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Why the woman changes or leaves the man, even when loves him

the Man does not know that it means to the World and

of the woman much less, than Lyubov. the Man forgets

that it part of God, but not all


Perhaps, it is all about love? At its presence or absence at the relations.

Perhaps, the reason to live in an opportunity for the woman the life, having executed Divine Providence, or in lack of such opportunity near the man?

The woman who does not love and lives from calculation - the most reliable wife. It will never leave, certainly while you feed her while it has what she agreed to herself once to. She understands why to it this man. It has a motivation - financial security for it and her future children - here the main and most common cause of such unions. She understands for the sake of what she is ready to suffer the husband`s whims, his neglect, its changes, including.

There are two bowls of scales. And so far on one of them - fear to be left without kopek, fear of beggarly existence of children and situation deprived of civil rights in society - on another only disrespect for it from the husband, impossibility of self-realization - yes generally, real nonsense. Why to it all this if it has a status of the wife of the successful person?

It is very easy to operate relations of this sort - they are predictable. It is enough to buy expensive gift to the wife - and she is already sure that it is loved, and everything is remarkable. Was tired to smother in itself indignation - perfectly, here to you round to Bali. Relax. Have a rest. Also come back to me to continue to live my life. There is no yours just. Forget about it. Do not strain. Relax.

But here other format of the relations. When the woman sincerely loves

, she begins to realize herself, she begins to realize Lyubov as fundamental part of the world. Love as an opportunity to be or not to be.

When the woman lives with a sincere heart, sooner or later she understands that Lyubov is more, than the specific man, it is more significant, it is stronger.

If the man is not ready to accept love, it is not an occasion to kill Lyubov in themselves.

It is possible to continue to be in love, to follow its laws and then there is a chance to fall in love and accept the whole world, entirely. To fall in love at once with all people on the planet, in any case, to fall in love with all flora and fauna of the World.

And to be happy with the person who is capable to give and accept.

With the person who follows the same laws, laws of Love. With the person who recognizes in himself a part of God and sees it in the spouse.

The woman unconsciously begins search of such man. But it is frequent, having wishful thinking, gets confused in the new relations, running into the same rake, receiving the next blow to a head. to It it is inconvenient to

to ask the man about his true intentions, about his desires. It looks indecently. And who to you so just will lay out everything even if you will ask directly. It is what sits a nail in a poor wretch of the woman. Prevents to sleep. Doubts, doubts, doubts Loves - does not love. Guess on a camomile. Deadlock? there is no

At all!

Simply wrong statement of a question.

Here if you want, the correct question.

Whether that etomuzhchina?

If that, is not present a reason for tears any more. You get support, and you become a support.

you together for the rest of life. So far the death will not separate you.