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How it is easy to learn a foreign language? We use visual thinking!

Exist quite large number the technician of storing of foreign words: various options of mnemonics, poems, cards, special systems of repetitions, twenty fifth shot and other. However that technique which really helped me and which I use still is almost unknown to the Russian pupils. It is about use intelligence - cards (Mind Maps). The technology in itself intelligence - cards was offered by Tony Buzan and is applied in various areas - from making an abstract of lectures and books, before planning of projects and brainstorming.

Advantages of Mind Maps consist that they at the same time influence both hemispheres of a brain, presenting information in the form of images and words. Additional significance are attached to concepts by means of a font, the size and color of words, features of the branches connecting separate words, spatial distribution of concepts on a sheet of paper. Communications between concepts and the central image allow consciousness to perceive and remember intelligence - the card as something complete.

Intelligence - cards allow to structure and remember information easily. Everyone intelligence - the card has the unique appearance and characteristics thanks to what it is better remembered. Intelligence - cards are open structures which can be supplemented and specified constantly.

It is convenient to apply them to creation of the dictionary network intended for stronger fixing of foreign words in memory. With their help not separate words, but the whole groups of thematically connected concepts are remembered. The separate word can easily get lost in consciousness depths. It will be on the tip of the tongue, but will not escape outside in any way. If we place the whole network of the words clinging the friend to the friend in own memory, then one word which emerged in consciousness will extend also others, presented on one intelligence - the card.

In the course of learning of foreign words everyone can create own intelligence - cards and to apply them to repetition and self-examination. I will show you one of such intelligence - cards which created.

On this example it is visible that on one card thematically close words are collected. Whenever possible they are structured by means of the organization of several levels. Word meanings are presented in the form of pictures, and they are signed in English. At desire, it is possible to add a transcription of the English pronunciation. And here not to add the translation one Russian better that it as it prepotent, did not force out foreign words.

Having prepared such intelligence - cards you can put aside dictionaries or notebooks with the written-down words. There is no need to cut one thousand cards, and then to look for them on all corners of the apartment. The new way will allow to remember words quicker and more simply. From time to time checking sheets about intelligence - cards, it is possible to acquire strongly them, and then to take from own memory in case of need.

If for construction intelligence - cards special computer programs are used, then they can be unpacked on single sheets of paper and to supplement by hand, as required. It is possible to use them and as the replaced prompts of a desktop on the computer.

Probably, this way will suit not all. But to those pupils at whom the visual thinking is developed intelligence - cards can significantly help with assimilation and storing of material.