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Hack writers: study, creativity, work or slavery?

For what reason in Russian French version of the name of writers who are deprived of authorship to the works got accustomed, it is unknown. Hack writers (fr. n è gres litt é raires) in our consciousness found at once the status of slaves therefore in the course one more option - literary slaves . The word “knigger“ quite often occurs in blogs .

Personally for me more correct semantic loading American “ghostwriter“ - writers - ghosts possesses .

What they are slaves? Nobody keeps in crude torture chambers and shackles moreover and money pays.

You do not want - it is possible to move, plow at any time on free bread publishing oceans in the lonely boat. You will endure a calm and a storm - the country of the new author learns. If is not present - you will disappear at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle, re-reading few times in a year own masterpieces from the computer monitor.

And in literary slavery (an author`s twilight) I noticed the mass of advantages . They, naturally, concern the beginning writers and journalists who are ready to take the first steps, and in the direction of the movement doubt.

in What are engaged hack writers?


everything that is required to the customer, receive money for the work, but always remain in the shadow. Namely:

theses, monographs, reports, theses;

articles, performances and comments on behalf of political and public figures;

collections of councils for young mothers, dream books, reference books on astrology and medicinal herbs, books on the hair dryer - Shui and to interior design, etc.; systematize and improve the variegated text, obtaining information from the Internet;

books for the Popular Psychology series in “How to Marry Rich“ and “How to Become Happy for Week“ style;

romance, detective and adventure novels (or certain heads) under a brand of the untwisted author; often tens of knigger work under one assumed name; sometimes the customer provides the subject line for completion, more often all plot is thought out by the hack writer;

comments on behalf of the invented characters at various forums for the purpose of advance of any goods or service;

the memoirs which are written down on a dictophone process, turning into the coherent text of reminiscence of the famous people;

write by request of “stars“ of a platform, cinema and television of the autobiography or collections of councils for preservation of beauty and health, to popularity finding etc.

have the blog for the famous person or support his pages on social networks;

books of little-known foreign authors translate, calling by heroes by the Russian names and moving a scene of action to Russia;

scenarios for a reality - show, series and entertainment events compose;

verses and lyrics for corporate holidays.

What benefits is brought by work in a literary twilight?

For someone it is just work - not worse and not better any other office or frilansersky, convenient option for fans of the free schedule and needing an additional source of the income.

it is not simple to span to write the Opportunity for the beginning writer for money, but also to be immediately published. The book will be bought and read, feedback with readers and responses of critics will appear. All this will help with future independent career, and the real name of “probationer“ will not be associated with failures of the first creative experiments.

Useful experience in team with professionals. It is possible to develop considerably the literary abilities, to learn subtleties of publishing business, to strike up the necessary acquaintances before an exit in independent swimming.

Work in different genres allows to perfect all sides of literary skill. Sometimes it is even offered to imitate art style of the famous modern writer - and it is already fascinating verbal rebus.

“Twilight“ is convenient for people who consciously do not want to put the name on a cover of a work of art. They take great pleasure from work and decent earnings, without being afraid of condemnation and sneers from colleagues. Probably, very frank romance novels and collections of councils “How to have three lovers and the rich husband“ quite so are born. What should be endowed


Everything written cannot be placed in the portfolio. Becoming the writer - the ghost, you forever forget about the literary children.

the orders answering to your esthetic preferences Not always arrive. Vampires and the semi-decayed dead persons still in honor at readers.

cases when, as they say, the toad begins “to smother“ Happen. Suddenly the book which becomes the best-seller turns out. Readers it is excited, publishers let out additional circulations. And the hack writer is content with the received modest royalties and in melancholy gnaws nails, remaining in the shadow.

Lucky of a genre

Are also such. I remember, with surprise found on a back cover of the book of Irina Hakamada “SEX in big-time politics“ a surname of the person thanks to whom the reading matter turned out easy, bright and naughty. The journalist Lilia Gushchina is called the coauthor, and her portrait is placed near Hakamada`s photo.

Of course, the fact can be considered insignificant, Irina Hakamada got all glory, however names of other hack writers who published fascinating books of memoirs of the famous people are not printed even with the most small print on the most boring page.

How to become the hack writer (a knigger, the Afro-writer, the writer - the ghost, litraby)?

“Slaveholders“ find young talents in literary institutes.

you can be noticed on the literary website where you laid out models of the works.

Many publishing houses offer competitive placement of verses and stories on pages of the website. It is, perhaps, the shortest way to “slavery“.

Can just dispatch the works on publishing houses. It is necessary to wait for the publication for years, and there is a wish to eat to the unrecognized genius daily therefore you should not reject the offer to work “in friendly on-stage performance group“.

Independently to look through announcements on Internet open spaces: “... the assistant, the editor is required“, “... it is necessary to process artly the hours-long interview (memoirs) of the famous person which is written down on a dictophone“ “... to the publishing project employees“, etc. are required for

it is better for span to find acquaintances who already in “slavery“. Let they will take to the publisher by a hand, the secret of “recruitment“

By the way so will remain, authors whom the national rumor ranks as “slaveholders“ for surprising creative fertility, consider hack writers as mythical beings. There are no such supposedly! Inventions all this! Dmitry Bykov, Ulitskaya, Dontsova, Polyakova, Marinina, Shilova - everything say in the interviews rejection of a slave labor. They indignantly speak of this shameful phenomenon in publishing business, and as proof are ready to provide with own hand written manuscripts of books.

The secret about hack writers is kept by both parties, it is clear. For this reason to count “slaves“ it is not possible. They are tens? Hundreds? Thousands?

It is unknown... And how them, ghosts, you will count?