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Why the song “Like a Rolling Stone“ was declared the greatest song of all times? To birthday of Bob Dylan

When in 2004 the American magazine “Rolling Stone“ published the “500 greatest songs of all times“ list, I as the person curious, did not regret time to hear out these five hundred compositions. At the same time I had more than once feeling of bewilderment when I did not find in the list of such great groups as PINK FLOYD or DEPECHE MODE. And it became clear to me that this hit - parade - first of all a cut even not of English-speaking, but purely American culture. Ignorance of language is finally capable to deepen this bewilderment.

Therefore it is absolutely no wonder that the one who is considered by one of the greatest songbooks of America, for many of us only the ordinary uncle who gnusovato tells something under often artless guitar searches. Bob Dylan`s greatness to our mass listener is as unclear as Vladimir Vysotsky`s greatness - to the listener English-speaking. Too something growls Russian under three chords...

was lucky “translators“ More - Boris Grebenshchikov and Mike Naumenko`s many songs - only talented citing (and sometimes and a tracing-paper) Dylan`s creativity. And an ancient hit of the CRUISE group - “As it is boring to live without light fairy tale“ - in fact a variation on Dylan`s song “I want you“. And Egor Letov just directly quotes the song “Like a Rolling Stone“ at the end of the composition “Take an overcoat“.

Some western critics still write that fate - music turned from a genre into the cultural phenomenon how BEATLES met Dylan - and in direct, and figurative sense. Bob not only taught to smoke the Liverpool four marijuana, but also taught them to treat lyrics seriously. It turned out that power fate - rhythms, the bequeathed Presley multiplied by melodism of BEATLES and built in poetic degree of Dylan increases repeatedly.

Also Dylan understood it. The way to glory it began not in a genre fate at all - music. And was not at the beginning of any Bob Dylan...

And there was a grandson of the Jewish emigrants (his grandfather and the grandmother arrived to the USA from Odessa) - Robert Zimmerman who was born on May 24, 1941 in the State of Minnesota. The family was poor until the father opened small furniture store. But by then family business caused in Robert only disgust. Songs of folksinger became his passion. And soon the young man ran away from the grown hateful work directly to “Mecca“ of this music style - to New - York Greenwich - Villidzh.

It is necessary to tell that folksinger held a specific place in the American music. With a big stretch they can be compared to our bards. The same acoustic tools, the same social implication in songs. . However, they considered the creativity truly national, them copyright did not worry and they with contempt separated from “selling“ the priest - music.

Young Zimmerman subdued folksinger quickly enough - at first unusual sharp colloquial manner of performance, and then fine texts where the social orientation never suppressed actually poetry. Not without reason and the pseudonym Robert chose in honor of the favourite poet Dylan Thomas. Many of early songs of Dylan became anthems of a protest - “Blowing`In The Wind“ (“The answer carries wind“), “to A Hard Rain`s a - Gonna Fall“ (“the Heavy Rain Will drop out“), “The Times They Are Changin`“ (“Times, they change“)...

But representatives despised by folksinger fate - the directions already greedy glanced at Dylan`s creativity. The BYRDS group executes Dilanovskaya “Mr. Tambourine Man“ also tries to obtain tremendous success. Not the smaller success waits also for ANIMALS from well-known “House Of The Rising Sun“. “Same the national song“ - experts will tell. So that it so, but for the first time widely popular it became in Bob Dylan`s interpretation.

While fate - the culture appropriated Dylan, Bob mastered fate - culture. Experiment cost to it much. When in 1965 on a scene Newport folk - a festival it was before eyes of folksinger as a part of electric group are pure, to indignation of listeners there was no limit. Still - their hero and hope was in a folk shrine with “shameful“ electric guitars! Whistle and shouts “Traitor! Judas!“ forced Bob to turn pale, but from the chosen way he did not curtail. In the same 1965 he writes down composition which later and will be called nearly forty years “the greatest song of all times“.

The song “Like a Rolling Stone“ was written literally in one day and at first reminded a waltz more. Expression of “Rolling Stone“ (“The sliding stone“) is almost similar to Russian “Roll - the field“, that is, means the tramp. And in the venomous text of this song the speech really goes about the vagabond who once was the spoiled vainglorious girl, and now saw life from the unknown and unattractive party. In a word, “As to you - to fall from princes in dirt?“.

Once you put on is so found by

You threw a trifle the beggar from the heights, isn`t it?

People rustled, speaking “Carefully, the beauty,

will slip“.

A you thought that all banter at you.

I itself laughed at those who have something not so. Now you tell

not so loudly

Now you seem not to such proud

I is already ready to steal to support itself.

You went to the best school, well, you understand

of Ms. Odinochestvo

I - you cooked in this juice where Nobody ever taught

you how to live on the street

I now you should learn it, to get used to such life

You said that you will never enter the transaction of

With the mysterious tramp, but now that you understand that He - does not sell to

an alibi

I you look in emptiness of his eyes

I ask it “well - will deal with me?“

You never paid attention,

to disapproving looks of jugglers and clowns,

When they showed the tricks

You never understood that it does not make sense

It is impossible to allow to others to be answerable for himself. You dissected

on the chromeplated game with the familiar diplomat

On a shoulder of which the Siamese cat sat.

I unless is not heavy it when you understood,

That you do not interest it any more,

After it took from you everything that could pull down.

The princess in a tower and all these lovely people

Drink, thinking that they will achieve everything,

Is simple exchanging valuable presents and we designate

But it is better for you to remove the diamond ring and to put it, the child

Usually you were so amused by Napoleon`s type in a tatter and his speech

of Idi to it, he calls you, you cannot reject it

When you have nothing - you nothing to lose, You is imperceptible and you nothing to hide


What it is

to be

in itself not to have roofs over the head?

to be everything others

to be as the sliding stone?

the Combination of good poetry with powerful fate - N - rollny bit brought to this composition fast (and as it became clear long-term) success. Did not prevent even it nearly 6 - minute duration. Even producers of singles which did not dare to let out on song “forty-heels“ more long 3 earlier - x minutes crawfished.

The risk was more than is justified.

the single “Like a Rolling Stone“ left on July 20, 1965 in sale and just the hit - parade flew up on top, without having managed to throw off from a pedestal only the single “Help!“ radiant and in those days absolutely invincible BEATLES.

Marriage of good poetry with fate came true. The dance music singing about boys and girls cracked a teenage shell and in the second half of 1960 - x blew up bright fireworks in a culture firmament.