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Activity of the person


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal, for children

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

Activity value a role advantage has to be engaged the assessment gives

we weed need positive the best to define

is born to cause interest result to find incentive intellectual

physical creative intellectual

zpv the Best activity is born because of spirituality, morality, philanthrophy … lpzv If the person is not taught by

to love - his activity is destructive.

zpv Activity has to be caused first of all by ardent soul, but not cold prudent reason.

p the Person has to aspires not in that field of activity which increases his importance, situation in society, financial position - and that in which it will bring more benefit.

p Activity should not be compelled by desire to earn - she has to be called by requirement, interest, patriotism, philanthrophy …

pv If the person is not engaged in positive activity inaction and modern entertaining business push him on vicious and harmful.

p Aspiration of the person to pleasures should not prevail

over aspiration to activity.

pv the Pleasures which are not counterbalanced with activity - are pernicious.

pzv Pleasure from activity - the most hardy and useful. It should not be counterbalanced with work, it does not relax the person, does not lead to bad consequences, does not give rise to grief …

and Not all activity of the person dictated by

a modern civilization need is, and often even does harm.

and the Main assessment of activity of the person - children.

p In measurement of human activity have to be considered by

ways of its achievement. z Activity only the person can have


z Activity - conscious activity. z If the person something does

unconsciously - it is impossible to call it activity.

zd the Person is active at heart the.

and Activity - a life basis.

and Results of activity stimulate interest in life.

p Activity - distract the person from bad.

p the person who is not provided with field of activity - sours.

vd Activity - the person improves.

p Activity - a direct road fortunately.

pzd Without activity life - is not imaginable.

z Activity gives to life sense.

zpd Activity - the guarantor of wellbeing.

p Activity without desire - waste of time.

and Activity - a life fruit.

and Activity distracts from adversities.

and Any activity - is self-education. there is no

p Without activity - the personality.

p Activity lulls old defects and prevents to be risen by new.

pv Only activity - is capable to distract the person from a grief.

and Activity increases abilities.

and Activity does the person skilled.

Activity - the soil for wisdom.

Activity - expands knowledge.

Activity - significantly influences formation of outlook.

d leads the purpose To activity.

z Activity is generated by desire. need becomes

and Team to activity.

zd Activity in many respects depends on abilities and opportunities of the person.

p Activity grazes character.

and is ahead of activity the purpose.

and Activity becomes stronger interest.

and Inspires activity - idea.

z Activity is stirred up by rivalry.

p Envy - not the best incentive for activity activization.

and Activity extinguishes fear of a mistake.

and In creative activity of people does not repeat.

and Activity - does not admit an old age to the person.

and Intellectual activity continues to support vital sense in the old age weakened physically.

p is Not enough use from activity - not bringing pleasure.

p the active person on everything has time - it is not enough

only at idlers.

to Activity without creativity - that porridge without oil.

and the Enemy of activity - sexual concern. p Parents often direct to

children to that work, - which did not manage to be realized, without regard to their bents.

and the Person cannot estimate the activity - he can feel its importance only.

p to the Person who reached prosperity and not the person interested becomes rich, quite good option transition to activity less profitable, but more necessary for society is.

p Effect of human activity depends on need for it society.

and are Equally important all components of activity - whether it be preparation, execution or an assessment.

and In youth of people is engaged in cognitive activity, at mature age more - practical. and each person has

the individual activity.

and In activity of people is forgotten.

and Any activity - one and only.

p Got without activity not so valuable, joyful and stored.

p Activity - the best medicine.

pvzl the Person should not be the hostage at unloved, and even unhealthy activity, only, in order that will live - it is lower than human dignity. Having risen spiritually, having moderated requirements, having developed abilities, having expanded knowledge, having calculated forces and opportunities and having found interest - everyone is capable to have favourite activity.

p Favourite activity - is more pleasant than rest.

pz Desired activity gets married creativity.

p Favourite activity is easy, unloved - is difficult.

and Favourite activity - pleasure.

z the People who are engaged in favourite activity, as a rule, are more sincere, honest and benevolent.

and Favourite activity extends life twice.

pv Being engaged unloved activity, the person does not live.

and the one who seeks for activity on a holiday - has no everyday life.

z Lyubov to activity first of all relies on its importance.

pzv Favourite activity - the best diseases and sincere wounds medicine.

and activity Is bad if it it is joyful only in end.

and Many people of physical activity perceive the people who are engaged in intellectual activity - as idlers.

and One activity perceive as earning money - others as service to mankind.

pd Activity should not ruin health of the person - and whenever possible to improve it.

and Changes in activity refresh interest in it.

p has to seek to turn Any activity of people into creativity.

and Results of activity of the person is his face.

p Activity is capable to turn into the main vital pleasure.

and One of awards for activity - pleasure from the feeling made.

p Physical and cerebration, alternating - turn into rest.

and Activity - disciplines.

and Activity - banishes boredom.

and Activity - increases the importance of the person.

and Activity - defines situation in society.

and Favourite activity - turns into hobby.

and Bezdelye - bores, activity - banishes.

and is good when activity has no age limit.

z the best activity for the person that is which it is called. p first of all it is more expedient to

to build the activity Choice not on desires, and on abilities.

yu Activity of the fool - is worse than inaction.

yu Hands should not overtake the head.

yu is the most difficult to find activity to liking - to the idler.

yu At active people friends on work, at idlers - on inaction, at losers - by misfortune … fuller information on this and other 1200 subjects

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