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Education of the child. How to create idea of values?

can Often be met adults about whom we speak: “For it there is nothing sacred“ or “He is able to value that he has“. Roots of such relation to life grow, of course, from the childhood where the outlook and stereotypes for further adult and independent life are formed.

It is very important to remember that the child absorbs all nuances of behavior, game terms which to it are offered by the adult. All begins with harmless, at first sight, situations. The kid broke the toy and with tears runs to mother. Mother is busy with something at this time, there is no opportunity to talk to the child, and the first that comes to its mind, it to assure the child that tomorrow will buy him other toy. And if mother at the same time adds: “It is even better and even more beautiful“, and next day as the conscious parent, carries out promised... There is no price to such lesson which you just presented to the child: break! It will be even better!

The child who mourned irrevocably lost and did not win in exchange a consolation prize, will forever remember this first pain. Of course, here it is very important to support and find proper words, to try to repair a toy (surely together), but protect yourself from a temptation to dry the child`s tears promises about replacement: in the future you will hardly be able to explain to him that in life nothing just like that gets.

It is possible to create the first ideas of value of the fact that you have and through game. Make toys and gifts the hands! Children think very much of hand-made articles and drawings in which they enclosed the efforts. They very much are proud of the first progress. And here important not only to encourage the kid, but also to tell him about what everything that surrounds us - too was done by people, the hands, and it is difficult work. Pay attention of the child much in the apartment, let learns to support him not from - for conditions “You will not make yet - any animated cartoons“, and from - for motives of respect for work of parents. To keep order in the nursery - means, to be not only independent, but also to help mother.

Never disregard the broken favourite vase even if the kid made it not purposely. You should not punish in this case. But also it is not necessary to hide the experiences. The child has to see your chagrin, endure it together with you, feel responsibility for those things which do not belong to it, but are valuable to other person.

There is a strong wish to tell several words about quantity of toys at the child. They should not be much, the nursery should not be filled up by them. In this case loss of a toy by the child will not be noticed. He will switch attention to others, is full of them, and to you, at the next cleaning, it will be necessary only to throw out the bear cub forgotten under a bed with the torn-off paw because at the child is ten more such, but whole.

And finally important council: the subject is more desired, the it is of great value. At the kid who has everything that is only necessary for soul, is not present own desires. Everything is solved for it: the age approached - we buy the bicycle, began to read - filled up with books. Do not run forward, and teach the child to form own desires and ways to their achievement.