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Why official marriage - the evil? To

(pra) Parrying the subject “Why a Civil Marriage - the Evil“

Again I come back to this subject. I and really so consider: official marriage under the modern anti-man`s and anti-family Family code - the evil . This my opinion and as specialist in family consultation, and as person, some time being in official marriage and nearly fifteen years enjoying an official holostyachestvo.

Modern OFFICIAL marriage has no relation to a traditional patriarchal family, and the kind of matriarchal cohabitation, means of suppression and a robbery of men represents . For the man registration of marriage according to the current legislation - sheer adventure with almost guaranteed failure.

What is received by the man in modern official marriage?

Fidelity of the wife? - NO.

It even formally is not provided by the legislation. It is impossible to make fooled around NOTHING.

A change even on official polls ok 70% of wives.

Children? - with a high probability it will be deprived even communication with children after divorce. To 30% of children are born not from lawful husbands. After divorce of 60 - 70% of women actively interfere with communication of fathers with children, and there is no effective official way to pacify ungirdled from impunity of bitches.

Confidence in tomorrow? - NO!

80% of marriages, 4 of 5 statistically break up!

Safety and enhancement of the means? - NO!

Extortionate division “in common“ acquired, loss of real estate, the enslaving uncontrolled alimony, blackmail and extortion by children are most probable.

The guaranteed safe sex? - NO!

It is full of men who in marriage of sex do not receive.

According to the estimates of experts the average American refuses to the partner of 127 times in a year, that is almost every other day. Similar data on Holland. From these refusals of the woman of 67 times “dodge“ a headache, 28 - fatigue, and 32 more attempts of rapprochement are stopped by phrases “another time“, “I already sleep“ etc. 90% of women admit that the most effective way to revenge the partner - a suspension of “access to a body“. Let`s correlate these data with average values on the frequency of occupations by sex. French, statistically, go in for them 152 times a year, Americans - 149 times, Russians - 135. Let`s compare to number of refusals 127 and we receive that on one sex we have one refusal! Simply ladies use sex as the instrument of training of men. Pleased - gave. Did not please - did not give. This phenomenon still carries the name “sexual blackmail“. The method is not new. Ancient females a hominid in prehistoric herd used it to force srednerangovy males to feed up themselves.

Comfort and health in family life? - NO. are exposed to

of the Man psychological (and it is frequent also to physical!) to violence from wives. Supermortality of men is explained by CONSTANT stress. The family stopped being for the man the vacation spot, it is the arena of one more war. The woman in a modern family - a source of constant psychological violence.

80% of official marriages break up! In 75 - 80% of cases the initiative of divorce proceeds from the woman. What it speaks about? And that official marriage under SUCH laws - is matriarchal perversion, means of a robbery of men .

In a parasitic family one marriage partner completely provides activity of another. Most often the man with a low self-assessment provides the dominating woman in exchange for strictly dosed sex. Happen also occasionally and the return options, like keeping by the woman of the gigolo, the alcoholic`s husband, etc. For lack of rigid regulation by the religious tradition of the relation of the man and woman fulfilled for centuries in marriage inevitably roll down on irresponsible level: “who whom deceived, that and the good fellow“. Therefore the majority of modern marriages are in a varying degree parasitic.

From the biological point of view modern matriarchal parasitic marriage - is unnatural and silly . The matriarchal state takes a biological and hierarchical position of the leader of amorphous herd - the state. At the same time this virtual leader carries out a role of the substitute leader of hierarchy of each family. The woman is as if married to the martiarkhalny state - the leader. The state feeds up her, taking away money from men, giving her stable work in public sector, in authorities and protecting it before the private employer. The nizkorangovy weak ineffective and irresponsible man for its pro-forage is also allocated to it. Serf husband. By means of educational, propaganda, legal and retaliatory systems the state forces the serf husband to provide the woman and her posterity. If this serf husband does not maintain and runs away, the state pursues him and beats out from it money as the alimony. The legal system of depriving at the man of his income and property in favor of the woman is for this purpose created. But not children as the woman disposes of the means which are taken away from the man at own discretion. The man`s rank in family hierarchy artificially is established as low. For this purpose deprivation of the husband of the right for sex with the wife and the rights to oppose the physical force to psychological terror of the wife is legislatively fixed. Therefore the wife is in the steady mode of domination. And as the samochny instinct feels the state as strong, reliable and generous leader. And this virtual leader keeps in awe and obedience of her nizkorangovy serf husband which all the time tries either to crash out, or to sabotage orders of madam.

She uses the serf husband only as a functional appendage and a source of resources. Continuation of the genetic line of nizkorangovy males the nature is not provided. Therefore it usually almost does not get sex. Love - especially. Even if the child also is, often he has no genetic relation to the husband. Therefore the man in such situation often instinctively perceives children as a burden as the competitors imposed to him. These are not his children and not its pack. The substitute husband - the state did not learn to impregnate the woman yet. The matriarchal type of marriage does not bring satisfaction to either the man, or the woman. The man instinctively expects from marriage of finding of the back and emotional support, and instead receives operation and emotional terror. The woman expects either the strong responsible man of the leader, or finding of considerable material benefits without performance of duties. And instead receives the sluggish inefficient irresponsible serf man and pathetic tips from the state. The state is also left high and dry. Instead of an order and prosperity it gets alcoholism, drug addiction, sabotage, crime, a problem of the alimony and demographic accident. That is, all lose. However such scheme of the marriage relations is unprofitable to the man most as it is directed against him. Therefore clever men avoid it if are not deprived of adequacy by hormonal overdose in a condition of love.

In economic model parasitic marriage can be assimilated unless to mad firm which director is deprived of any powers and all administrative decisions are made by the cleaner, based on a horoscope.

I talked to men who dissolved a parasitic marriage. Their first impression after divorce was: “Now that`s something like it! Fine! So much money remains! And nobody takes away them! They can be spent for themselves, and nobody will abuse!“ we will note

I as a conclusion that in order that the family long existed in a stable state, prevalence in it the marriage relations traditional, natural to the human being, type is necessary.

However in the last decades the post-Christian states as though agreed, and do everything possible that to destroy a traditional family per se . And the biggest contribution to disorder of family structure of society is made by any actions directed to assistance to single mothers and toughening of anti-men`s and anti-children`s system of the alimony awarded in favor of women . Existence of various privileges, grants, and especially possibilities of use of the child as tools of pumping out of money from their father in the woman`s pocket by the child`s pocket, do divorce by very favorable action for the woman. Fortunately, so far legislators did not manage to copy the western marriage legislation, looking at which the Russian marriage adventurers slobber and greedy rub hands. In many countries to the woman rather just the marriage registration fact to apply for a share not in common acquired, as in Russia, and all property of the man. And even its future income. All this turned marriage from a legal family support and a reproduction into an ordinary scam.

The matriarchal type of marriage is extremely unstable in view of the absurdity. Therefore in most cases it comes to an end with either divorce, or death of the man from generated by a stress warmly - vascular diseases . As a result, universal distribution of matriarchal parasitic type of marriage instead of traditional leads to mass appearance of single mothers and supermortality of men . And certainly, to paralysis of reproductive function of the person. Usually this phenomenon is called crash of institute of a family.