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How there is a wish to marry, sometimes, and having married - to hang?

the Man went and found a money.

Put in a purse, the whole year protected it.

Could and spend at once, but as if the reason grew dull. Everything was afraid to lose

or who, having found out - to take away.

The wife, having learned about “saving“, wanted ornament.

the Husband, having been greedy, squabbled, than provoked the spouse.

Inflamed quarrel by the night. Spat to it in eyes.

The husband did not sustain offense, he had other types.

there was not enough only patience - strangled, without regret.

A when recovered, to a deng that, did not find.

Acquaintance, courting, love, marriage, children, problems, disappointment, scandals, quarrels, divorce, alimony.

Schemes there is a lot of and, of course, the reasons for marriage or divorce too enough. Having fallen in love, not wishing to lose the beloved, you marry, there are children, pleasure immense for one, turns around in a grief or suffering for others. Most often change, unhealthy jealousy, impossibility to have children one of spouses, harmful addictions, mutual unreasonable claims, the psychological incompatibility connected at all not with contrast of characters, and with inability to build the relations, to find in common the solution of problems are the reasons for divorce.

Often, the excessive attention to a material aspect of a question, leads to the mutual claims reaching a rupture of the relations. Different social origin and financial position, ignorance of one of spouses or narrow-mindedness.

Carefully hidden shortcomings, are found, become intolerable or intolerant over time.

Ability is correct to build the relations in a family, is connected with role duties which need to be distributed and executed correctly, and it occurs at the subconscious level more often.

But there is also a lack of any reasons leading to a rupture of the relations. Here so, neither from this, nor from that. It is a special case. First of all, it is irresponsible relation in decision-making to establish a family, anything not based on, except as, than we it is worse or not such as everything, familiar peers already got married, and we too, it seems as, not on a garbage can were.

Why one manage to live in joint marriage all life, and others have enough only a month? The love not always accompanies long marriage, it can be as fleeting, and to proceed many years. It is one of feelings which can appear, become aggravated, blur and concentrate. There are many ways how to prolong this feeling, to preserve, keep and strengthen. But not always the love is fundamental for creation of the relations.

The attachment based on mutual sympathy, devotion and mutual respect, and also mutual aid, a community of interests, the purposes and tasks can keep the family relations even for bigger term, than based on love. This feeling, so similar to love, but absolutely other order is not familiar to much, at all.

And happens so, as there is even no attachment, and just flight from loneliness or the solution of household or housing problems. The marriages based only on mutually advantageous conditions, pursuing the aim to increase the joint capital are frequent or to achieve situation in society. Career, fiction, facade, even just deception of one of partners by another.

For the woman most important and significantly in time to marry since beauty which they possess is not eternal. Not all manage to keep it for many years. It is connected with physiological features, with addictions, the wrong or unhealthy way of life, besides, it is much more women, than men and life expectancy they have more too. Therefore for women even more becomes important to give birth to the child that was about whom to care and for the sake of whom to live, and in old age to count on though some, participation, not to mention the help.

For many women of circumstance develop so that they so never are only someone`s mistresses, and not chosen as keepers of the center. Not always on their fault. It can and is better, than to remain absolutely lonely. Who all - cannot establish a family, try to adapt, be reconciled somehow with destiny, but I do not think that they can consider themselves happy.

Many, not allocated with sufficient mind, make fatal mistakes, snubbing, tormenting, making constantly a complaint and discontent to the elect, disperse, never subsequently having managed to marry again. Grieve, accuse all men, become man-haters. It is possible to tell about men most too.

Often even domestic crimes are committed that is absolutely unacceptable. Inability not only to constrain the emotions, to get out of impasses and to leave from conflict, and, on the contrary, to aggravate them on accruing. Hatred, aggression, suspiciousness and terrible, on the outcome, jealousy, lead even to suicide or murder.

First of all children whose vulnerability in such situations becomes indisputable suffer from the conflicts and misunderstanding. Children often side with the offender and responsible for the conflict, in force not only attachments, love, but also inability of adoption of the correct decisions, being dependent. It is a lot of dysfunctional families in which only one of parents is engaged with education and providing. Men are most irresponsible, selfish and cruel to the offsprings. Very many of them evade from payment of the alimony or pay the scanty sums, hiding the true income. The state is not able to deal with this problem even in the far future. What remains? To get out and only. Can be necessary to create some special service exposing evading or to designate more rigid punishment. But often to understand the true reason for the created situation and to find really guilty, it is not possible.

Not everything is so hopeless. People study on good examples, it is good if parents. And to bad, is not necessary in advance prepares, otherwise the marriage loses meaning initially. But will not prevent to be provident, attentively estimate the elect, you do not hurry to connect the relations by marriage bonds, study each other and do not forget to get acquainted with parents of everyone better. History can repeat in accuracy.

Conclusion: it is impossible to divorce without having married and if married, means be ready to everything. It did not manage to be warned - bring up and provide not only yourself. You cannot - a penny to you the price, ask about the help, you do not want - get divorced or hang. Made the wrong choice - look for in yourself a hitch or yourself replacement, were mistaken in you - not subtly. What fought for, on that and ran. Minute of weakness - a day of reckoning, and even all life. Married - yet does not mean that became the man. Married - only one problem less. Everything cannot be provided, but it is possible to try not to be mistaken. It is possible to forgive, and it is possible not to lead up before. Emptiness in family life somebody can fill another, it is necessary to you?