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Magic Bucks button. Myth or reality?

Exist in the RuNet, probably, owing to the Russian mentality, need for the magic Bucks button. Still this button was used as a metaphor - rather to deride need of the Russian businessman quickly to cut down money.

The key moment of this button, in my opinion, is speed. Yes. The problem is that quickly nothing occurs. Property of the button, the second for the importance, is simplicity of its use. Even the child is capable to press the button. If to take figurative sense of simplicity, it can also be associated with low cost or even free of charge.

So if we are able to find fast and ideally the free way to earn on the Internet then, this button is, and is not the myth. If it turns out not such idle time, but we, at least, will see it - that besides I, for example, would not be too disappointed.

Ya would also not begin to argue, probably, on so abstract subject if at the end of April of this year did not face one free project which changed my opinion concerning a mifichnost of this Bucks button a little.

So that you understood me, I will begin one after another. “Bucks“ in itself on the Internet cannot achieve without three main components in any way. It is excellent idea of the project, its high-quality execution and target solvent audience. If you not the first day on the Internet, then, I think, in global sense you agree with me. Let`s talk in more detail about each component.

The first is a good idea of your business which is capable to bring something new to people, very necessary and useful. I think, superfluous will say that the probability to receive explosion of sales, for example, of a course how to achieve success is not so high. Idea not new and hackneyed. Nevertheless, too it is possible to earn from it if strong are other two parties of a question. Personally I was convinced of it.

The second is a qualitative platform for your business - the website - the business card, the blog, a forum, a portal etc. I mean purely technical aspect of a question, competent work with which can provide good conversion of sales. Also I refer to this block also marketing methods of increase in sales. For example, technical converting of visitors of the website in his subscribers, the organization of actions, installation of apsell, krossel, etc. Well, it is clear now, I mean all methods and ways of increase in sales, including marketing and technical.

Perfectly. Let`s say that the first two components in yours online - business already are. You have an excellent idea which besides is supergramotno issued from the technical and marketing points of view. And further - that? And further it is necessary that the whole world learned about your unique selling proposition.

Well, it is better even that not the whole world, namely your target audience. That is third the component of your success in the Internet separating you from the treasured Bucks button is a providing a constant stream of target solvent audience on your resource. Here - that majority of beginners the Internet - businessmen also waits for disappointment … It appears

, my website by itself for some reason does not get on the first page of results of delivery of searchers. Strange, there passed week since project launch … Stop, the Bucks button means fast result. And it is absent. What to do? Myth this button!.

It turns out that, having issued technically idea and having created the good website, we only approached the Bucks button. We already see this button, but that to press it, it is necessary to undertake something. Otherwise the target audience does not get on my website, and those “bucks“ do not flow a rough stream in my pocket …

of the Right of pressing the button can achieve for a money. Ridiculously it turns out. To press the Bucks button, it is necessary to put on it a pack of dollars, and it is desirable heavier... I about use of a contextual advertizing tell it...

The nonsense turns out! To receive bucks, it is necessary to put bucks. And it is not the fairy tale any more, the harsh realities of life turn out. The myth is dispelled. This magic button is absent. There is only a paid button, and it, sorry, not magic already!

So, we came to a conclusion that a contextual advertizing - a way to press the Bucks button absolutely even not fantastic, and the myth vanished. But not here - that was.