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What the Russian men so strongly love sour cream for?

First of all , at the Russian men even hold apart a breast with pride of the power - sour cream is considered our national product. And unlike Europe where sour cream appeared only after World War II and where it is validly called “the Russian cream“, in Russia already davny - long ago regaled on this fermented milk product.

In - the second:

to the Russian men it was always pleasant to b and all will be pleasant natural and sound (made on real “concepts“) - that dense weight which in old times was “swept away“ (removed spoons) after fermentation of cream, and there is a sour cream. Real sour cream. And cream is what is merged from milk after its upholding.

But we will be indulgent to slightly refined Europe - we, Russians, nearby, and if that, we will surely prompt and we teach.

In - the third: on pleasure to men the Russian women sharp-sightedly watch quality of sour cream … For example, they for certain know that by production of sour cream cream skvashivatsya by special bacteria and that the quantity of such bacteria for the end of an expiration date of sour cream has to be not lower than 10 million on 1 gram in any way.

Before buying sour cream, women attentively study information specified on packing. Does not confuse them that as a part of sour cream there are such components as thickeners (starch, gelatin), stabilizers (karraginan and others), phytogenesis products (for example, vegetable fats, soy proteins). Does not confuse because they see - before them a so-called smetanny product.

The Russian women carefully warn the men about quality of sour cream and smetanny products. Knowing that sour cream is appreciated the special unique taste (true sour-milk aroma) and high nutritiousness and not to afflict the beloveds, they the first taste it.

The Russian men are always quiet when their women choose sour cream - though ways of falsification and simple deception of buyers much, but will not spend the Russian: she knows that presence of cottage cheese at sour cream, for example, can be defined, having dissolved a sour cream spoon in hot water. Pure sour cream does not leave a sediment.

It is pleasant to men that the Russian women know about sour cream practically everything … Rouse the Russian in the middle of the night, ask: “What all - can be added to sour cream?“. And it, without opening eyes (did not wake up still), will answer kindly: “As additives it is authorized to use other products only of a dairy origin. But it will not be the real sour cream any more“.

In - the fourth:

to the Russian men very much it is pleasant to b that sour cream, as well as at cream, has no products, incompatible with it. Men are almost happy - the vegetables painted in red color (carrots, red pepper, tomatoes) with the high content of pro-vitamin A (a beta - carotene), much better at them will be acquired if to flavor them with sour cream.

Who - who, and men in Russia are a good judge of the dishes flavored with sour cream. For example, borsch, okroshka, pelmeni, pancakes, salads are simply inconceivable without it. Men also perfectly prepare - they without effort reproduce recipes of sauces from various recipe-books, adding sour cream at the end of preparation.

The man is hungry?. It does not matter, a glass of sour cream - and the man again in a system. Sour cream as an independent dish quickly satisfies hunger. And all because besides fat in the form of small droplets which are easily acquired by an organism in sour cream there is a lot of calcium and vitamins, especially fat-soluble - And yes E.

There is no event for the hungry man more joyfully, than the nobility: due to activity of useful microorganisms sour cream is vitamin-rich groups B!

Fat sour cream perfectly replaces oil at preparation of sandwiches - men too well know about it. Know also that there are special kinds of sour cream - acidophilic (it is prepared on special ferment) and biosour cream (with addition of so-called pro-biotic microorganisms). Men like such attention to them, be going to pass they to dietary food.

In - the fifth (the most important!): according to ancient man`s legends, behind sour cream strongly consolidated glory as to the means lifting “the man`s force“ on due height. I will not be surprised if the man who is regularly using sour cream instead of alcohol looks forward nights to love beloved heartily.