KA - KIH ME - THEY are DOV, SPO - WITH - BOV, LE - KAPCTB, About - PE - RA - TSY.

You - the ordinary, normal, beautiful, kind, clever person. Refuse to yourself abuse of food, and it will cease to stick and use to you you. Be stronger than it, otherwise, she will gobble up you with giblets.

In the conclusion several words about as a wish another. always I eat

Ya with pleasure. Too I am incapable to refuse to myself superfluous. But only with that difference that my superfluous, for many is norm. It is not deprived of imagination. I can talk about tasty. And beautifully issued dish tempts not only appetite, but also esthetic pleasure. But never I go in cycles in food, I listen to requirements of the organism, I can even argue with it and with ease to refuse to it because I am on friendly terms more with the head. The maintenance of food in an organism should not be more, than brain weight, differently comes intoxication and it begins to work badly, and it is inadmissible for the sane person. Active lifestyle it not only the movement, excess calories burn down even quicker if you are able to rejoice to everything, including for others, to long, be impressed and be surprised, to love and enjoy life, to dream, to make plans, to create and realize projects. When life is filled to a limit, happens even, just forget to eat.