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Architectural dynasty of court architects Balyan.

throughout five generations in the 18th and 19th centuries representatives of a dynasty Balyan carried out a role of court architects of the Ottoman Empire. For this period of Balyanami in Istanbul (Constantinople) numerous palaces, mosques and churches are created.

(in Turkish Meremetchi of Bali of Kalf) from a small village Belen around Karaman in the Western Armenia was a founder of a dynasty of Bali. He moved to Istanbul where he achieved success at court as the architect. After his death in 1725 the place of the court architect was taken by his son Magar. He fell into disgrace and was banished in Bayburt, but later is forgiven also his sons Grigor (1764 - 1831) and Senekerim (1768 - 1833) Balyan nevertheless could become court architects.

Without exaggeration it is possible to tell that the glory of a family of Balyan began with Grigor who together with the younger brother Senekerim left a considerable architectural mark in Istanbul, having served four sultans and having set the qualitative and quantitative tone for the successors.

His son Karapet (1800 - 1866) became Grigor`s successor.

At Karapeta a sort Balyanov reached the highest blossoming. He is an architect of numerous monuments in Istanbul. Its children take the worthy place in architectural appearance of the city, in particular on coast of Bosphorus also now. Images of its works wander on tourist cards.

Karapet Nikogos`s Sons (1826 - 1856) and Sarkis (1835 - 1899) got an education in Paris. Nikogos, upon return to Istanbul, worked with the father, organized school of studying of the western architecture in the city, and also, having lived only 30 years, could leave to descendants and the personal works.

Grigor and Senekerim`s Main works are:

Nusretiye`s Mosque in the area the Top khan.

Fire tower of Bayazet.

Besiktas Palace.

Palace Arnavutkyoy Waleed sultan.

the Armenian church of the Mother of God around Ortakyoy

List of the most considerable works of Karapet Balyan:

the Sultan palace of Dolmabakhche (with the son Nikogos).

the Palace Chiragan (with the son Sarkis).

the Palace Beylerbeyi (with the son Sarkis).

Old palace Yyldyz.

Mosque Ortakyoy.

the Armenian church of the Mother of God in the Area of Besiktas.

the Armenian church Surb Nishan in the area to Kurucheshma.

the Armenian Holy Trinity Church around Beyoglu.

the Armenian church of the Mother of God around Kumkapy.

Academy of Arts in the area the Top khan.

Building of present university of the architect Sinan.

the Mausoleum of the sultan Mahmoud II with a source

Sarkis conducted active public life: was a member of assembly of the Armenian Patriarchy, and also helped the Armenian artists.

treat its creations:

the Palace Chiragan (with the father).

the Mosque Waleed around Aksaray (with the brother Akop).

Ministry of Defence, nowadays building of the Istanbul technical university.

Galatasaray university Building


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