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Why men do not want to work and earn money?

Let`s consider this question on the example of the married man.

Here, too, everything depends on the woman, that is on the wife.

If the wife loves the husband and wants that he went for work and earned money - means, it has to find a way to force the husband to work. If she does not want, and does not make for this purpose any efforts, except continuous washing of his brains, she means, simply, does not love the husband, or, is not rather clever or wise for this purpose.

There is a mass of ways which can force the man to become more active, say, so. All ways are for this purpose good: since a bed, finishing threats. Everything will depend on what of ways it all - will use. Will strike the pose “Ô“ and will demand for example: “Get up, and now go to work! You will not work, you will be left not only without sex, but also without dinner! Or, constant trakhanye of his brains. Or, all - “in an amicable way?“.

As for, of the first way that, the man will not suffer for anything to himself such imperative tone, especially from the wife.

Even if will seem at first sight that he obeyed, rose, and quietly left to earn money, then as soon as he earns them in quantity, sufficient for himself - will begin to zagulivat on - full, and then, at all will leave her to “another“. For what to it, eventually, it is necessary such if the same services what it renders to it - he is able to order to himself and on the party for money?

By the way, on this soil there are also often changes in a family: because of lack of mutual understanding and incomplete satisfaction of needs of each other of both parties.

We will give here, as an example, two situations from life where relationship in a family between the husband and the wife, well, is not glued in any way, from - for the fact that the husband was not so hot.

The first situation is when the wife dominates over the husband, in attempt to force it to earn a state, threats or blackmail. For example, when she declares to the husband: “There will be no money, there will be no sex!“, or: “If you do not begin to earn, itself should find other silly woman!“, etc.

For what, as a matter of fact, is necessary to it, such silly woman, really, if he begins to earn, is asked? He, in that case, will be able to satisfy all the requirements and on the party for money?

- “How for what?“ - women will ask, - to establish a family, to give birth to children. It cannot have children on the party from casual communications“.

- “Yes, cannot though it is not insured. But, children can and be adopted or adopted, eventually. Such act, even, is much more noble, than to have “own“ from such wife“.

Children from such marriage are anyway doomed.

Parents, in such situation, anyway, will disperse, and the child will remain with one of parents. So, such situation not favorable to it.

She should reconsider the relation to men .

The second situation - opposite to the first where relationship in a family, between the husband and the wife, well, is not glued from in any way - for the fact that the wife appeared not so hot. That is, when the husband dominates over the wife in attempt to force it to stay at home, that is - to be a housewife. For example, the wife declares to the husband: “I will not stay at home and to be engaged in a household! I work, and I have for this purpose neither time, nor forces, nor desire!“

How to be in such situation to the husband? There is a wish to eat that-.

The wife offers the husband alternative:

- “I can employ service personnel for in total for household chores - servants, for kitchen - the cook, and for children - the nurse“.

- “And you can, then, you will employ to yourself and the hunter that he hunted and brought a game that was from what to cook food - the cook to the house?“ - the husband offers.

- “To hiring!“

- “Then for what we are necessary each other both?“

- “As for what? - the wife asks, - to satisfy sexual needs of each other“.

And what here turns out?

It turns out what the husband is necessary to it only as the subject for satisfaction of the sexual requirements, no more?

Only one is not clear: why to it for this purpose - the husband?

She well-founded, can also quietly employ to herself and the lover including.

Such situation not really favorable to it.

It is better for it to hang itself, than to marry such candidate .

There is, of course, following, the third situation , not favorable to all family in general.

It when, each of parents are provided to themselves and live only for themselves, and the child - is provided to the nurse.

In such situation children, most often suffer from absence of parental attention.

Such situation not favorable to children.

Such situation is worse, than two other situations.

Such situation, in general it is even impossible to consider as a family .

Generally - the ideal structure of creation of relationship in a family between the husband and the wife - does not exist.

The following option is the most ideal: when he and she marry at once on achievement of majority, and without being still well-founded, and begin to build the life together, joint efforts, without regard to a material lack of a family.

For happiness, are not necessary, either material values, or money though life with money, is much more interesting and more colourful (this fact should be admitted), but at a late stage of the relations, and at an early stage, it is necessary that at both was: ability to be content small, mutual understanding and mutual respect. Plus to everything, belief, humility, a hope patience and humility each other. And then you really feel, rather, true taste of happiness. And the family will be full of harmony and idylls.

And as for second way : the trakhanye of brains of the husband from - for the fact that he does not work for you and is not earned by a state, there is a wish to notice to wives: “The husbands should not bang brains if they do not work for you and do not earn money. For a trakhanye to men it is given which - that another so, bang correctly and denzhishka will fall down. If you are not able to bang, then it is necessary to look for the reason“.

Men without the reasons do not stay at home (without money).

And the reason - in you, in women.

And, as for third way , it is necessary to tell that it is the best way at the solution of any problems, that is - it is necessary not to tell, and to hint the man “in an amicable way“ so that he wanted to rise and go to work and earn to himself a state, and, with big pleasure that he could answer, for example: “Yes, expensive, for you I will make anything“.

Wise women just also use it, the third of ways .