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Romantic thriller “Tourist“. How to have a rest in Venice with profit?

Are such bearded joke:

On the fringe of the forest, on a penechka the hunter has breakfast. On it the zdorovushchy bear comes suddenly out of the wood.

- You who? - the bear asks.

- I? - The hunter nervously looks towards the car where the gun lies. - I … tourist! there is no

- - the bear smiled, - I am a tourist. And you are the tourist`s breakfast.

For those who did not understand a joke. “The tourist`s breakfast“ - a tinned product, very widespread in the USSR, from meat of beef or pork. And speaking about meat, I mean meat and not that today push in banks. However, the story told in the picture “Tourist“ of the German director with a difficult surname Florean Henkel von Donnersmark and the more so to a joke has no relation to the aforesaid canned food. Though the fate of the main character performed by Johnny Depp everything is partly reminds unsweetened destiny of that hunter.

… It happened so that to nobody interesting and absolutely unnecessary mathematician from Wisconsin, traveling to Venice, meets the charming woman in the train. Little by little, and the couple appears in number of luxurious Venetian hotel where usual mortal the entrance is ordered. Moreover, magnificent Elise presented modest Frank the husband, arranged with him a romantic sit-round gathering, opened the heart and even presented a kiss for the night. No wonder that Frank with sudden happiness grew stout and decided that it at last had the happy ticket.

By itself, Frank was mistaken. Free cheese and furthermore the free dinner in the rich house with the beautiful woman is not a mousetrap any more, a trap is one game larger. As a game - the former banker of the criminal oligarch Alexander Pearce who stole 1,5 billion freely convertible money at the boss and disappeared in the unknown direction. Now on a tail at Pearce the authoritative code-bound criminal (Redzhinald Sho performed by Stephen Berkoff), the British authorities (presented by Paul Bettany and Timothy Dalton) and the former girlfriend who is the only communication with the fugitive and hope of creditors for indemnification.

It is rumored that Pearce in exile corrected to himself a face so now any man of his build can quite descend for the gone too far pilferer. Frank`s poor creature, by itself, learns about it the last when Sho`s helpers and agents from Foggy Albion begin to spoil to it mood from a trip, so concerning soul fibers. The situation is complicated by the fact that Frank, though the mathematician, is not alien romantic feelings and vtyuritsya at all in the mysterious fellow traveler … we Will begin

with the fact that “Tourist“ - a product stereotyped, and a remake of a picture of 2005 “Imperceptible“ with Sophie Marceau and Ivan Attal`s participation. Frenchman Gerome Sall also took part in preparation of the script for “Tourist“ though, I believe, and without it would cope. Tea, not the first time the European cinema becomes a substrate for the Hollywood blockbusters. And a result, by the way, too natural - Donnersmark`s picture very drearily swept in America, having managed to beat off the 100 - the million budget only in world hire.

The scenario is silly, dampish and sentimental. Did not do also without obvious stupidities, it seems for ears of pripletenny British intelligence agencies which allegedly search for imperceptible Pearce for failure to pay taxes. It is asked about what taxes can there be a speech if money was stolen from the semi-criminal owner of brothels and a casino? And why British are interested in the hitrozady banker more, but not criminal elements, like Sho and his Ukrainian mobsters? You know why? Because British got used to shelter any rich rabble. If only money in the country turned. The good, but veiled spittle towards London.

Not for the sake of an intrigue and the stolen millions there was audience on “Tourist“. Creators in a pack had much more powerful trump, than the twirled plot. On the screen for the first time merged in a uniform rush of the superstar of world cinema - Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. Yes, on their place there could be both Charlize Theron, and Tom Cruise, and even Australian Sam Uortington. But did not appear.

Jolie and Depp are not only serious incentive for a visit of movie theater, but also a solid piece of the budget, considering that both performers are less, than for twenty lemons of dollars, will not even read the scenario. Authors were ready that the female audience will be thrilled with the nice fellow Johnny and to wear shitty Jolie whereas the look of men clings to still smart forms of Angelina at the equal attitude towards Depp. In other words, minuses of a similar duet had to be compensated by pluses with interest.

What left as a result? Angelina Jolie acted as herself. The actress even had not to get used to an image because, I believe, such - slightly haughty, smart, successful in life and knowing the own worth - it also sees each other to the immediate environment, especially that who was not lucky to be born with an ideal figure and the lips inflated by nature. The servants attitude towards the goddess in a picture is emphasized obviously and intentionally that especially is evident in a scene on a ball where people around enviously peer at a back to the beauty, nervously thinking out an occasion in this back with irritation not to spit.

Johnny Depp was lucky less. In a break between the next exit of the captain Jack Sparrow it had to reincarnate urgently in the mathematician with a sincere wound and total absence of prospects. Depp is an actor cool, but whether the piracy essence was absorbed in a subcortex, whether twenty million fee do not attract the snogsshibatelnost any more... Depp played professionally, no doubt, but in a mimicry and gestures the captain`s manners - the scoundrel were unmistakably guessed, and even the affected modesty could not suppress the fact that, like the partner on a shot, Depp understands the value for this movie.

Happens that when the main characters play the violin too abstrusely and monotonously, on their background characters minor shine. Alas, in “Tourist“ and this template did not work. The heartbreaker Timothy Dalton strongly podryakhlet and does not cause former awe in female hearts any more, Paul Bettany too was nervous and too tried. Only, to whom was “to a star“ in the company of stars, so it is Stephen Berkoff to which in Hollywood not to get used to represent villains. He grew old since the time of “The police officer from Beverley too - Hillz“, but grew old elegantly, without having lost charisma.

Verdict: beautiful Venice, beautiful actors, the intriguing love story against millions and dangerous adventures. With only one exception. It is played and removed without soul. The final is rather predictable and the movie in general not strongly pleases with adventures. Authors went too far in the melodrama and close ups of the invited stars instead of forcing them not only to devour with the eyes each other, but to show to the audience what pay them such fabulous fees for. Depp at least partially pleased with pajama run across Venice, his partner the most part of a tape effectively wagged hips and clapped eyes.

The romantic thriller turned out disposable, having finalno summed up - the big love costs much.