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David Yang is the creator of ABBYY Lingvo, ABBYY Fine Reader....

Jan David Evgenyevich (on June 3, 1968, Yerevan) - the Russian IT - the businessman, the founder and the chairman of the board of directors of the ABBYY company. Father Chinese, mother Armenian, both physics by training.

The first 17 years of life, before receipt in MFTI, lived in Yerevan. Studied in the fizmatshkol No. 1 at the Yerevan university.

Graduated from faculty of the general and applied physics in 1992 in the specialty “Applied mathematics and physics“, having defended the thesis on the subject “Language of the Description of the DSL Dictionaries“. In 2003 defended the dissertation on OCR.

On 4 - m a course (1989) founded the Bit Software company in 1998 renamed into ABBYY together with the employee of IPTM Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Moskalyov. The most known products - system of recognition of the documents FineReader and the electronic Lingvo dictionaries.

Participates as the businessman in other projects:

Creation of the pocket communication computer for teenagers of Cybiko (Russia, the USA, Taiwan, 1998-2003)

of ATAPY Software (2001)

Founded the iiko company (“Ajka“) creating a control system of restaurants and hotels (2005)

FAQ - Caf é (2004), ArteFAQ (2007) clubs, Squat (2009), Sister Grimm (2009).

Educational fund Ayb (2005), Supervisory board of MFTI, Tumo (2006) center.

The edition “Big English - the Russian Lingvo dictionary“ - the two-volume illustrated edition in firm cover (2007).

June, 1989 - David Yang meets Alexander Moskalyov and suggests to create in common the electronic Lingvo dictionary for personal computers;

1993 - graduates from faculty of the general and applied physics of the Moscow physicist - technical institute, having defended the thesis on the subject “Language of the Description of the DSL Dictionaries“;

The end of 2000 - In 4 months from the moment of commercial release of Cybiko computers in the USA it is sold a quarter of one million devices.

2001 - the biography is included in the Who Is Who catalog in the USA.

2002 - it is recognized as “The technological pioneer“ at the International Economic Forum in Davos;

2002 - the winner of an award of the Government of Russia in the field of science and equipment;

2003 - defense of a thesis on the subject connected with computer recognition of hand-written texts;

2006 - the number of users of the ABBYY FineReader system in 80 countries exceeded 30 million people.

2007 - takes part in the edition “Big English - the Russian ABBYY Lingvo dictionary“ - the two-volume illustrated edition in firm cover;

2008 - is signed With the Planet of Hospitality company the contract according to which the iiko company automates by means of own iikoRMS and iikoChain technologies all restaurants “Sbarro“, “East Market“, “Viadzhio“ and “Bash - on - Bash“ in Russia (more than 130 enterprises);

David Yang is the author of a large number of publications and the owner of a number of patents, according to ratings of the specialized press is one of the most known IT - businessmen in Russia.


Interview of the chairman of the board of directors of the ABBYY company, one of initiators of the “ of Ayb “ project David Yang to the Moscow magazine “ANIV“.

David Yang: “ the Best will become business - angels and will return to Armenia

on January 12, 2011.

- What means concept of charity for you? It is a certain debt of the successful person to society or manifestation of the free moral choice?

is not two mutually exclusive properties of charity. Both takes place. The person differs from unsocial animal in what identifies itself with similar. Others pain and foreign pleasure become his pain and pleasure. Therefore charity - natural behavior of the person in society.

- Why you as the philanthropist give preference to educational projects? Whether you consider that the specific educational project in case of success can positively affect all education?

- Upon really turns out so that I give preference to educational projects. I participate in the board of trustees of MFTI, we with friends began the Ayb project. I participated also in other project in Armenia a little - “Tumo“. Probably, at anybody importance of the educational sphere does not raise doubts. The child, and then and the young man an environment forms. For me it is obvious that our achievements were caused by that Wednesday in which we were. We were made by Wednesday, in my case this Wednesday there was MFTI. But Physics and Technology faculty would not be if not the Yerevan fizmatshkola, and it is not if not my teachers to a fizmatshkola.

- Whether you consider that through education it is possible to give an impetus to development of all society?

- It is sure that yes. It is the absolute base of any society. No investments, any technologies will change society if they do not lay down on the soil of people, the society having traditions and aspirations. Probably, education is fundamental, primary here, but insufficient. Investors need the formed, qualified people. Investors will not come to uneducated society and if come, then money will be plundered. Educated society will more correctly raise a question of attraction of innovations, a transfer of technologies.

- Whether really in society with serious political and social problems to create an effective education system?

- In the USSR where the standard of living considerably lagged behind the West. There are examples when society owing to a number of the ideological and economic reasons has no sufficient welfare, but has achievements thanks to education. For example, Bangalore in India where countrywide welfare is rather low. However this region where business of education was put on the level of the national program, differs from other country markedly. As a result India exports IT - outsourcing of 40 billion dollars a year.

- You one of founders of Educational Fund “ of Ayb “, member of council Popechiteley of Fund. What in general approach of “Ayb“ to education?

- the Ayb Project initially began with graduates of the Yerevan fizmatshkola who understood that it was very serious springboard for further vital steps. Trying to repay the debt to school and to keep at it high education level, we suddenly faced that in case of need big investments many investors would not like to make investments in public school, without having control of their expenditure. The decision to create private school was the following step. But we saw that to invest in this school and to involve the best teachers of Yerevan means to weaken all other schools as it is a little such teachers. In the course of gradual development of idea we came to need to help all schools. There was a desire to plow this soil, to plant to it new seeds and to give the chance to the existing schools more successfully to adjust educational process. Only after this work we understood that we can try to create something special, without having appeared in opposition.

Our purpose was transformed to something bigger, than separate school. For this reason we began to create community, club, involving many people. We want to pour in a new stream, new energy in educational process in Armenia. The organization of private school - narrower task, though in itself too honourable and correct. But in that situation in which there is Armenia the initiative in the field of education in general is necessary.

On the one hand, we will pay attention to Ayb school, but results of work on textbooks, the Olympic Games, competitions, process of retraining of teachers or creation of conditions for experts from - for a boundary will be also applicable also to other schools, other projects. We do not think that we will master all this alone. In the course of public work on all educational field we would like to unite with other initiatives, other worthy projects and to continue our work together. Only collaboration will allow us to look at this process in a different way. Eventually, all of us should make so that quality secondary education was in the country prestigious that children realized why they should study sciences, to put experiences, to solder devices, to write programs under iPhone or iPad. They have to become graduates for whom wait with open embraces in the best higher education institutions of the world. If we offer such alternative, we will create such motivation at parents and children, in 5 - 10 years the same children, being already young specialists, graduates of the best higher education institutions in this or that quality will return to Armenia. They will be able physically to return if by this moment in the country already there are points of application for their talents and efforts. If it does not occur, they will create the companies abroad, will increase the competence there and will return to Armenia as venture capitalists, business - angels (so call the private investors making own investments in innovative projects. - Editor`s note) professionals will be created also by those points of growth which will give the chance to take the following step in development of society.

- What qualities the educated person today, except global competitiveness has to possess? Its residence and work in Armenia are how important?

- Today the world is already arranged in a different way. Physical presence is already not so necessary as earlier. It is very important to have the strong professionals and successful people attached to the historical homeland. They will find a way to revive it …

In business the active living position, leadership skills, ability to work in team are important, to delegate powers. In the innovative sphere the intuition, understanding of in what direction technologies develop are necessary. It is impossible to get intuition, sitting in Russia, Armenia or India. The intuition represents quintessence of a wide experience. A large number of the seen telecasts on a subject, the read magazines eaten on business - receptions of shrimps, talk in “Starbucks“ with people in the Silicon valley. To understand tendencies, it is necessary to be present at epicenter of events. In the Silicon valley, in Tokyo, Shanghai, in Israel, Finland, Singapore - where today new arises. Physical presence exactly there - at least, periodic is necessary. Nothing will replace it. To live, work, breathe this air, to hear talk behind the next little table of cafe. It is possible to realize new ideas remotely today, and it turns out much more effectively, than earlier. That is it is possible to develop both in Tula, and in Yerevan, and in Bangalore, and in Moscow. It is necessary to go much and to carry children that developers saw more.

- The question is in what stable patriotic motivations such mobile and enterprising people, highly qualified specialists connected in a necessary way with epicenters of events will have? Whether will weaken, fade sooner or later into the background of communication with the Homeland, especially in the conditions of fierce competition, a huge flow of necessary information, deficiency of time and forces?

- the Motivation connected with the Homeland is arranged thus: the more the Homeland gave to the person, the his roots are initially stronger. Over time the person, thanks to his roots, has a desire to return and to make something in the native land, but often it is insufficiently susceptible to it, cannot provide favorable circumstances for realization of his ideas. Further everything depends on the person. Some grow cold quickly, some break the closed door for a long time. I can see it on the example of the graduates of Physics and Technology faculty who went to the USA and anyway kept the relation to Moscow and Russia because they took place as professionals thanks to Physics and Technology faculty. They perfectly understand what springboard was for them Physics and Technology faculty. Those from them who wants to make something for the country benefit, having tried time and having seen indifference or lack of resources, grow cold though some do not grow cold long. In principle, the innovative area is arranged approximately as well as oil production in a subsoil, and a role of oil is played by human brains. And if in this region there is no “oil“, having carried out investigation and having grown brown several times, investors lose interest in the region.

If we create those schools which will give a basis for appearance of experts of a world class, at these people on average it will be necessary to return strong internal incentive to Armenia or physically, or for the period of implementation of the project. Especially as in Armenia in this sense of communication is much stronger, the initial internal attraction is much stronger, than in many other countries.

If, having returned, they see a cut of money at the level of the government if do not find on the place of enough the professionals capable to realize the project, they will lose a half of money, will shrug shoulders and will tell: well, it did not turn out.

Experts on the place is necessary much. To do serious work, tens and hundreds of thousands of people are necessary. In this sense the circle becomes isolated, and we come to education again.

Everything begins with the fact that at first we give to young people in Armenia high quality education, then we let out on free bread in higher educational institutions that they accumulated international experience, received understanding of world problems. The best of them will become presidents and vice-presidents of the large companies or will be able to base own business, to earn money and with this money in quality business - angels will return to Armenia. We see what interest, what desire to return and to make something our generation has. People from the following will return too. And it is important that they will see, having returned in 10 - 15 years - they will see a huge number of young professionals in Armenia. And they will give workplaces to these professionals there, in Armenia. Then any more not all should go abroad to accumulate experience. Already technologies, ideas and projects will return to Armenia, and laboratories in the field of genomics, pharmaceutics, IT, modern multimedia, telecommunication projects, three-dimensional animation will be founded there. At the level of everything, as for intellectual property and brains. And everything will begin. The similar story happened to Israel, Finland, Singapore. These are the small countries comparable on population to Armenia. And they created necessary conditions.

- How important you consider communication of the educational project with the social environment? Whether the project has to consider all its features, adapt to them? Or there are universal principles and standards which will work everywhere, and Wednesday will change under the influence of these universal principles underlain in the project over time? What has to be modern education for the Armenian? Does it have to differ according to the program, a technique, the organization of educational process from the best western samples?

- it is difficult to i to tell Me. I am not an expert in the field of education. I know that the father Mesrop Aramyan within the Ayb project spent a lot of time for studying of experience of the best world schools and educational projects. I do not believe that it is possible to make from scratch without thinking about international experience own the educational process, best in the world. And also I do not believe that it is possible to take a sample French, a nu - York, London school and under a tracing-paper to transfer it to Armenia.