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“Keepers“: an easy genre or the underestimated masterpiece?

the Phrase “clever comic book“ are jarred on by reason. It is hardly believed that color pictures with signatures volume several sheets can bear any useful information just as the hare by definition cannot be brave, and a tape of the director Uwe Ball - good. Public opinion such is that comics (fashionably called by graphic novels) - the easy, low-standard reading matter focused on younger preschool age and the man`s individuals who strongly got stuck at teenage age.

Of course, the smoke without fire does not happen, but, anyway, and among graphic novels pearls, worthy mentions come across. And while thick-headed critics contemptuously otpisyvat comics in the audience address “popkornozhuyushchy“, the number of admirers of this genre steadily grows in literature and cinema.

It is therefore no wonder that when in mass media there passed the hearing that Zack Snyder, the director of a remake of a cult zombyatnik “Dawn of dead persons“ and an epic action of “300 Spartans“, will address comics again, film fans of the whole world held breath in a sweet anticipation.

However, we will be honest, actually all audience shared on three camps. The first, those who were lucky enough to study the reference Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons`s graphic novel “Keepers“ (they are “Guards“ or “Sentries“ if to translate Watchmen literally), realized what to transfer to a screen so large-scale work will be difficult. The second, being admirers of visual talent of Snider, believed that if to whom and in power adequately to picturize this plot, then only to it. Or to Christopher Nolan. Or to Terry Gilliam and Paul Greengrass, each of which short time managed to sit in a director`s chair of “Keepers“.

The most numerous, third cluster of spectators, that that as a result forms a box office, alas, was aware not of an agiotage around Alan Moore`s best-seller (who, by the way, hates screen versions of comics and flatly refused to help authors of “Keepers“ with adaptation of own text) or cinema progress of Snider. It also became in many respects the reason of deafening grief which the tape came to in hire.

By itself, “Keepers“ from the very beginning were considered as the project difficult and unpromising. A plan to picturize Moore`s work soared in producer circles since that moment as in the late eighties there was a paper original. Directors were pushed away from the project as could (Michael Bae rejected the offer, even without reading the scenario), and film studios had legal proceedings for the right to participate in shootings, but the picture did not move ahead not a jot. When the official budget of the movie (130 million dollars) became known, there is no doubt left - the movie or will become an event of year, or will turn out a complete fiasco. Alas, the miracle did not happen.

… America. Alternative 80 - e. The president`s post once again passes to Richard Nixon, war in Vietnam is won, and opposition between the USA and the USSR amplifies every day, steadily bringing mankind to line. The only effective weapon of the West against power of east superstate is not the antimissile complex, and somebody the Doctor Manhattan, the superhero, the superperson with blue skin and muddy eyes of egg color.

The doctor Manhattan - the last “the participant of group of the imperceptible avengers known under the name “Keepers“ who is legally existing“. After the government forbade superheroes in masks any manifestations of heroism on streets of the country, their destiny developed differently. Someone became an inveterate drunkard who blew out the brains, and someone as Deng Draibierg (it “A night owl 2“), just hung up a suit on a coat hanger and pushed in a far corner of the life. Only three continue to be active: Manhattan which became for fatherland both God, and the Devil at the same time; his former workmate Adrian Veydt (the cleverest person in the world) who founded megacorporation and became the successful businessman; and Rorshakh, the uncompromising fighter against crime who got a nickname from - for characteristic spots on the mask.

History begins that ill-fated evening when the unknown cruelly kills the Comedian, most scandalous and bright “keeper“. Rorshakh, in a manner peculiar to it, begins own investigation, suspecting that against it and his former colleagues on the weapon hunting began. He visits Draibierg, Veydt, Manhattan and its girlfriend Laurie (“The silk ghost 2“), sharing the fears. However to his words nobody listens, even after unsuccessful attempt at Veydt`s life. When Rorshakh falls into a trap and it appears in prison, Laurie and Draibierg unite to revive old customs, to get out the companion of trouble and at the same time to understand - to whom the death of the Comedian … could be favorable to

Snider`s Picture, as we know, in hire of many countries including it of the USA, failed. And on that is two natural reasons.

In - the first, unfairly solid budget of the movie. Clear business, for Snider was a point of honor not to shame reputation, especially after improbable success of “300 Spartans“. The essence of a dilemma was that the comic book had to blow the mind, but also nobody would allow throw all forces and finance of the project on only one special effects to the director. Nevertheless Snider managed to convince producers that any invited star (and on a picture called both Tom Cruise, and Robin Williams, and Thomas Dzheyn, and also Simon Pegga, Jude Law, Jessica Beat also many other actors and actresses) will not be able to give to the project that can create miracles of computer graphics. Producers met requirements of the director, as a result in a picture actors got leading roles professional, but not star. The audience, without having seen on posters of familiar surnames, on the contrary, were upset and incurred blood in cash desk of other tapes.

In - the second, despite visual appeal of the movie - a rare combination of the smart picture and a brilliant soundtrack which was personally selected by Snider - creators of “Keepers“ so peremudrit with a plot what it is possible to understand artful designs of the story and motivations of the main characters adequately only at repeated viewing. Add to it 162 minutes of timing, and it will become clear to you why the audience left movie theaters with easy bewilderment and even irritation.

We will not belittle tape advantage. It is the difficult, brilliant world with full immersion in the atmosphere of a gloomy, but fascinating show with magnificent battle scenes, philosophical background about achievement of “world peace“ and bright actor`s works from which especially there is a wish to distinguish Jackie Earl Haley (Rorshakh) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Comedian), been a real discovery for general public.

I deliberately do not compare “Keepers“ to earlier “The dark knight“ because it was much simpler to Nolan`s picture to break through to the viewer, being the sequel, continuation of history by all of the famous character Batman and in connection with an agiotage around sudden death of young Heath Ledger. However, in my modest opinion, Snider`s picture concedes to the competitor very slightly, being one of the best screen versions in a “easy“ genre of comics today.