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What is incentive for development for men?

the Answer to women on a question: “Why men cannot provide them with money?“

One of postulates of worldly wisdom says:

While the man does not marry some girl, he will never find a peace of mind, that is - will not be able to follow a true way. Even if he will also try very much, itself, independently, without the aid of the third party, to be exact - wives to follow a true way, then he will never be able to make it. Even if will be able, then it, surely, will sometime lose it, that is, it will not be able to be steady in observance of all instructions of the religion, as if he did not want it internally, yet does not marry. Of course, in case he suddenly does not become a monk.

And women - can. Well, on that they and women!

Why men will not be able?

Because for them incentive for development in life are - women, and for women - money. It is the fact.

Men have to earn money to stimulate with it women and to earn money - women, in turn, have to stimulate men in order that men could answer them with the same.

And what women can stimulate men with? - in a word.

Bigger it is also not necessary for the man from the woman.

It is possible to tell also on another:

The woman is created to feign the man to development, and the man - to reciprocate to her.

Women who demand that men at first stimulated them with money in order that they could answer them with the same are it, to put it mildly, “prostitutes“, so to say.

Money without incentive is not made.

Men who make money without incentive are, one and all potential “lady`s men“ who “buy“ to themselves this “incentive“ from “indecent“ ladies subsequently, or prefer to buy nothing at all if it is the noble man.

Without incentive only women without “ulterior motives“ can make money to themselves that actually and do everything: money earns, stimulating themselves, and then, complains of men, earning money, women - break it a course of nature. One proceeds from another. It is the law established by the nature.

The woman has to, at first stimulate the man with the kindness, tenderness and care in order that the man had forces, desire and inspiration on going shooting and getting “food“, that is - to earn money. To men the incentive for this purpose unlike women is important.

Women are stimulated by money therefore they also seek to earn them, without needing men and without being content with what is earned by men, and men - women for whom they, in principle, also earn this money (if earn). But, as women ceased to need them (money) from men, and men, respectively, steel are irresponsible. This, one to one.

In order that the man worked and earned money, he needs forces for this purpose as moral, physical, and spiritual, and as a source of these forces for the man, serve - women therefore it is important that women at first stimulated men that men, in turn, could answer them with the same, otherwise, men to wean from the duties soon - will descend from a true way, or from mind from a grief, or, will descend from the earth, as they say:

“Stop the earth, I will descend, bothered to talk nonsense“.