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Without ticket - round the world. By means of the bicycle?

in the childhood when went to the grandmother to Ukraine, the uncle bought the bicycle, especially for me there. Having seized the given opportunity to travel all over up and down all vicinities, for the rest of life received so many impressions that my memory occasionally returns to those places where it was succeeded to visit then. Where would be too lazy to go on foot and not to safely young offspring alone to travel, by bicycle felt absolutely freely, traveled over those places where by car never to come around. For a short time it was possible to visit and see very much what still takes the breath away.

Once even got on military airfield, without understanding yet, than it can end. Came around also everything how I managed, I do not understand itself, missed perhaps? Generally, I was stopped only by the expert on those. To service of the fighter the INSTANT, I do not know how its specialty precisely is called. Having asked at me who such is and that I do here, learned that my relatives are very well familiar to it. Then, I, the boy, appeared at a plane steering wheel, had an opportunity everything to look and to touch the hands, even precisely to direct a machine gun. Everything managed safely, however, next time, having come around on the territory of the marked airfield, was caught, will bring to the check point where I was frightened of arrest etc., but having frankly admitted that I am not a spy, and the traveler, was released, with the promise not to come across any more.

Another time there was a tank part deployed nearby, fishing on a bog, all back streets and suburbs of the town and the neighboring settlements. Did everything unknown to relatives, otherwise would forbid to sit down on it is big.

A here my brother who too is fond of driving and travel by bicycle was at war 1,5 years in Afghanistan, got small wound and a contusion, but survived that the most important, and having returned about wars, sowing on it is big, was run over by a car and - a fracture of a coxofemoral bone. Nearly a year in hospital and one leg became shorter another, despite a set of operations.

Ya is itself, in youth faced the motorcyclist who unexpectedly jumped out from nowhere and, violated all possible rules. The benefit managed for both of us everything safely, apart from bruises and grazes, and could end in a different way too.

Having become more senior, my hobby did not pass, also with pleasure traveled and when the family appeared and children began to grow up, bought four folding bicycles which were then big deficiency. Bought two of them in Moscow, having waited in huge line and by train brought to the city. But, unfortunately, my members of household did not estimate expectations of the head of family, and four together, so never it turned out to go anywhere, and it is a pity. My dream, in this plan, did not come true.

Now the bicycle became fashionable again, more than ever. Especially teenagers, on various models and their alternativeness, in a large number scurry about on streets and lanes of big cities and small, and also ride on the nature, is frequent bicycles or the cars brought in luggage carriers.

But now, it dream to appear on two-wheeled abroad. Here only I do not know how to organize such tour. As with visas how to pass customs where it is possible to stop, be under repair. And if steal, to contact police or it is easier to get new there? Whether it is possible to take with itself tent or it is not safe, or perhaps in connection with the law on a private property on the earth, there and to spend the night outdoors rather difficult. Who has some experience, share it if it is not a pity if who has a desire and time.