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Distant work or How to earn, without being removed from the house?

Young mothers, students or just people who were tired to get up daily in 7 - 30, to drink on 2 cups of coffee and to shiver an hour and a half before boring job for which get by no means not so much as it would be desirable, perhaps, will open for themselves something new in this article.

Many for certain often reflected - and whether it is possible for really to earn on the Internet? I will tell you about fraud in the Network, about the one who such freelancers and what types the Internet - earnings exist.

For a start it is necessary to be defined what you wait from work on the Internet for: additional earnings or constant income?

If you want to have the additional income in the Network, then can earn the next ways:

- processing of e-mail;

- cliques for advertizing viewing;

- participation in the Internet - polls.

However as practice shows, such earnings it is insignificant it is small, and you will hardly have it to fill a full tank of the car or to buy new shoes (even in Tsentrobuv). For example, in two years of participation in the Internet - polls at me on the account collected the whole 150 rubles. Polls come infrequently, time to few months, and payment in 50 rubles for poll is considered high.

For advertizing viewing you too will hardly be able seriously to earn from cliques: the price for click - 1 cent, thus for 100 clicks you can earn dollar, and it is work very monotonous so you with a high probability will throw it in couple of days.

Before passing to the description of the acceptable income in the Network, it is worth warning you about Internet - fraud .

The swindlers wishing to extend your blood money in the Network - the sea is simple. The most widespread fraud - vacancy “typesetter“ . You are asked to type the text in Word from the scanned sources and offer for it considerable money. Skills any are not necessary; accommodation, age, sex - all this is unimportant for so-called “employers“. For this pleasure you need to bring only a commission contribution at a rate of 30, 50, 100 etc. of rubles for unclear services.

Remember!! Any employer will not ask from you money for employment for work. No matter, how many ask: you will not see work, as well as the money. Be careful!

Following fraud: MLM (financial pyramids). There are many projects in the Network (“Good luck“, “Lucky“ etc.) who promise you money practically for anything: you recruit people in this project, they enter your team, you “earn“ more and more money from the people attracted by you from each level of this pyramid. At the last level when on your account of 11 thousand, and you already plan where them to spend, the project just takes away suddenly your money - and all. So normal financial pyramids in Russia do not exist, as well as network marketing.

Actually there are a lot more types of fraud in the Network. The main thing, remember: never you pay anybody for employment, do not give the passport data and numbers of credit cards. Before agreeing to work, ask Yandex reviews of this company or about the employer and check on the websites “black lists of swindlers in the Network“.

And the most important even if everything is all right with the company and you do not ask to make investments, but already tomorrow promise the yacht behind a window on Maldives - it is “divorce“ too. Easy money does not happen, as if we wanted it.

So if nevertheless you were tired of work or on these or those circumstances are forced to stay at home - for you there will be several types the Internet - earnings.


In the Network is a set of the websites which represent communities of freelancers and, respectively, employers. Names of the websites: freelance. ru, free - lance. ru etc. The name “freelancer“ (from English freelancer - the free lance bearer, the mercenary) in figurative sense is meant by the free artist, in other words the non-staff employee. What are they engaged in? On such websites employers hang out announcements of type: “Urgently it is required to type the text, to decipher an audio recording in the text, to write course, the diploma etc. “ The copywriting and rewriting are considered as the most widespread types of works.

A copywriting - all - navsy writing articles for the websites on the Internet.

Rewriting - copying of articles on this source.

So if you have a talent or you are able simply, it is clear and beautiful to state the thoughts is for you.

However even in such business there are reefs: very much and there is a lot of freelancers on such websites, and it will be difficult to break through to the first task: it will be necessary to work initially in literal sense for kopeks: 10 rubles for 1000 signs - still decently to acquire own portfolio. But even such people will be much. Therefore it will be most productive to create the account PRO. Creation and support of the account paid, but many employers address such freelancers more often, than beginners. So to be put in this work or not - solve.

As still it is possible to earn in the Network? Work will always be in the Internet for developers of design of the websites, for web - developers, for raskrutchik etc. of

Ignorant people will long prove Creation of own project in the Network to you that to create the website very difficult that its support costs enormous money. Do not listen! Everything is much simpler: to create the simple, but beautiful website practically everyone will be able.

For me the most clear textbook on creation of the websites is this: ru (author Allenova Natalya). It is in free access on the Internet. There everything is painted so simply that according to this textbook even the person who for the first time sees the computer and the Internet - the browser will be able to make the website.

To buy a name in a zone “. ru“ costs 200 rubles for 12 months, and a hosting (the place where the website) for the website will be placed - the business card can be found also rubles for 80 in a month.

Of the websites inconceivable money takes him to Raskrutchiki for advance in search engines. However all these programs are so easy in use and are in free access on the Internet that a sin not to use them.

Think up something innovative, create the project, untwist it, exchange references with the same visited site and receive money from the advertizing seen by users of your website.

However you should not think that today you will create the project - and you will receive a lot of money already tomorrow. On good promotion of the website about half a year will leave, but 6 months are not such big term for creation of own business, let and on the Internet.

Good luck to you, also you remember: “patience... and once again patience“! In a different way in the Network in any way.