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How to increase birth rate?

Everything is very simple. For a start we open the Constitution of the Russian Federation and we read Article 6:

2. Each citizen of the Russian Federation has in its territory all rights and freedoms and performs the equal duties provided by the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

I Article 19 (point 3):

Men and women have the equal rights and freedoms and equal opportunities for their realization. So why to obligatory conscription men are subject to

only? It is told “each citizen... performs equal duties“. I.e. have the civil rights of the woman, and here to the right degree do not perform a duty.

We will put, in army all girls are not necessary. I will even pretend that I believe in female “weakness“ though the modern army not at any service demands exclusive muscular force.

But there is a service alternative. Twice more for a long time, truth. Accepting potential number of prizyvnitsa in consideration, the country would receive million labor army of girls. Almost free of charge. Feed from soldier`s kitchen and provide with plank beds. The country needs young working hands, in the country is full of affairs. On this money we would fill up a pension fund!

(I will remind that at us for some reason still men retire for 5 years after women... if live, of course, that is difficult at life expectancy of men 14 years less life expectancy of women)

Already I hear female shouts: “And you try give rise, to do not a women stuff military service!“ Softly I stop and I speak: “Sha!“. And on points:

1. The child-bearing is not obligatory for women, and, especially, it is impossible to try to give it for performance of a duty of the citizen. There is of ANY no law which would order to women to give birth, for evasion from the birth of children the woman is not waited by criminal prosecution and prison as the recruit running from a military registration and enlistment office. Besides, ALL reproductive rights and the reproductive choice are in hands of women.

2. And it is not necessary to feed the given rise woman and the child to the man? To do, study a pit, to earn money. All this is necessary for you, so why you refuse to men it? Why they have to waste the best time of life?

3. “Not a women stuff“, you speak? And to judge people - female? And in the Duma to adopt laws - female? Yes any survived civilization (before recent feministic trends) did not allow women to refereeing and lawmaking. And in our judicial bodies of women about 85%. So why “female“ when it is convenient to you also “not female“ when it is about duties?

4. And the last, here is how you “give birth“:

According to the latest data in Russia (Goskomstat, “Women and men of Russia“, 2010) to

it is given rise: 1761687 children

abortirovano: 1292400

B 2010 the number of the dead by 1,2 times exceeded number of been born.

Actually, coming back to the main question. That I offer on overcoming of a demographic situation - and this most important: to call women on alternative service except for those who give birth . Gave birth to one child - 4 years of a delay from a labor appeal, two - liberation from service.

Here then though it would be remotely possible to tell about a civic duty of women .