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Beating in a gymnasium of music and theater of Krasnoyarsk

Hello! My daughter was beaten by the schoolmate at a physical education class (my 14 years, they are 15). The teacher left. Bill legs on the head, a stomach, I shouted “You ubjyu“. I wrote the application to the militia, is judicial - honey examination confirmed a beating. The daughter studies in a gymnasium of music and theater on a violin, a piano, sings at opera and ballet theater. It has no minute of free time, at the same time she is the best schoolgirl in a class. I carry it by car from one place in another, otherwise she is not in time. I.e. the child under a constant control. The same girl came to school this academic year. Studies badly, swears at teachers, at lessons sits in earphones, beat one more girl 2 months ago, consisted on the account in militia. Constantly drinks headache pills (according to her mother - after a severe bruise after a fight with some boy) And now all against us: on my daughter the counter claim came to militia, that she beat that girl and now threatens it, a beating testified in policlinic. It is full lie when I took away the hackneyed daughter from school, that girl had only a scratch under an eye. Besides, my violinist, she protects hands, I to her even do not allow to squeeze out rags not to dislocate. The same as the school psychologist told, develops on man`s type, rough, aggressive, a constitution corresponding. Now say to me that my daughter will be registered. Though pupils, witnesses of an event, wrote in explanatory that that girl is guilty. Teachers too shocked, got up on our party, gave positive characteristics on my daughter. The school commission took place, that girl was, it seems, sent to visit a psikhiator in hospital. Later I was told that we will prove nothing as the father of that girl worked in militia (she lives with mother and the stepfather). Changed indications and C. the head - 20 summer girl, is afraid of everything. Told me what on it is pressed, ceased to answer my calls. What to do to us? Help! Our gimnziya was put on a commercial stream, take everyone, and more skillfully children leave. Help please council, we very much worry.