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Hysteria and hysterics of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal, for children

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

Hysteria of the hysteric will get rid to treat to constrain will cope not to allow to avoid will learn to overcome the reasons harm causes is born brings generates appears to eradicate influences promotes consequences to resist to master to extinguish manifestation is inherent the moment breaks the answer

and usual irritants infuriate the Hysterical person.

z the Person at the time of a nervous breakdown is unpleasant, his eyes change, intonation, he loudly says, the movements of its cutting.

pvz Hysteria concerning people can be from low spirituality of the person.

pzv Good help for reduction of hysteria is education in itself love to people, kindness, tolerance, understanding, ability to forgive. In the absence of these qualities there is a leaving from stressful situations by self-isolation.

zd hysteria occurs At good people less often,

proceeds more softly and it is directed, as a rule, not to people.

zd is the Reason of hysteria concerning people malignancy.

z Hysteria concerning people is warmed up by condemnation.

d seems to the Hysterical person that people are bad.

p the Kind person cannot be hysterical concerning people.

z Hysteria concerning people can be shown only then - when the person is angry with them.

pv Cannot eradicate hysteria concerning people you do not recognize yourself as the angry person yet.

p to Philanthrophy to one in power to eradicate hysteria concerning people.

and Hysteria of the person burns.

vz Behind hysteria - often hides cowardice.

and the Dog barks for courage. p Trying to affect with

with hysterics of others - the person will wound himself more.

pd Hysteria of the person depreciates.

z Hysteria - from weakness and instability of mentality. p the Hysterics of the handsome turns

into the freak.

d Hysteria - from inability to operate the emotions.

and If the person could anger you - means, it is stronger.

d Hysteria - is absence of self-control.

and Hysteria is inherent in losers.

and the Wise man operates with mind, the angry fool - tries to influence people a hysterics.

p Hysteria - the child of fieriness.

d the Girlfriend of hysteria - haste.

p Hysteria - closes the road fortunately.

d Hysteria obscures reason.

pz the Hysterics does notable harm to health - in an instant.

and Hysteria is inherent in sensitive people.

pz Hysterics often only protection of nonsense against enslavement.

p Hysteria - the sister of nonsense.

of C of the Hysteric - loss of mind. dp the Hysterics of the reserved person does not visit


and the Hysterics - temporary madness. vpd the Main thing - to constrain

a hysterics during the first moment.

vp If does not work well communication with the hysterical person -

it is necessary to try it something for it important to distract.

d the Hysterics takes away ability to make the correct decisions from the person. d the Hysterics pushes

on rash acts.

and should be paid For hysteria.

dp Hysteria often is on friendly terms with obstinacy.

in If fell into a hysterics the clever and reserved person - it is serious.

d Hysteria - from weak character.

and the Hysterical person breaks on trifles.

z the Hysterics is caused by tension of a situation or in the person.

dz Hysteria from loss of control over emotions.

from Hysteria and sexual concern often live nearby.

and Hysteria - does the person is more senior.

and the Hysterical person seems more silly. pz Both uncomplaining humility, and inept opposition - to a hysteric only strengthen


pz Hysteria is often warmed up by self-confidence.

z At a hysterics of the word are empty.

to the Hysterics - the bad adviser.

p the Hysterics - mind keeps.

d the Hysterics breaks communication of reason with language and hands.

a disterichnost often comes to an end with shame.

p the Best answer to a hysterics - inaction.

vpz - it is necessary to answer an unfair hysterics not with anger, but tranquility, on fair - reconciliation.

and the Hysteric - the sister of quarrel.

d Hysteria is blind.

and the Hysterics opens the person.

from Hysteria, unlike steadiness - does not happen false.

from at the time of hysterics - the person is sincere.

dv the Hysterics - is subject to suppression.

and Clever and patient hides hysteria.

dz Hysteria - is silly.

dz Hysteria - is hasty.

dz is difficult to find to the hysterical person friends.

and Hysteria - ruins heart.

dp Hysterical people should be engaged in self-education.

pz If is an opportunity not to show hysteria in relation to people it is necessary to depart from them as it is possible further and it is desirable to load itself with a physical activity.

zd to Hysterical people will very important learn to delay time.

z will easier cope With a hysterics - so far it did not ripen.

zd Hysteria has property to collect.

zd Hysteria collects and provoked by bad mood.

zpv is easier not to allow bad mood and accumulation of mental tension - than to resist to a hysterics.

zd Hysteria can resist if to distract or be loaded physically.

and the Saved-up hysteria pours out where from it less damage - more often is close people from whom you will not suffer, they will understand and will forgive.

pd will Difficult get rid of hysteria - without working on itself.

zp the Analysis, judgment of the events, studying of the nature of hysteria - promotes fight against it.

p not to fall in the opinion of people is expedient to extinguish a hysterics having retired.

and Hysteria either is caused by an illness - or conducts to it.

and the Hysterics - confuses thoughts and crumples words.

p Silly has to cause not a hysterics and the more so not anger, but pity.

and the Hysterics is caused by jealousy.

and That the hysterics did not develop into aggression time enough to constrain itself all for a moment.

zd the Hysterics occurs from - for the fact that something occurs not as there is a wish or desires or requirements of the person are not fulfilled.

zp is difficult to fight against hysteria - without having defined what causes it.

and at the time of a hysterics reason grows dim, and the person stops being it.

and the Hysterics can be caused by fatigue.

p the Big victory in fight against a hysterics is silence.

to Cannot calm another - if itself it is excited.

zd Hysteria are generated by fear and alarm.

and Hysteria - the girlfriend of tactlessness.

zd to the Hysteric can cause a stress, overfatigue, a sleep debt.

zd Hysteria is treated by steadiness.

zd the Hysterics decreases lack of nervousness.

zd Enemies of hysteria - wisdom and self-control.

p Hysteria does life short.

and Hysteria reduces - a healthy sleep.

z Hysteria strengthens passion.

z Hysteria lives in the negative environment more often - where passions storm, change, lie, mistrust, jealousy, uncertainty, rebelliousness, nonsense reign.

z the Friend of hysteria - pessimism.

and Hysteria can decrease a privacy.

d Hysteria is treated by stability of mentality.

d Hysteria strengthen unusual, urgent, important issues.

z to Reduction of hysteria is promoted by knowledge of psychology.

pvzd to Reduction of hysteria is promoted by goodwill.

and Hysteria reduces wellbeing.

and Hysteria amplifies need and wealth. zd Hysteria excessive enthusiasm can strengthen


dz the Hysterics - is emotion.

dz Hysteria - a state of mind.

z the hysterics Reason often happens helplessness.

and to Mastering of hysteria - is necessary studies.

and it is possible to get rid Of hysteria training, since the easiest situations.

p will Important learn the hysteric - are not afraid.

but Not the best way of disposal of hysteria - leaving in.

yu to the Busy person - is no time to fall into hysterics.

z only distracts Employment from hysterics - but does not exempt from a problem.

zd Enemies of hysteria - wisdom and self-control.

z the Silly person often falls into hysterics without the reason - from - for inability to estimate a situation.

z Hysteria, disconnecting reason - transfers actions of the person to submission of instincts.

yu Hysteria - is infectious.

yu the People capable is hysterical to overstrain - a find for theater.

yu Hysteria causes education - distracting from beer, sex and cigarettes.

yu the Person falls into a hysterics - when cannot solve a problem mind.

yu Hysteria amplifies more from a lack of money - than will.

yu to the Hysteric causes wellbeing of others.

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