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How we are deceived on the Internet? Magic of magic purses

the Noble image of the swindler Ostap Bender created by classics Ilf and Petrov caused sympathy in numerous readers. What cannot be told about modern swindlers who do not shun in any ways of earnings. Except anger they can cause nothing. People sometimes give the last money in hope that they will return to them in a double, and even threefold size.

Many, of course, will tell that the victims are guilty. But nobody, even the cleverest and technically grounded people, are insured to falling into a trap swindlers. And all the matter is that swindlers are people clever too today and educated, perfectly know psychology and skillfully use it for achievement of the purposes.

Today to services of swindlers all range of modern technical means, the most powerful of which is the Internet, is presented. They “fell in love“ with it for the fact that it provides them a wide field for a provorachivaniye of the dirty swindles. The Internet - it is very difficult to catch and make swindlers responsible, and they, feeling the impunity, extort money from honest, decent and naive citizens.

All frauds on the Internet, despite their variety, are based on one general principle: to find the trustful person, or, simply speaking, “sucker“ to ingratiate with him and to force to fork up. This scheme works smoothly. Its most weak spot is the trust gain. If the swindler managed to gain trust of the victim, he can do with it everything that will want.

Scams on the Internet there is a huge number. It both magic purses, and free SMS, and phony announcements of work, and various mailings etc. Let`s consider some of them.

Imagine such situation. You go down the street, the stranger approaches you and asks to give him hundred rubles with the fact that it will return you one thousand after a while. And he will make it here is how: it, allegedly, has a magic purse where money increases several times. What your actions will be? You will give to the deceiver money and will wait when they return to you in a tenfold size? Most likely, no. Only naive Buratino who was just cut out from a tree, but not the sane person can believe in similar “growth“ of money. So why these most sane people are ready to believe in similar nonsense on the Internet and to give the money to swindlers? And such scheme brings in the considerable income!

A bait in the form of the promise to grow rich fantastically, having spent the insignificant sum of money, beginners who look for ways of fast earnings on the Internet very often swallow. The scheme “You to Me - Ruble, I to You - Ten“ is the cornerstone of many types the Internet - swindles which striking example is the magic purse. Swindlers promise to return you money which you will send to the specified purse, in a double size. Totally ludicrous, in my opinion, but many come across such “freebie“.

Or one more widespread scheme under the name “6 purses“. You send, for example, 1 dollar and at the end of the list point number of the purse to 6 specified purses. Then you attract a certain number of people and just you wait when money begins to drip. But the such pyramid, of course, except disappointment will bring nothing.

Very often the letter containing the message from psedvo - the hacker comes to mail. It, allegedly, cracked Yandex or Webmoney payment service provider, found in it a gap. And now there is an opportunity to really double the money, receiving U-00ABwhich are terribly earned on some left“ a purse. Many resourceful swindlers earn from sale of the programs generating money for Webmoney.

What to do to simple citizens not to fall a victim the Internet - speculators? the Golden rule - do not believe anybody. Do not send number of the purse, do not send SMS on short numbers, you do not pursue the phantom of fast earnings. With special care and care you treat offers on outwork.

Do not give themselves to deceive! Make the motto the old hackneyed phrase “Free cheese happens only in a mousetrap!“, and then even the cleverest and inventive speculator will not be able to spend you.