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Why the popular front is created? Personal war of Vladimir Putin

two weeks ago we did not know that all of us are waited by mobilization in again created popular front soon. Created at the request of only one person - the prime minister - the minister of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Emergence of a popular front has two aspects: political and military. From the political point of view creation of the similar movement not by opposition, but the government is Russian to no - Hau.

Around the world popular fronts were created against something. And only at us - for! For Putin`s plan, for uniform, from his point of view, Russia. And for his coming to power for 12 years.

So, creations of a popular front elementary race for power is the cornerstone. At first to win the Duma elections, then presidential. Then, when the front will not be necessary, and fronts long do not live a priori, will dismiss it. Participants of political battles will be thanked. Some will be given some privileges. Especially fleet and persons interested to snatch not put will send to clean latrines on a guardroom. Where will wet slowly.

All these potential allies of “United Russia“ in the aspiration to be at war do not understand with whom badly know history of the country.

What became with the parties which supported Bolsheviks after October revolution? Helped, became not necessary - to the Solovki.

Putin knows history of the country very well. And often uses the same methods, as his predecessors.

In creation of a popular front of the purpose and task of ruling class led by the prime minister - the minister are transparent and clear. The power at least for 12 years. How many during this time it is possible to extort oil and gas - even takes the breath away. Is what to fight for.

Representatives of the public organizations which ran on invocatory call of the leader of pack and confident that Akella will not miss, will hardly feel comfortably after presidential elections. They on the next same will not be necessary 12 years any more. Toilet paper is never used twice.

By the way, it is very curious how trade-union leaders of working class and business so quickly agreed to participation in a popular front? “Labor unions of Russia“, “the Support of Russia“ and “Business Russia“ did not ask opinion of the rank-and-file members in general. And yes what for? Created from above, they also support from below, faithfully looking in eyes to the leader. Perhaps that production will allow them to regale too. When itself it is sated.

Now about military aspect of a popular front.

Remember history. How fronts of times of civil war arose and disappeared? Several echelons and couple of armored trains - here will approach a junction station to you and the new front. Several months will do some fighting, took the trains, and the front disappeared.

That is to us tactics of times civil is offered. And this, I`m sorry, new division of the country on red and white. Soon to us will declare that voluntary inclusion in Red army is finished. The others are waited by either compulsory mobilization, or voluntary emigration, or the same Solovki?

Now about the name. The Kremlin creative producers could think up something less aggressive. Why at once “front“?

It seems that pripeklo. It is time to work impudently and resolutely. Masks are thrown off. National programs for housing and health of a pokherena. Zits - the chairman Fuchs stays in the chair the last months.

We are waited by propaganda posters of type soon: “All of you did not register in “Popular front“ yet? Then we go to you“!

And members of ER with cartridge belts around loins and machine guns of “Maxims“ take positions around the building of the State Duma, mail and telegraph in the Tverskaya.

And what? To be at war so to be at war! As V. I. Lenin spoke, going to Smolny on the night of October 25, 1917: “It is necessary to be got involved in a fight, and there we will look what will turn out“.

At that it turned out even for seventy years. What will turn out at V. V. Putin, will show “Time“ soon.

If only not Dance of little swans. Again there is no wish to listen to Tchaikovsky in anticipation of rough political changes somehow any more. And that as will begin to sound from screens of TVs forgotten long ago: “To couples - couple - frames - couple - a rara. To couples - Pham - Pham - Pham - Pham“ …

I “dropping a key, having pressed a loaf to a breast, you will enter home, and at home tanks“.

P. S. Vladimir Vishnevsky`s verses.