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How to glaze a balcony? Options of execution

of the Loggia and balconies in apartment houses do in order that their inhabitants always had access to fresh air. However the general fashion went to glaze them in recent years. Reasons for this purpose different: some wish to receive thereby the additional area, others - to be protected from street noise and dust, the third - to be fenced off from the neighbors.

It is possible to glaze a loggia or a balcony differently. The firms and firmushka offering this service bred nemeryano. Let`s consider the main ways of a glazing and finishing of loggias and balconies, and then and the available options.

Way first

It the simply and cheap. This simple glazing of a balcony or a loggia by means of installation of frames (wooden, plastic or metal) with the inserted glasses (usual or tinted). As a result you receive the certain glazed space in the form of a small verandah. Such glazing will muffle street noise a little and will increase temperature in “room“ in a cold season no more than on 2 - 3 °.

the Way second

Is more reliable, qualitative, but also expensive option. It is called still “euroglazing“. It includes installation of an import window profile with double-glazed windows, sealing of all room and its internal covering wooden lining or plastic panels. The loggia glazed thus turns out more beautiful and comfortable, but it still remains cold.

the Way third

It too an euroglazing, but added with construction works on warming of a loggia and balcony. They include: a waterproofing, laying of a heater on perimeter, a floor and a ceiling, the same covering, conducting of lighting and the device of heating if it is necessary. It must be kept in mind that it is strictly forbidden to take out in a loggia heating pipes from the apartment. The problem is solved by the device of the heat-insulated floor eating from electricity or installation of an electroheater.

Options of a glazing of loggias and balconies blow our mind. Some old multi-storey buildings are stuck simply around by their most various designs made by handymen of improvised materials in Soviet period.

Now too which - where easy wooden frames use . Anyway they have to be made of the dried wood with glass thickness it is not less than 4 mm. We will not speak about shortcomings of such glazing much. This design quickly loses a look and is calculated not for long use. Though some firms offer wooden frames of the improved quality. To glaze them a loggia without finishing, but with a peak, outflow and a window sill in houses of the P44 series will cost 400 - 500 dollars in the capital.

There is an option of a steel glazing . Our people, greedy for inventions, called it “trolleybus“, and this name very much suits it. The design made of iron fastens on a loggia by means of welding. The glasses edged by a dark rubber sealant have the oval form. Such type of a glazing badly holds heat and passes light. Besides, it is necessary to look after iron that it did not rust, i.e. to shkurit and paint. Cost of “trolleybus“ option of a glazing approximately same, as well as wooden.

For a glazing the aluminum shape is widely used by . This material is stronger than PVC twice, and a tree - by 7 times. It is not oxidized, is not twisted and is fireproof. Frames from the aluminum shape esthetically look both on old houses, and in new buildings. Their design can be both sliding, and oar. The last is much more difficult and therefore is almost twice more expensive.

For example, sliding (or movable) the frame from the Spanish Provedal profile with glass of 5 mm costs 75 dollars/sq.m, and oar - already 140 dollars. The movable design of a glazing of a loggia is good the fact that it does not “eat“ its space. The profile from aluminum is completed with locks, systems of rollers, handles and sealants. The loggias and balconies glazed by the aluminum shape are well protected from rainfall and wind and give a lot of light. Temperature allows to keep seedling in them in already early spring, and at the end of summer it is possible to receive a harvest of the tomatoes and cucumbers. To glaze a loggia of 3 x 1,5 m in size the Spanish Provedal profile without finishing will cost about 500 dollars.

Excellent reputation in Russia received of a window from PVC . Usual PVC of a frame are not suitable for a balcony glazing - are too bulky. Producers do for this purpose the special facilitated three-chambered profiles with a single-chamber double-glazed window. Nevertheless it is possible to establish such frames only on brick or concrete protections. Shutters which open in the rotary way do small and have so that it was possible to wash glasses of deaf shutters. Depending on quantity of shutters, the square meter of PVC - a glazing can cost from 120 dollars. I.e. for a loggia zastekleniye without finishing of 6 sq.m in the house of the P44 series it is necessary to pay not less than 800 dollars.

The best option of a glazing of a loggia the bezramny glazing is considered . In it really there are no vertical racks and frames. It represents a solid glass wall. A basis of such design is the aluminum shape going on perimeter of a loggia or balcony. On it completely glass shutters 8 mm thick move by means of the roller mechanism. The shutter loggias as sheets of the book shifted to edges, develop inside where they can be wiped. The cost of such bezramny glazing of loggias and balconies is higher than aluminum. Depending on system and accessories the price of one square meter will make 200 - 270 dollars.

Whether it is necessary to glaze a loggia or a balcony and by what option, to solve to owners of the apartment.