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Minor criminals - who are they?

the Most valuable that we have - it are our children. We care for them since the birth and we dream of that they became great people. Well, even if also not great then it is better, than we.

There is a question: “From where then minor criminals undertake?“

In the modern world is a variety of reasons and the conditions (determinants) influencing their development. What determinants influence minors from a negative side:

1. Negative influence in a family from parents and other family members.

2. Lack of an opportunity at parents in a crisis situation to provide the minimum needs of children.

3. Negative influence from a near environment.

4. Instigation from adult criminals.

5. Long not visit of occupations or their absence (vacation).

6. Homelessness, neglect.

7. Low level of work of educational institutions.

8. Promotion in mass media, literature of standards of antisocial behavior (culture of violence, cruelty, drugs, pornographies).

9. Computer games etc.

I it is not the all factors influencing formation of minor criminals. Sometimes in the course of education we do not even pay attention to them, and subsequently, even without having noticed, we receive the criminal.

Allocate four types of minor criminals:

1. Casual - the youth, getting into an unsuccessful situation, owing to casual combination of circumstances, levity and unavailability to resistance of a situation makes illegal act.

2. Unstable - the teenager gets into the corresponding situation and from - for the unstable orientation commits a crime.

3. Negative - at teenagers of this type the negative orientation of the personality which did not reach the level of steady preference of criminal behavior to other versions prevails.

4. Malicious - such minors have a steady, dominating, antisocial orientation of the personality which is caused by all behavior of this person.

Also the weakened sense of shame, fieriness, roughness and cruelty is characteristic of minor criminals. They are emotionally not counterbalanced, vain, lazy, stubborn, tolerant to sufferings of others, and they considerably weakened strong-willed qualities.

For the crimes committed by minors there is a number of features :

1. The motivation (which is not created the personality) is characteristic.

2. The narrow circle of crimes made by them.

3. Crimes are committed near the place of the residence.

4. The part of crimes is committed by groups.

5. Criminal groups of teenagers are formed at the place of residence.

The most interesting in teenage crime the fact that, in most cases, they make the first crime aged till 14 years. And to achievement of criminal liability we receive the recidivist. Very few people think only of it.

There is a wish to pay attention that children - our future, and that they commit crimes, are guilty we. And nobody, except us, will provide them and us the safe future.