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How the EUROPE group wrote the hit “The Final Countdown“?

Admit at once. Never EUROPE and style glem was a fan - metal not especially disturbs strings of my soul. And here the song “The Final Countdown“, as well as millions of my compatriots, very much I love. These are only musical critics appreciate songs some experimental finds, or it is intellectual - a social message. It is necessary to the ordinary listener that the song concerned him, clung, and not to take away it from the song “The Final Countdown“ (“A final countdown“).

Passed 25 years, and it still flows from screens of TVs, breeds in the form of covers, rings mobile ringtones...

Though the song also appeared in 1986, its history began much earlier, and began with the well-known sintezatorny riff which can sing any of you.

About writing of this riff many rumors go. Somewhere even wrote that the vocalist of EUROPE - Joey Tempest, being still a young Swedish fellow Rolf Magnus Joaquim Larsson, heard this melody in a disco during laser show.

Actually it is precisely known that Joey consciously strummed this riff on a synthesizer in 1982. So this “draft copy“ in a cushion also became dusty if the bass player did not suggest to turn “a tuda - here - du!“ in something more serious. It is necessary to tell, quite often happens that in the song written on the basis of a riff there is nothing good except this riff and. But here, it is necessary to pay tribute, everything turned out organically and wonderfully well.

Amusing the fact that the keyboard player Mick Mikhaeli at record mixed two timbres (from synthesizers “Yamaha“ and “Roland“), and subsequently could not receive just the same sounding. It was necessary to use samples...

However were in group and dissatisfied. The guitarist John Norum already grumbled concerning emergence in their ranks of the keyboard player, and having heard so disco melody at all protested against “Final Countdown“ let out in the form of a single. Actually, it for this role was also not planned, otherwise would make shorter. A single wanted to make another - more r by about kovy - the song of the outlined album - “Rock the night“, but Joey Tempest (I suspect that with assistance of CBS label) insisted on “Final counting“.

Also was not mistaken. In 1986 the single “Final Countdown“ deafeningly shot, having occupied 8 - e the place in a hit - parade of the USA and having been sold out in eight-million circulation. CBS had no more sold single before. As was not after ABBA of such success at the Swedish group, let and singing in great and mighty English.

The subject for a song arose in Joey`s head under the influence of other space hit - “Space Oddity“ - David Bowie`s authorship. The text of “Final counting“ appeared not so gloomy, but too rather dramatic and not so cheerful as can seem.

We depart together,

But all this still farewell.

I, maybe, we will return

On the earth who knows?

I think that there is nobody to blame. whether

We leave the earth

there Will be everything how before?

Is the last countdown.

Last countdown.

We fly to Venus

I is proud we look forward.

Perhaps, they saw us

I welcome all of us?

Very much ahead of light years

I so much it is necessary to open.

Ya it is sure that we will miss very much it.

Is the last countdown.

Last countdown...

A in the USSR at this time the youth was with might and main given short weight by wristlets and chains, expressing thus mass love to hev - to metal. And here on TV screens (!) there is EUROPE and the pretty girl Tempest - with a wave in the latest fashion, all in skin and dexterously rotating a microphone rack. As far as I remember, the clip of EUROPE for the first time appeared in some of new evening programs like “Look“. Therefore when in 1987 the “Swedish “ Jacob`s Ladder “ on a Visit at “ Morning Mail ““ program was broadcast, I, as well as many, clung to the screen to behold EUROPE. Executed in that program “Final Countdown“ together with the ballad “Carrie“ and remained the most known works of EUROPE on the one sixth land.

Musicians do not consider themselves as “group of one song“ at all. And it is quite not unreasonable.

D. Tempest:

“... it is not true. In my opinion, it is rather problems of radio and television which, unfortunately, too often twist the same songs. On seven plates, I mean both plates of EUROPE, and solo, there were always at least couple of songs which became hits both in Europe, and in the USA“.

Drummer Jan Hauglund:

“... from - for “The Final Countdown“ we are considered as group of one hit, but if we wrote the same songs, but did not write “The Final Countdown“, then we would be considered as group of at least ten hits“.
the Hit which brought the first grain of contention in ranks of EUROPE this group also reunited subsequently

. The participants of EUROPE who long ago went to solo creativity asked to execute “Final counting“ at celebration of the Millennium - this song in the last minutes 2 - go the millennia very symbolically sounded.

By the way, in two years before Dieter Bolen impudently peredrat the well-known sintezatorny riff for the song MODERN TALKING “We take the chance“ for what the offended EUROPE, in my opinion, could - receive material compensation.

The infectious melody even unexpectedly (and it is obviously casual) got into the introduction of the song “Gone With The Wind“ of 1999 of BLACKMORE`S NIGHT group which generally was under construction on a melodics of the Russian song “Polyushko - the Field“.

Whether it is worth speaking about quantity of covers on this song? And if to speak, then certainly It should be noted excellent gloomy - electronic treatment of “The Final Countdown“ of LAIBACH group from an album of “NATO“ of 1994