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How count payment on the water counter?

For many residents calculation of a payment for water in an apartment house in the presence of the and all-house counters of water is still unclear. In newspapers about it write one, and management companies tell another. How all - should be paid - according to the indication of the device or taking into account the intra brownie? Let`s tell how in such situation calculation of payment of water in Moscow is perfromed.

In the capital the special Resolution of the Moscow government No. 307 from 23 on this matter is accepted. 05. 06. According to the rules established to them owners of apartments in apartment houses have to bring monthly a payment for water proceeding from the testimony of the all-brownie, i.e. the collective metering device.

Naturally, there is a question: and how calculation of a payment for water in an apartment house where along with the all-brownie there are also individual counters, and also apartments which are not equipped with water metering devices is made? This situation is explained by the Appendix No. 2 to above-mentioned rules. Exactly there the formula of calculation of payment taking into account the all-house counter is given.

As calculation of payment of water for the individual counter installed in the certain apartment is perfromed? If it is short, then for charge of the sum of payment it is required:

to Put the water volume which was used according to standards by the registered citizens living in apartments without counters with a total volume of the water consumed in apartments with counters.

to divide the volume of the water consumed in all house i.e. the indication of the all-house counter Into the received figure.

to increase Result by the indication of the individual counter installed in the apartment.

the Received result is multiplied by the established tariff for cold or hot water. calculations of a payment for water for counters are made by

In the capital thus. Owners of apartments which installed individual metering devices of cold and hot water at the end of the month transfer their indications to Management company (by the way, it is possible to make it now even on the Internet). There these two figures multiply by the existing tariffs. But you do not hurry to rejoice. Once a year or quarterly is made adjustment, i.e. calculations on the mentioned calculation formula become. As a result you in the payment receipt can have a recalculation of a payment for water, usually towards increase from really consumed.

To what to be surprised here and as it occurs? For example, in the apartment which is not equipped with water counters it is registered two residents, and six actually live. At the same time they, naturally, consume waters much more, than is allocated for two people according to standards. However payment goes only for two. The all-house counter at the same time at the end of the month shows what waters in an apartment house is actually spent more, than is recorded by individual metering devices and according to standards. In such situation who pays a difference between the all-house and individual counter of water? Unfortunately, owners of room hydrometers.

Thus, situation when in an apartment house not at all residents individual counters of water are installed, and in the cellar of the house there are all-brownies, most often extremely it is not favorable to owners of room metering devices.