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The more wise men will be born, the less it is nice, to be - the numskull?

of True wise men, but not philosophizing, no more, than geniuses.

The genius is the talent built in the highest degree, possessing rare property of the mind capable to foresee or expect, create or reach, to understand and comprehend the nature of things and the phenomena, their interrelation. Degree of understanding, the remark and a statement, it is incomprehensible for surrounding contemporaries and even future generations, such is that goes beyond sides, seeming possible. Because during lifetime of geniuses not often welcome and, take fruits of their creations for something, the common sense which is not keeping within a framework.

Wise men, are strong more in judgment of the events, possessing ability unmistakably to answer very difficult questions and to set same. Briefness, but the importance, simplicity, laconicism, truly, or most to it it is approximate. Therefore, such ability only is attributed to the elite - deities and prophets, the most famous philosophers and governors, rare writers and scientists. I.e. that whose mentality and, a syllable of statements, sayings and conclusions, we so admire and we perceive instructively and it is instructive.

You want to become wise? For a start estimate the abilities. Diplomas, titles, positions and situation in society will not help here in any way. Try to interpret sense of statements of the famous wise men on the, but it is not less bright, impressively and, most, main, wisely. Ask and why it is necessary? Yes, quite so celebrated personalities on which statements of other wise men made impression also arrived. The different people at various times had similar questions which the wisest, and later even answered adequately of the millennium, we find similar at others. But not in it business. The main thing in the judgments not to seek to surprise contemporaries, and to try to designate in them understanding of the deep meaning endured or imagined and in such form that nobody managed to surpass you. You should not strain, it is special gift thanks to which everything is comprehended and transferred without special work, at first sight, of course. As if wise men, another are engaged in nothing at all.

To embrace immensity, to understand incomprehensible, to come nearer to equidistanted from you and removed in process of approach, to find hidden, without card of search, the same as to look for hidden by itself, but having hopelessly forgotten, where exactly. We try to understand others to understand ourselves, we seek to achieve success in eyes of others to make sure of correctness of the chosen way for ourselves. Everything, deprived of sense, to the same extent is filled with it if to look on the other hand. Multidimensionality and polysemy of judgments can lead to unpredictable results, and results to practical experience, and experience to judgment and new searches again. Progressively - the consecutive movement of one and non-standard, with acceleration and stops or even opposite, are crossed with each other. In places of contact or crossing the understanding comes. Nonsense and wisdom always are nearby, but follow in parallel.

To catch up with running away, it is possible in many ways. It is possible to be improved in run, it is possible asking or convincing running away to reduce speed, and it is possible, knowing a way of its following, to reduce own, having foreseen a route ahead of running or in advance to provide for it the obstacles known only to you. It is possible just to walk since forces for restoration, running it is required more, than to you and you at some moment will meet etc. Ways are not equivalent, make sense and have no that. Task of the wise man not to find only the wise solution, proceeding from an objective or the answer to the asked question, and to commensurate incommensurable, to look from above on ploskomysly or from that party on volume with which nobody will never guess to look at

. For example, on a question how many sides at a cube, the majority will tell that six, some will assume that, both six external, and six internal. And looking at the cube which is quickly rotating in all axes with the center of their crossing in the center of a cube, can assume that it is a sphere etc.

I.e. truth always somewhere nearby, and the wise man, exactly, is always near truth, some unknown way. Everyone can try to adjoin to true sense something, but to understand or teach it others - destiny of the few.

In other words, you should not philosophize where the place only it not to be mocked by them, and at the most inappropriate moment.