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Lemon on a window sill whether it is easy to grow up most?

to Get a beautiful evergreen tree on the window sill, very unpretentious in leaving it is very simple. If the plant which is grown up in nursery, in the greenhouse or from a shank demands laborious leaving, at the same time “getting sick“ and “being capricious“ at the slightest pretext, then the lemon, orange, tangerine or grapefruit tree which is grown up from sunflower seeds is adapted for your window sill.

So, one after another.

First of all, ordinary opinion on what the citrus which is grown up from sunflower seeds “wild“ - is not true. The plant quite house, will also fructify, a question in when. On the homeland of five - six summer trees begin to yield a harvest, but at us each adverse condition removes the vegetative period for several years. Light day not of 12 hours all the year round? Time. Humidity of air less than it is necessary? Two. (And in the winter, in a heating season so in general and too chilly and too warmly, and from a window blows). In a pot grows, not in soil? Rub. Well and so on. Thus runs years 15. But it does not frighten us, all the same a tree and in itself beautiful, and there and it is possible to impart, or most to practise, or to invite the expert.

Here you decided to grow up a green pet, I warn, a sunflower seed has to be put at once after you pulled out it from a fruit, differently will not ascend. Here literally will dry up, and will not ascend. The soil for landing preferably “easy“, I mix the earth from the mole hill with sand and humus, well it is quite possible to buy ready in flower shop now. The pot does not need to be chosen big, it is better to replace then a bit earlier a plant. It is not desirable to choose and too small vessel, the earth needs to be supported in a damp state, and in a small pot it is more difficult to follow it.

Dig several sunflower seeds, on depth in centimeter, water and wait for shoots. Stock up with patience, boring will appear not earlier, than in a month for now we talk about different types of citrus trees. The most graceful, with small dark leaves, this tangerine tree. In tangerines also the set of stones often meets. Following it in size of krone and the size of leaves - lemon, further orange and at last, grapefruit. Grapefruit trees well and quickly grow, starting up long branches with large leaves, but also sunflower seeds in big bitterish fruits come across less often.

So, your seeds ascended. Be not surprised if it is more rostochok, than seeds, from one sunflower seeds several plants, usually two - three can grow. It is possible to replace in separate ware at emergence of two leaves, besides do not incorporate big at once, it will be much more useful to replace a tree every year, choosing the subsequent pot on two - three centimeters are wider than previous. That the growing branches had your tree with beautiful krone, but not a long fishing-rod, more often and a bit earlier to a prishchipyvayta the top kidney, lateral will grow then. It is better to overturn a citrus not sharply, other party to light, and gradually, on several centimeters every week, to water moderately, the otstoyanny water (which stood several days in open ware that chlorine evaporated) in process of drying of the earth. It is useful is and spray water from a spray.

Following these simple rules, you receive the evergreen friend who will please you with the look all the year round, and especially in the winter.